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This is a Sacred Space/a friendly reminder-mostly to myself!

March 18, 2013

“The State of Being precedes the Place of Doing”. This axiom always, always, always is applied to myself first. So this is a loving reminder because for the last several weeks, maybe second week of February until “now” it was such n overload of energetic information that the result here was no sleeping. It woudn’t be accurate to say one was exhausted from not sleeping much but rather upset with not able use for resting and calmness. I had to work to be calm… well it is much better that Gaia is less earthquake prone so we the people are doing the burping and clearing of obsolete inside of ourselves. And that there are some short brakes in between
My cells are communing with very bright pearl like frequency, it’s like being under the water able to breath , the liquid has changed it’s tendencies over my lungs, it is all friendly… I am feeling Infinite Mother as I let the fingers clicking the tab of letters. I sense Her “smiling in absolute Silence” I wish I would be so silent as I am experiencing the Presence to be now. I feel deep loving embrace and I am being asked to let go and allow much exponential growth of my Being to take place. I feel I am being held without holding onto me with so much love I cannot call it love anymore, it is beyond “love”…. I am in the Soft White Energy sorry cannot write but I am seeing my “mind is widening opening like some door….

I have been studying today after work more about The Maxim of Law, very useful think to be in awareness with. It explains very well the syntax and letter of the law. As we are interested in the Common Law, which is actually the unspoken “word” which has cometh from our Creator, I feel it is innate.
The Maxim of Law is written in Latin with English translations and it is mostly for the “Christians”. Hm… And as I truly find it useful to study this paper in the same time I find it stale for it’s emphases on what Jesus Christ once was teaching. IT is written in such a way that it might give the impression that no-body will get over the bar of these “words of teachings”, which are mostly just an interoperation of very abrupt and inaccurate memory and convenience of the writer of the Bible. There is a lot about sovereignty and who or what is sovereign and who is below that… It should be clear that we all came here for Learning Experiences hence we rely on making mistakes to find out what works for the common good and individual and what does not. Since it is clear that not all people are of the same consciousness and spiritual, emotional intelligence and frequency, it cannot be ever implied that we all got same start hence forth the silly condition of the christian is not even logical. That would really make many people “believe” they are sheep, all made like coca-cola bottles, and again in terms of Law were all equal meaning we all have the same, common sense guidance, which is: no harm to any living soul,and or their possessions, no fraud, no steeling, no lying. That is basically the common law for all. BUT I loudly doubt that the Frequency of Christ Energy intended ever to limit anybody, only to set the corse straight upstairs. ANd that’s That!
There is Creator’s given Freedom to us, an unconditional Love Governed by Universal Laws:1) U exist; 2) All is One, One is All; 3)What you give out, comes back to you; 4)Everything else is subject to change. So the Christianity and or all other teachings are for an examination with an open heart and an open mind.

This IS a Sacred Space/awakening into once’ own Higher Confidence:

March 16, 2013

the day before today I was just again pondering and FEELING my Home Planet and people that I am proud of to be sharing this almost turquoise energy (THe “blue” lips of Father Sky kissing the Green Mother’s body Gaia, her mostly Feminine surface getting better by the day, transforming into the most beautiful Divine Goddess there ever has been!) She is so Rising and I wonder: Can YOu feel Her?..
I have been borrowing these English words into existence to be able somewhat “communicate” but had promised to myself my next blog is different.(to be).

I have been working tirelessly with many others of removing the blocks, parasitical criminal and hostile energies, have not been sleeping, tossing and turning my body into overtwisting my mind with overwhelming knowing what has been happening and what is to happen, the rise of the White Gaia Soul BOdy which some of us shall witness as a Blessing and some of them will witness as a consequence of their actions against life…. I have been crying and calling for some kind of Supper man ability to change the pain without adding more pain, trying to consolidate my personal “tragedy” and the realization that all my life I was never able to speak fluently to accommodate my huge heart and my huge emotionally body which could magically stop all the harm being done, and then rising like the eagle within higher perception allowing to guide me into a calm and decisive place where I am finally seeing my self to be resolving something I cannot let go of and have to find a solution to. To confront the criminals who took my children. How to confront all these people who has cause me AND thousands of families so much pain that it almost kill all the senses and abilities invested in me as a Spiritual guide,my human self, someone who intuitively knew how to guide others out of their own challenges and struggle. IT has been taking me six years to recover and heal from enduring such kind of most cruel treatment. The ex-husband and his terrible wife accountable for lying to my children telling them that I was at any point emotionally and mentally unstable without bringing one single prove for their abusive claim, hence forth it was better for my children to go and live with them without seeing me, and by doing so endorsing a complete separation from their dedicated mother, this fraudulent woman marrying my ex-husband has forced her self to be the authority over my children without their or my knowledge and consent, I want to see the judge who asked me for 50.000 canadian dollars and who has refused to read my evidence and to hear me, going to gail as well as the people from children’s aid society who broke into my home and my children’s school claiming they had the right to manipulate, harass and intimidate me and my children with their removal if I or they don’t cooperate with their’s rules! All energy is being broadcasted transmuted individually into the collective and collectively back onto the individuals, this is how are we connected, if large group of people has felt depressed, suicidal it is also because they felt the treason overall but they were not aware of it completely, they thought it was only their own little world unhappy… Well Earth Is Changed so trauma doesn’t apply, it has to leave, by all possible means!
At the place of my Centre and strong standing and seeing what is happening on the big scale and how this brake down is part of big picture and huge changes, the total end of the patriarchate mentality and despotism and it’s idiocy for control. I am touched by humanity as well as very frustrated with it… I know that most family of human are good people they care for each other, and there are few who are an idiots just because they believe they have to behave instead of be them selves, to defend their own insecurities and their imprisonment in believes.
Intimidations and any kind of emotional and mental blackmail can set one to shut down. But the strong sense for Higher Justice that one knows of pulls you up and back on your feet. Staying focused and build High Infinite energy and maintain Higher connection and centre, is the main inspiration and Guidance for closures for resolving conflicts. What your intuition is telling you can be also supported in having the knowledge of the law the means how to put negative energy into it’s right place.Like behind bars and setting the same life conditions which were inflicted upon innocent people, make them drink and oily polluted water, a hard manual labor with minim of food mainly Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and such as for lovely nutritions for all the criminals etc., Monstanto is also on the list of criminals and shall be dealt accordingly.

As you keep going and working with the High realms of energies the physical manual of my logic an clarity build its confidence. Well as I am connected to the people I have not met with I have observed the huge movement that has been going on .I feel this is OUROBOROS in Action: (“The true positive Mayan Prophecy is revealed by dearest Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book), the ancient Mayan prophecies that the only way to a higher consciousness and to positive change is throughout the HEART and how the old needs to meet with the new because both need each other. I add they need to find life for each other in harmony. I celebrate the fact that so many intelligent and truly brave and confident people, my soul family are on the same energy frequency of love and unconditional support and see that the lighter way is the way which has the potential for removal of hardships. Through the same difficult hardships it is leading us towards each other to see how easy it is to be living in the heart. Many closed up adults would do well to learn this from little children! Cooperation is the positive faculty and the source of mutual abudance.
The Higher Truth is coming to meet with us- who are ready- with her big smile on Her “face”.
I found out last night, it actually came to me very obviously the most Historical event has taken place and shall continue to unravel. Annuncement for THE CORPORATION OF CANADA HAS BEEN FORCLOsSED ON MARCH 8TH, 2013
Here are links so see for your selves :;; Notice:Canada is dissolved -8 march 2013, also look for a download which you can carry with you and which you can autograph your self for your self. This is about arresting Harper and Elizabeth Winsor who were found guilty as charged with genocide committed against at least 50 000 Native children but that is not all.
This Public Disclosure is a Sister for the previous announcement we have received about USA: (the Public Trust) and foreclosure of Corporation USA)
I would invite us to take very close look not only at above links but also to ready fully THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, available on the internet.
in honor for Gaia and all beloved honorable living souls

this is a sacred space/notes from insight out:how one doesn’t relate to the words

March 11, 2013

on my walk to the store I got hit with some last remark, made in my home page book: about negative old belief systems, the connection to the matrix,{The very important good news is that we [as the energy healing facilitators, the translator of the multidimensional soul groups] got hold of the matrix and we can manipulate it to complete dissolvement.O.K.?} this is as old as 2000 year of.
The belief system + religion is linked together. An infestation took place old program which was implanted on our Mother Gaia by the Orion community of negative ET’s. They had to put into a place something for the separation and distortion so they put the court of religion which was apart from the One Creator.Any belief is a replacement for not knowing effortlessly. Look the thing is that it is possible that the stupid is gone completely and the fruits of the original ones just continue to blossom.

Pure Mind.
When I stand behind the body, in neutral still calm place I see my mind beautiful. I do not take joy for writing any words, for these words are truly foreigner to my consciousness.
I always struggle how to find the way to be able to communicate without them, it clearly is perceived like the stupid babel which I and my original sisters and brothers did not invented but knew it is going to come into the place where illusion needed to be tested and everybody was sleeping….
Then when I start feeling the part of my mind where it is recognized with the label for “carnal” there are these thoughts: “…i really wish my mind to be very smart, clever, genius and creative but i am afraid this is not my truth”. Eh. This sometimes stopes me from writing anything no matter how “clever” I might feel the texture is. It is called scrambling. And only by canceling it and seeing what is helps me to move it out of the way.
Then I catch this other thing: I am worried if I have everything right. (“worried”, “if” “mind”) tells me conditioning of part of my mind in unconsciousness. So no that is also gone.
Next: I am measuring how much time I have for each task! Did I make any contract with “time” to measure the length of my life’s role in this made believe fabric?
It has also came very clearly into my realized focus that there is an ill tradition of the collective believe which states that “humans DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE LONG AND PROSPERIOUS LIVES RESTING ON THE FOUNDATION OF A FREE WILL, THEY DON’T DESERVE TO BE SIMPLY HAPPY. Jesus was apparently a good guy and so was Mary Magdalene and so was Mahatma Gandi and so were all the Native People of the Land of America and Canada. Who was so sick minded that convoluted to claim that because he was a good man who was teaching the Feminine principles governing laws of creations and how it relates to the physical man and how we are not separated from our Creator, for that he was crucified. That makes no sense to any healthy and half withs commoner . Which of Jesu’s actions and dead would justify to murder him, I doubt that it happened I think there are many versions of how he lived how the Native people lived, how Lemuria existed but because it was so beautiful and close to the heart it had to be destroyed. The jealous bastard couldn’t live with it. The movie with J. Travolta “Phenomenon”: the gifted man all of a sudden has to get a tumor in his brain, people cannot learn from him, because it is not convenient it is even considered dangerous his knowledge, that is on top of it his very human compassionate heart, so he dies. Phenomenon is a message of how human is closely connected to the original creators’ creation how healthy, well developed human can be in real. Millions of families are destroyed for various reasons, one of many is that the one of the partners is also thinking differently in terms of spirituality versus indoctrinated religion [as institution which only has brought war, prostitution, hate against each other, mistrust, abuse of little children, hunger, crime], thinks natural instead of programmed, thinks organic instead of Mc/Donald, doesn’t like to be governed by the foreign state, is living from the heart, from the Higher mind, respects and loves her/his children. So this too has been in recent past found dangerous. The imposters fraudulently claim children as their private property to take them away children to abuse them. This is a example of long long long negative ego chain of very bad believe systems, criminal actions, very bad deeds.
However:THis long chain, predatory tentical/cord bloody attachment imposed into a healthy consciousness of MOther Heart/Earth and her children was severed! The living Spirit, the living emotional heart’s intelligence cannot be destroyed ever. No one has such power. Let this be known and realized. YOu can let go of the mind’s schizophrenia.
The healing continues to take place to disengage from low self worth, emotional/mental addictions mainly to lack, fear, being governed by another,the layered believe you don’t need to be responsible and accountable for all you actions. This collective addiction of the unconsciousness has to dissolve. The conflict to discern for one’s self-responsibility, refusing to grow up from the level of kindegarden consciousness and the big part in this is the fact that Free Will IS restoring itself can bring much joy in itself.
The most embarrassing belief out of laziness and out of blindness is to keep falling down on the knees crying out for nonexistent demigod.(Notes from January 2013)
This needs to stop here, because there is something very great that happened again last night, March 10th
A strong debri of energy clearing pushed through my body. May this be the 8 questions my beloved friend Eva found that Infinite was asking IT Self? Does Infinite qualifies as “having the Self”??? What some of us has been experiencing since the year 1999 is that we are aware of Infinite Mother of All Creation, as our Original Creator. Lately some of us have been working intensively on more discoveries which comes through revelations, these are authentic like pressure points and or physical delivery (I really am having very hard time to describe something like this in the stupid english words) it is a delivery of a different consciousness happening in the state of heart recognition, without the use of ego, mind, or words,it happens suddenly during a time of a silent still mind, It is very profound and nobody thanks God, has any prove for this, and or explanation. This makes me happy and I feel totally free and with it what is happening, I grow into this knowing of Infinite Mother and wish people could feel O.K. to get beyond the belief for stupid.
“Jarmila”: of True Divine Service

This is a Sacred Space – For the Lovehood on Earth

March 6, 2013

I am reading a book called The Gaia project 2012 (by Corean author Hwee-Yong Jang). On the page 107 (second paragraph) it says:…” Because control of the heart chakra, including its opening and closing, is operated by the mind.” This didn’t resonate with me as I was reading this information last night. So not familiar with such approach, energetically perceiving it, I went instead and accessed something that looks like sacred heart chambers. I saw two. And one can see throughout. They look like very tinny petals touching each other vertically. Upon me entering these chambers they opened as in lotus petals and on the third step the hole “dome of these petals opened up, I was standing in the middle of this see through dome and all around me there was this universe. It was absolutely beautiful experience.
Then I heard this call ” Love-hood on Gaia/Earth ” and I knew that Humanity and it’s consciousness is moving fast out of polarity dissolving duality’s grip, into the living heart.
But the fact that one can clearly see a transparency is a strong message to me that it is truly happening because some of us are making it happen, are going with the flow of Infinite. I am all for living the heart belonging to its true nature and its true origin. And most definitely have the awareness that even in the spiritual “circles” there needs to be endorsed sovereignty.
This planet also was missing for ages the existence of Free will. This is no longer the case, however each must find her/his own freedom and connection to the Original Source. That is the responsibility to support these changes and welcome them instead of fearing them.
In “1990” the communist block fell in Europe and I could go “back” to Canada the land I remember my self to once live as Native American.
Then the Germain wall fell, people broke it and families were reunited.
On December 25th 2012 One Peoples Trust 1776 was resurrected, re-established, registered lawfully and legally and the slavery is no longer the law on planet Earth. (When we count the numbers 1776 all together we get the number 21. That is interesting because On December 22nd 2012 The New Paradigm Feminine Consciousness has begun according to the original Mayan prophecy and it is going to take 9 years in gestation which is the year 2021) This is an observation one has made as interesting synchronicity of all events that are taking consistently place and the resignation of the negative ego and it’s puppets falling down accordingly to their own most suitable frequency that they feel most at home, which is fear based.
The link to the World event of One Peoples Trust on December 25th 2012 all the corporation corrupted system controlling the well being of humanity was foreclosed.
Please find information and conversations with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as one of the three trustees and one of the many/few Bright Souls who brought this into the physical reality for all people on planet Earth.
My “reason” for sharing this huge event is that when I went through the documentation of all these fillings and the history of it, a huge transparent white energy frequency I felt in my heart. My feeling is that Heather might be one of the Original once from Source who is of Divine Service at this time on our planet Home Earth/Gaia.
Jarmila and P.S.!Two or so days after this post something more prevalent arrived into my awareness about this One people public trust : WHERE IS MY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE TO THIS AND HENCEFORTH WHERE IS ANY CONTRACT TO THIS, MY CONSENT??? Or is this structure just another build up version for the New World Order which I do not consent to? It shows me again how important it is and crucial to be informed fully, meditate, read relevant books on subject one the most important out of many are: MAXIMS OF LAW, by Broom and Bouvier (1856), 350 pages,…”excellent reference work on the fundamental principles of Law.. highly recommended”; The Spirit of Common Law by Roscoe Pound, (1921), Trust Law, And: Proper syntax grammar by David W.Miller.
To conclude: I do prefer to do my own paper work and stick to that, I do not consent to be governed by a corporation calling itself “a government”. And nothing can ever stand between myself and my Original Creator!!!!!!