This is My Sacred Space. Messages for Indigos.

January 7, 2024

Aloha to Indigos and soul friends,

Recently I am feeling much less held back. My inner stewardship indicating it is good to share with my Indigo Kin some knowledge about Mother Earth’s evolutionary situation. Again not so easy at the beginning, for there are many rampant thoughts of shoulds and who will be able to inner stand this article. This article is  aimed to bring some other details about those energetically insane misdirected, not belonging occupying Mother Earth for sickeningly long a thyme, they leaving mess of  ugly technology  still manipulating our time line(s), minds, guts, food quality. But HUmanity adventually wins.


 MY MANY YEARS OBSERVED KNOWLEDGE ABOUT these vibrationally disconnected sick bastards, dark extratelestials who broke in (several million/billions earth’s years “ago”), by literary making a hole in the fabric of space, (over 5 mil.years the un-natural incarnations were in operations, thus distorted 11th dimensional star gate, our natural process of Ascension – Cathara Body, were lost to us, as written, explained by Ashyana Deane in brilliant Voyagers volume II), took over our planet, enslaved everything. O.K. so most  people, even the sleeping ones must know this by now. If they don’t know it consciously, they do know subconsciously, it is written all over our energy bodies. I take a certain look from the perspective of learned natural earth’s teaching me- psychiatrist (psychiatry as in Earth Mother ’s her own teaching of such health issues within a biological and non biological  life, its processes and possible outcomes if it is not stopped and rewired, neither healed,  it grows into incomprehensible ugly dangerous tumour). so that is where our planet, her life’s force and the life of humanity is at. Earth to me is a whale at the seashore/beached. My take on our unfavourable lasting situation is that the incurable psychopaths  have been demonstrating to us humans, Indigos, Krystal children, regular folks, fillings, and extras, have been demonstrating the levels of their illness. The deliberate huge mistake and the allowance to be making them on our backs. They even – while screwing with our highly evolved genome – they even implanted their smaller version called “the reptilian brain, for further monitoring and experimenting. They did so to let us experience how fucked up they are, hoping we could find for them A cure. By almost destroying us in the process.

I remember one very smelly and ugly draco reptilian whom I was asked to help to create a portal so he could finally leave our planet,.  He has telepathically explained to me he didn’t any longer agreed with their presence of his kind here on our home planet and what his kind was doing to Earth and Her children. He him self was deeply disgusted by the whole thing. So the portal was created by my spirit self and after he left, I just got this profound realisation what just happened and how my Spirit self “messaged” my brain so I would be aware of it.  As a premonition/gift he left me few things to figure out and so I did figure this out, that they are so fucked with their never ending experimentation/manipulation of their own genome, mixing it with other countless star species by means of abductions, wars etc., but mostly insanely manipulating and violating our own genome sequencing.  It is known fact more you mess the genes less chances you get the results you are looking for such as so called cure for the first cause of made mistakes. Wanting to extract out of us our own gold the essence that is of Original Prime Creator.  I can’t possible feel any compassion towards them, I possible don’t feel we own anything to anybody, cause we were attacked, not once not twice but 5 million last years were the hardest for us as humanity. The calendars, the static maps, symbols, misplaced history, burned books and then technology that is available only to those puppets who acting through media posing as authority, which they have zero, of corse. 

I have been in deep and resolute disagreement with the whole laughable astrology/zodiak bullshit for most of my life. Cause it never made any heart felt sense.  Sets of lessons as if you are a dog and must learn how to walk on the leash. Repeating and forgetting. Yes it has been mentioned here before. And it comes back again. It clocks up our genes, our veins our higher dimensional senses for not much longer actually. We are certainly here for the reasons to remember everything and brake permanently down this horrible incarnation/karma spiritually wrong game. 

My hormones are telling me I did say this long before that the  zodiak (do you sense the word “yuck” in it?) and the word “zoo” in it? Hm? is a trap  “guidance”, illustrated with a dead sky imagery frozen somewhere in couple of thou-sands years ago, in this matrix, mascaraing as present actual above-ness. Are you laughing yet? It feels so stifling so backwards because it is. 

 Take out the middle man  of every aspect of your life and you feel much less psychically, mentally, emotionally exhausted, depressed, trapped and confused. More we, each of us act on our own accord of do no harm to any sentient being, more we be of true help to Earth and to each other, ultimately the collective consciousness will resonate relieved accordingly. So this is the first part of what I really feel like sharing and pointing out.

The second part that is O.K. to share is a description of a “human” from the perspective of Mother Earth: to find out who you are what is Indigo, takes for some very long time, life time, sometimes you know early something but you don’t have anybody to reflect with what it is you might know of. There has been the sense for many decades now, that multi-star system-lingual co-existency of self dressed in 3D uniform skin is much more accurate description. AND It is clear by now that the forced and many times re-inforced refusal to publicly acknowledge humanity of Mother Earth is a very unique alchemy and golden animation coming from a far, can’t last much longer. The manufactured, illegitimate  de -facto go-vernance’s fear of such humanity is seen. No matter what they “do” to humanity {alchemy at it’s best:}..on this living thinking feeling knowing planet, our original DNAs strands ARE activating. The human uniform 3D skin is transmuting. We are moving to HU2. (Meaning Harmonic Universe 2) The sci-fi movies are filled with assortment of star living beings. They keep showing it to us and we have been ready for this for a long time. Mother Earth’s purpose is to be the galactic gardener to help grow and naturally evolve many different star species, She is the Garden of colourful diverse star races in many galaxies. This planet doesn’t need the protection and fear control from her hi jackers. the original self witnessing births of the highest divine will, births of new galaxies.  Massive force with innate focus and will to create endlessly. IN closing the third part  Mother Earth DNA HEALING Data base. One of unique sessions with a client. As per “usual” information came through related to this client and their connection to Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a DNA gardener and facilitator. there is a specific imprinting information of genetic data as a Guidance measure, given to those who are leaving Earth and have a specific mission to go to different planets and or star systems to help in healing and or reguvenating after distant planet was in distress and or loss of life forms. So Mother Earth transmits into such a human’s DNA a code that heals destructive events. It further said that all star races who ever visited Mother Earth, lived in her vicinity for billions of years share a common imprint of diverse genetic life forms as Earth is also the galactic librarian. My client can travel to these distant places and help to establish and or rejuvenate life, something like artificial insemination except that in this case the artificial is out of picture. How very fascinating, loving and kind. So very little do we know about our own Mother Planet.

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.

This is my Sacred Space, the NEW YEAR 2024 and YOUR INTENTIONS

December 31, 2023

aloha my friend. I want to close this de facto drama queen year 2023, Before I do, let me address this particular day, December 31, 2023. I was looking into the quality of this day, It is being run over by anxiety, alcohol, and suicidal thought forms of the collective humanity. This collective humanity it’s consciousness seems to be the centre core the last layer to transmute its spiritual deprivation anomaly and get hold of it self. Today is our so called last today, fill it with your own energy and purpose, give it a gift of you being part of it! Thanks.

The next year 2024. It was coming through already many times in November, And I didn’t write anything, too busy with nothing tangible. As it happens today is also so called SUNDAY. On Sundays I hold Once Gaia honeytations. I have been doing these group gatherings probably since 2010. The reason for saying it is because it leaves trail of flowers that is like a long better looking umbilical cord offering healing and better ideas how to use the PURE ENERGY THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO EACH OF US AT THE MOMENT OF OUR SOUL SPIRIT SPARK CREATIONS.

MY POINT is that you must BECAUSE YOU CAN, to connect your own soul signature frequency to that of the days ahead of you, AS I was CLEARLY SHOWN by beloved ENFINITE MOTHER OF ALL CREATIONS: “The air that is around you, is my breath, fill it with words that turn into beautiful fragrant flowers, These flowers then can be your next healing tool in your large growing cabinet of healing modalities, do co create, don’t let anything and or anybody such as the pathologically insane usurpartors manipulating your mind, your televisions, your internet with war prostitution and all bad things that has nothing to do with your life as a sacred expression and extension of THE ENFINIT ORIGINAL CREATOR”


Think about it, be it, visualise, feel, and CONNECT stay ONE with beloved Creator in your aura/the gold that your living light is (and was being polluted, and stolen and shortened it’s life its intelligence by arrogance, neglect, laziness, doubt and fear) CONNECT to this NEW POTENTIAL. 


My latest psychic dream and love.

October 4, 2023

the date 26.9. is a day of very profound psychic experience but also half way of  several weeks of weird experiences, concluded by deep meaningful re affirmation.

This day was half of me didn’t feel well for several days and nights. Water running through my left eye, stabbing pain in the ear during night time, many days of no sleeping. And seeing things that have passed, I have seen them before. Like  a short diagonal white and visible scar across my upper lip and then 2 days later tis scar gone. Another example:  Previously broken parts in the kitchen which I have fixed my self and didn’t brake them to start with, appeared to be broken again…)So mostly Sneezing and coughing, but my Spirit felt great, and my HEART!, Its remembering things from long ago and these memories  bringing to surface just like the sea would bring you shells on the sandy beech. As I was working on my self healing and resting, I was listening to the UNN report. Having hard time with the strong statements, trying to find some prove for them, I fell asleep. In about 75 min. or so my Higher self woke me up and here is what I experienced:

 I can’t quench my thirst….my body feels squeezed from left side to the ride leaving very limited space to live, I smell toxins and weird chemicals, I am seeing my own genes telling me things about all the violations humanity has been subject through many centuries…and I just am waking up from finally having a deep nap on the couch. I can’t quench my thirst, yes I had that thought a second ago! I just have experienced some psychic dream recognition and the number 8 was involved in this visceral prophetic dream scape. I draw a quick picture for my own reference, as to describe this experience.  So the number 8 in my picture is horizontal, The left part has some coils that differ from the right part and in the middle of the number 8 is circle. My feeling is that I am receiving information from my Higher self and my heart. The left side(or the front of my body) of the number 8 is seen by my Higher self as de facto NOW in this backwards matrix program night mare. The right side of this figure 8 is so called the past, and it is programmed to be always the same, the one same stupid loop and we “never” get out of it. Next scenario (everything that is being described here is happening telephonically, simultaneously, clairvoyantly O.K.?) The SUN is shrinking, the sky is  dark, the sun is chocking; the magnetic field of Earth is finding it’s way to clarity, purity, originality, finding its way out of here meaning out of the already non existing dark matrix, my heart is responding by means of wanting to follow Earth, to fully wake up. The “8” is different meaning, so again the back is the past that keeps repeating by coming forward and in doing so, in sense the figure 8 goes through the heart template. (right that is my damn new DNA/RNA), The next scene is big fat ugly letter “I” (no colours, cause it is black, red and deep grey) this “I” smothers and covers my entire CHROMOSOMES lines of multitude of many beautiful colours, which lets me know about my complete genome. so this “I” covers all life. It’s being recognized as the f….ing curse called “negative eye, the sea”, again covering all the chromosomes from being seen and known by us the original ones. When we are born this backwards life/death, day/night sentence is forced into us with the small percentage of being able to change few things due to the actual known fact we have free will but it is obstruct by all these curses. It is in every living being. As the dictatoral time line that you need to adhere to as your reality of choke. That black/red/grey “I” seems to be inside of the small circle in between the number 8 (or is it infinity?), It is there to be sure the front and back of your life is blocked, so the time line of life-=death’, light=dark repeats. But WAIT! there is now coming the ocean of  true pure consciousness!!! And it gives me this overwhelming feeling, reminder and knowingness that LOVE RESTORES, This Love I am feeling during this powerful experience is the love of innocence and purity, definitely, I would say, not the kind of husband wife love, or any kind of human’s relationship kind of love. This one is THE LOVE. And it is pouring into my heart, into my genes into my brain and I am crying, my heart is bursting open I feel I am noticeably with someone and his heart is seeing mine just like you see through and you understand no words needed.Accepting the prolonged sense of loneliness on this planet, but feeling this huge shift again. I am sharing this experience with others who might be my soul families. I feel love and I KNOW we are O.K. I know they are still wanting to do damages, they want to use the shift of Earth that our planet is going through, they want to use it against us with their weapons. But Earth sees them, SHE KNOWS and thus She makes her plans accordingly. So this is High Alchemy. I have been learning a lot from my ancient souls about ancient healing technologies, mainly through one on one healing sessions, in retrospective, I have found within my self and new sets of reflections that lead to illumination. The next layer in following days: my computer seems to get hacked. Weird clones are found over my downloads. Computer smells horrible. I don’t panic I deal with it. Did what I could then took it to a professional. Having a phone call with my friend and sharing with her all above, she couldn’t help but noted that the computer was just a shallow game runner to try to scare me and how I did’t let that happen and followed my intuition. There is more for next thyme. Namaste. Jarmila, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide. (Picture bellow: visual description.)

the layers of awareness

September 22, 2023

aloha beloved few for whom i leave messages here cause I know you will get it: I am going to refer to few acts in recent weeks, but always layered with frequency of pure light and high alchemy in between rows, to help transmutation and in many cases out-creating shithings what doesn’t belong since it is not beneficial to dear life.

1.Agressive hostiles in 3D mater doing: things such as the cause of : (fires, use of radiation to cause enormous heat waves, using other technology to be sending diseases, bad mood swings, low mental thoughts, other fear porn) IS SELF DESTRUCTIVE.
IT HAS COME TO MY AWARENESS ONE OR TWO SUNDAYS AGO WHERE PEACE (peace has different layers!, And also structure and thus meaning ) this kind is of achieving no time crystalline nature of Mama Eartha (earthy) between the #number(s) 9 cross section to # 3. Explanation: take a round de facto clock, look at it, look where 9 is, then go to 12 then go to 3. O>K> that is the “west-north-east” line most importantly as it is still being clarified to me, number 9 represents the higher dimension actually9, number 12 is your silver higher self over soul and number 3 is this mess/computer game matrix the evolved souls exiting via their higher consciousness not necessary physically, but in your perspectives of accessing realities and true authentic memories. Right here at the #3 it is overlay!Where the Higher Self continues to be present and continues to fuel the body with purification of all system. The system thou have their own unique order of purification based on your own DNA protocol so yes, paying attention, FEELING always is best, THUS YOUR AWARENESS IS GROWNG. P.S.we need to take out all these “war” based words (again!)  please continue to create your own SOUL BASED UNIQUE DICTIONARY THAT IS home feeling.
The #3 is also: things are happening in 3 sets.
SO: your consent to certain events and without holding it is excellent intention practice within this chemical global computer matrix game!!
Having your own authority/control over your life is part of the above.
Connection (living daily active connection knowing where with whom/what you naturally belong that is:….be=long!!, Beloved Living Light, Original Loving Prime Creator, Pure Consciousness, say “aAAAh”. You rely on you, trusted friends, soul family, do not rely on the “game” let them fall let them self destruct, I know they want to take you with them they want to take Mother planet with them, AND EARTH HAS MADE HER OWN UNIQUE PLANS, SHE TOO HAS HER SECRETS. and I am so glad to know Earth has secrets, She is smart.

and Here some fresh today and 2 snips from our group meditations (which all shall be posted in their respectful pages here to stay updated and compare notes with yours..)


so today is 21.09. 2023
and since the words are small I am re-writing them to readiable proportion. It says: the small picture represents my own depiction (not really here to be quessing if this is accurate or not, my Soul says it is so it is) of symbol as to how the old (centuries old) families such as the “da vinci” (it is a nick name for italian, japanese, russian families) who are still operational and are taking care of the rest of those we don’t want here on planet. I am guessing (now) they have their own structure and the law of elimination if you don’t do what we have agreed upon then you are out”….? referring to de facto nanny governments, and actors called presidents movie fallen stars, and other war business acts., the weather control and you may find more examples. Somebody send me a link. It is about deeply harmful energy emission through all electronics plan in october of the 4th and or the 11th (if the 4th will not go as planed, this is the bad behaviour idiots)the plan is to spread disease via computer, cell phone television, the instruction is to turn off these “devices” (this word also speaks volumes of its self). Again good people are working on preventing this from happening and the ……bad-ones repeating them selves by insisting on doing harm. Well That is what this channel is telling. My 1/2 second feeling was a reaction of anger. in PRINCIPAL: all such war operations against evolving healing, waking humanity are repeat repeat operations, distractions, even if this would take place, you already have in-build in you your own antenna for bullshit /harm causing operations and thus intuitively will know that on such and such day maybe you go fishing instead of being on your cell phone…The human who has learned, who is aware of this and tries to warn people is also usually not saying: ..”regardless human you are in control of your thoughts, how you feel, what you thing, what you choosing you are fully in your body connected to your Higher Self, grounded, So my 1/2 second anger was there simply because I really want to see people being in the krystaline earth enjoying them selves, as if on life long vacation, and this “END” is very very long, prolonged. We are learning (?) that those centuries long families that also have played dark but have apparently so “higher morals” are fighting the zealots idiots who never understand the word “NO” we don’t want you here !!!, giving them ultimatum and expire date. And when your Soul recalls these same times before, it becomes way too long. The next layer: i had an experience that was NOT pleasant due to the work i was doing to help somebody that really need it. Brief description: the military use of sonic waves, eco locators vibrational frequency that can lift you out of your own body and take you somewhere else for who know what. I did’t let this happen thou. I woke me up at 1:30 in the morning upon feeling this strange wave and shook my body to wake up and yelled “NO”. I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night, was meditating. It is shared because it is happening, it can be for good reasons and or nefarious. I wasn’t waiting for an explanation, but the next day/night apology arrived. The reason why I am sharing this is because similar types may be used to cause earthquakes, and or weather control, is what this makes me think of. So how it is being used such technology is discerning element is how the innate feeling response to stimuli. Self healing, energy awareness thank you thank you.

Next layer: Yesterday it has done on me that we have lived and died so many F.times (thousand upon thousands lives), that we are practically soon facing our own eternity. (picture: i saw the lives and deaths speeding up so fast it became yo-yo, then faster like a swirl, so funny as if all lives came into one centre or into the zero point finally to calm down) The other side effect of all these past lives could be feeling that the incarnations were principally a game, mis use of technology against you this also may be correct. So sumarize it now we may have inner-standing a little more about how your innate High Alchemy may work to lead you upward and forward to living authentic life of Original Prime Creations, learning a greatest and amplified deal about the psychology and psychiatry of the very sick race of  aliens who tragically reduced them selves to reduce humanity and because there is nothing can be done, they will go home as DUST which takes many billions of years. I want to end on this note: Brain has very unique process of self-inquiry and seeking self efficiency and cultivation to achieve the best quality life possible, through the ability to learn. There is never enough learning.

Peace to you.


Devaluation of currency”? or the return to high alchemy.

July 2, 2023

The below information is a stream of intuitive consciousness, for your consideration:

 About the energy of money, this money we have been forced to be using, living under, thriving and suffering, is archaic odd, an old archetype of reptilian technology, harvesting colonial system!

 The original pure golden human   lineages, not need outside source (money stollen life force) for our existence. And you will say “that is bullshit” in practicality yes, 

but We are  the spectrum of living light frequency. Our light was taken and heavily weaponised, misused, and reversed put into slavery meaning we had to work for our energy to get it back-reversed.  and what was alchemically happening it was taking us down. We know this it is obvious.

Thus the most necessary  shedding of such ex-lucrative static magic without illumination, the energy alchemy what doesn’t match, doesn’t belong. In many ways we as a humanity have been compromised. Our quality of life has been compromised. 

Our true golden human was put in stasis.

My feeling about the changes we are making through ongoing alchemical shifts, transmutations and transfigurations, is that we are shading this falsified identity and money , so that the nervous system, (individual, partially collective, definitely at the Soul level of Earth Mother and in this part of Galaxy) can align harmoniously within the Earth frequency of pure frequency, gold and silver is growing everywhere it is not a scarcity problem. And i am sharing it from the perspective of a healer.

 The falls gold, computer based crippled- crypto heavily controlled and centralised of corse, does not hold any value to us a living souls.

 gold and silver is being created in the body of Earth Mother It’s energetic reflection created from all the experiences we have been in in last several thousands years some of us several millions years in this magical planet turned into prison, harvesting DNA planet. Our Mother Earth has created a refined gold and silver sound and light technology that we may  be using or not perhaps as means for exchange. Yet preferably  necessary connection and neutral relationship via our own electro magnetic field, we may be aware of.  As per so called present currency based in war is gradually being dismissed by the most evolved humans on Earth. For it has been a foreigner currency of fear, lack. The foundation of under neath of our foot steps is changing, so we can recover our golden silky skin, brilliant diamond sun origin. OUr brain composers heart centre with the bellow (our beloved Mother Earth currency energy changes like tuning the piano again into full harmonics. Significant effect in changing our physical bodies as a result of the above changes.*


 Fresh example around money struggle: very powerful woman whom I regularly meet in my spiritual circle of friends, that has forgotten who is actually is: strong silver (electric energy, as means of propelling her into the correct spiritual hygien and action) Atlantean, she was the one of many who has build Atlantis as culture to be powerful and meaningful place of Galactic humans, a meeting place of radiance…, and then when it fell (Atlantis) this woman’s soul fell into deep forgetting, trauma and despair, unable to identify where is the key/root problem now in this life time,  her soul  so angry and in despair and soul shattered in million pieces, she is now struggling because of this deep wound. We were shown how the remaining beings of Atlantis actually had to flee in to the water, and learn how to live there, she has developed very interesting acoustic audience  still so called resting behind her ears. She has blamed her self so much so harsh, that her inner central pillar has fallen. So if she wants to succeed in this life time she can bring. recalled the situation, and  change her imprinting and join the High Spirit in Council and rebuilding of our planet Earth.

So the devaluation of currency, is terminology brought upon by those who lost the war on consciousness on our planet Earth.  In the very principal the curse/or spell  from the very beginning, was to devalue golden human in the first place.

Note about the jabbing meant to cause access into your bodies and completely destroy your soul and the connection to the living light all, against our original purpose and golden human principles of natural evolution. These money with blood on them have no true value, This is important to realise,  why most people on Earth struggle , The true currency of true humanity is living Light we are living light being lifted back up where we belong. 

About family:
because we were facing deep pain and disappointment, one of them is the loss of a child’s connection to a loving parent. The disconnect from the heart.  In most countries this is true. The child has lost sense of what it looks like, the continuum of legacy, the river of life how ever one can see this.

 Children are remote, cold, depleted and emotionally and mentally abducted, terrorised as children by sexual abuse, dark magic, drugged with pharmaceuticals, technology we have lost our children. In the higher picture this is a collective human loosing the connection to the sacred Mother Infinite of All Creations. Yet we have evidence that our Infinite Mother has returned to our planet. Thus everything is just matter of positive change. Again. Be the love so you never have to run out of it. Taking care of our selves: (as I choose to stop hoping for changes between my self and my children’s relationship towards me the daughter’s, son’s path to find them selves again, I, you will/can become much more stable for the Divine Light high Frequency to continue more fluently embodiment the living Light into my vessel, which very nutritious towards the soul!!!)

So can’t  go into full rest.  Wishing for resting thou. 

This is My Sacred Space:

June 22, 2023

today is de facto june 21st, I feel (I got back into my body, mind and Spirit FAITH of Prime Creator!) It feels like sensational lover I wasn’t aware existed, back into my heart. I am saying “back” because I just don’t know yet how to say it better. I could probably say I feel not apart from my original self from the eternal self. I feel more from what  I have felt before.

The importance for having my true soul family is still valid and important, BUT it is not jagging me like it did before.  I know it is on it’s good way.

The theme of feeling like an orphan and living such expression gotten another sense of much deeper realization as well. I feel the part of Prime Creator that we may consider as sacred Masculine is part of our planet as of today!!!  Well something very important happened today today is the graduation of many good happenings and the result is this feeling and knowingness inside of my being like being more at home knowing what it is better. I really really feel this. The memory that follows me all my life from childhood years of remembering walking among crystals who were singing to me and  greeting me, which felt like true happiness as per daily business, many different shapes of crystals, awesome happy hills and alluvial landscape of crystals everywhere one walked, the air was golden shimmer, always warm almost humming but never noisy and or overwhelming, just pleasant and common, natural, normal to us olden beings who belonged with the ancient Mother who is now called the Earth Mother, She is ancient transmuter of shapes, realities and enormous wisdom, still learning to comprehend Her brilliant heart-mind.

I found my faith in Universe, Faith in Prime Creator, I didn’t know that I lost it. With prolonged separations many people loose sense of wholeness.  I had to construct many helpful links for my own life for many other people in order for my life to function the best it could. When today Faith returned I feet such a strong sense of sureness the strong and clear sense I am not apart. And we were orphans and that was so scary that we had to forget about not being able to feel so closely with our Original beloved Prime Creator that was the most shocking and traumatic night mare we went through in circles. And the emotionality as a result got us forgetting. Not being able to be with your true family is very very difficult, many know this and many more don’t know what they missing. The fallsification of light also did us a lot of damage in all bodies. Falls sound (fridge, car, machinery, engines, screaming,, negative A.I. voices so empty so disturbing,) the human eyes will be able to see the truth again and the real gorgeous planet Earth and the Universe again, I don’t know when I am just expecting this because that is the home I do remember. Beloved Original Creator Presence = restorative results for life expression.

Well that is what i have for now and be here again soon to add all the information from Mother Earth’s teachings on Her pages.

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.

this is my sacred space: messaged

June 11, 2023

 Preamble: For several weeks now i found my self working in the green house of a very busy woman growing hundreds of different tomatoes, very intense hard hard work, biking back and forth, accumulation of exhaustion, no time to write or communicate.  And this is the end of another “weekend”. It is SUN-day and we had One Gaia Honeytation (am being reminded by my self to copy all the many updates Earth Mother has given us). In spite of the fact that my body gets tired from working 9 hours in the green house every day and then long bike ride back where i am staying presently, I get really lovely conversations with the multidimensional self. Just on thursday brief snap of update into my still not bettered family situation arrived. (the heart part of my human woman who loves to have family who loves her two children  but not loved back, mostly ignored for so many years now, I am still troubled by it. There are nights and or parts of my day when I cry such a heavy burden doesn’t go away) What I saw  from within one space is that  there are previous, present and future simultaneous events on one inhale of my bike moving forward on this curvy road to the green house. On my exhale,  I am looking at the birth of my first child from very different perspective: this appearance/image is of  two dark “local” circular rooms made of rubber interconnected into expanding “true and falls North” 2 other tubes leading into the “future events” that are happening also right now. think of this as a gigantic letter “X” except that the cross is pararel!.  The transfer from one near reality into another near – literally next to it and right there simultaneously arriving into my cognition info: …”oh yes, this is the birth of your first child, (repeated again), she came from here (pointing to the left side of one reality/dissected into another reality, my time line, from her past life, so she didn’t go far at all….), she came through you into this reality. Yes she was born to you, and you love her and love your son, but they both came with problems. These problems have nothing to do with you! They both have to resolve their problems. By being born to you, through you, YOur Soul gave them the gift, the opportunity to dissolve re incarnation A.I. negative time lines, hostile computer simulation of reality programming. These kids (now facing soon to be 30 years of age!) have to recognise a lot of things, find DISCERNMENT, so stop putting your self in between trying all this time to unprezzel why they don’t talk to you.  Why you are not actively part of their lives. You took it too personally now you are still sufering from this, but healthy separating from their OWN things nothing to do with you (repeat repeat) will help you to get on with your life even better!”It is so very extremely cruel, difficult, harsh and undeserved. They were born to me I raised them, they were taken, now they don’t talk, I love them, think of them, miss them, yet I have nothing to do with their lives. I say to me this is a wrong time line.  Spirit response” :yes and no both. This is also the more separating of the reptalian skin: the artificial synthetics. Yes it is being propaganda-lized heavily everywhere, but it is the biggest blind spot(s) of the arrogance. ..All the people (that are not awake yet) I see walking the streets are the representatives of their own chaotic time lines they are due to resolve and get rid of, since these time lines are born to chaos not nature, are born of fear and darkness and I am here have also nothing to do with it except for witnessing it.

So today this message came from the SPIRIT OF WATER HER SELF: (the core of this beautiful consciousness is turquoise-to pale blue aquamarine with clear like crystal all around it self, it is a circle but not flat, it is moving self aware intelligence), …”Water now is growing its pure consciousness. It has been collecting much information from all over this planet, such as all changes to magnetic fields, humanity’s different levels of consciousness, how human consciounsness is still for millions fear, in prison. Water brings observation, new resolutions or rather SOULutions (solution = sun + water particles from around the earth different layers!!!, inner water of Earth, deepest waters of Earth, The Universe is of water as well!!!, human/water is new knowledge new ALCHEMY. And this is a great positive part of our over all progress. They (“they” means: arrogance, fear based damaging idiots still acting and pretending they can control at least something and cause the whole provinces fires to damage life to damage fields where food normally grows,) they are hiping the chemicals in the water. For example here where I am right now, they are “repairing” the water pipes changing them for new ones and the chlorine smells 25 times stronger then before. Yes because humanity is leaving idiots behind, we are leaving the nature is claiming us back into her self. this IS winning in progress. TH city water might be expected to get worse in its quality, because THE SPIRIT OF WATER HAS SOLUTIONS FOR US can speak with us with our consciousness.Humanity would so benefit from being able again communicating with other living sentience.

So the message for all good mom and good dad. We will find our children they will find their way back to us. THe re incarnation stupid wheel of repeat karma bullshit with falsified low energy emotional body: emotions not belonging with us as original first golden human from First Prime Original Creator’s Creations. this emotional body assigned to me to you of sadness, hardships, instead of happiness, joy, well being (this is you this is you as the high level sentience), o.k. the falls emotional when repeating on and on and on, then it becomes the reality, it is pathologically trapped. No thank. you. I have also on the other hand witnessed when Prime Creator was crying, was sad. YES, because of what has been happening and nobody could stop it till it could be stopped. So the other point for us parents is that most we are also the chance when these children come through us, chance to exit the re incarnation karma artificial programs that could be considered as karma permanent cancel, resolve, whee it is one on one: your soul (the child) and Earth Healing planet patiently helping you to fully come back into your full circle of pure consciousness.

Namaste, continue to give your self your sacred space where your inner self guide dancing your path into freedom.

This is my sacred Space: today I am listening to my ego. Call it the Ego Day, Ed in short.

April 2, 2023

I am listening to my ego today April de facto 2nd.

I am going to call today the Ego Day. Ed in short. The ego is shy and in hiding, maybe I am mistaking it for my inner child? I am feeling a lot of “deprivation”. Yes indeed confirmed. So I am now feeling and seeing the energy of deprivation, slowing down my breath, relaxing fully aware of my body, and where exactly the deprivation may be latched within my energy bodies. I am now in a kind of visualisation meditation, realising while I am creating my own sanctuary inner space; where no bugs on my beach are harassing me, and I don’t have to be sharing, bargaining,  or paying for anything… In this visualisation of creating my own sacred sanctuary I noticed massive rocks. I know the rocks Are my friends, I run towards the Siamese rock formation to give them a sincere hug, finally I am free and open to express my love towards these rock families, realising how it depleted me to hide in the other hostile environment of conditioned socialising, policing how I was afraid to speak to my rocky friends! They belong here in my self created sacred sanctuary, in the space of my beach with the sun  that doesn’t burn my skin, i feel the presence of the ocean humming…  feeling the rocks it is helpful to know I am out-creating the other realities dictated by your status  if you don’t have house and million dollars you are nobody. Such a “reality” is not right now here and I don’t worry about it. My ego is showing me the unpleasant times of feeling not welcome to be fully genuine, acknowledging what I knew since a little child that everything around me is alive. I felt not allowed to be fully my self to be honouring my sister and brother rocks. Strong feeling… integrating that  and then simply feeling free of that charge in negative polarity and happy in the presence of creating what ever I choose within my own sacred sanctuary. 

What comes next is a series of reminders of wanting to be a different character. The character shows up as a white peacock. Simply wants to be here so I let it. I can feel it’s fine feathers, its movements dancing walking and then it turns into a princes a her dress is made of kindness, love, generosity, friendly nature. It is O.K. to feel and experience anything that needs to be expressed, felt to become integral part of one whole self. This is a part of Mother Earth and Her Soul that is showing me I do belong here. I can tell Her what I want and what I need. We all belong here on Mother Earth. To know this is part of healing one self, it is the link to Universal Laws. It is the transformation of how you become more coherent with your self in times when it is hard to hear your self clearly. These are times when we need much more knowledge of own discernment, intuitiveness and Inner connectivity to our Original Prime Creator, it is priority always has been in my live. At the astral perspective it is also exiting to notice that what we watch and truly enjoy for example Star track, or other friendly inspiring story, book, movie, we attract it into our astral plain. So truth, real human-ness which is love, kindness, speaking the truth, living in honour of one self and also respecting others, openness to help each other not from the place of obligation but from the place of inner knowing we are able to help to change and heal our lives. The collective heals through individual, that individual helps to heal part of Earth and also part of the collective consciousness. Just because we are seemingly separated doesn’t mean we are. We feel at subconscious levels (those are also changing into full awareness, awake-ness and realisation what certain connections are “doing” transmuting realities). If we communicate loving and kind enjoyable energy it is definitely in the outer fields in your aura. There is inner aura and outer aura.

At the end of my meditation to help my ego integrate better and to let it know that i am aware of it and it’s needs, I ask Mother Earth to show me where I fit the best.


 P.S. Some of the comments are dirty, selling things i didn’t ask for so they end up in my trash can, to be erased permanently.   You may have questions, and or relevant comments to do with the themes published on my dear website.

This is my Sacred Space but also is yours: Mutating 5th dimension and the upgrades.

December 27, 2022

Hi. This whole december and end of november were 100.000 more difficult on the emotionally. Accumulation and avalanche of intense spinning fan of sh…t. I was feeling every little nuance of every previous and near future events, thought forms, psychic/telepathic messaging at different levels. personal, humanity’s direction for the next de facto Year 2023., and who is now continuously loosing, how, where when….

This early morning (still “dark outside”) after much crying and being severely feeling  mixed angry/sad/disappointed again in multiplications at part of family members who too have turned into two assholes and i finally had to admitted to myself, digging my self deeper into being upset, I was awaken by gentle but powerful and bright knowingness. Lengthly heart/soul knowing opened up panorama of show and visceral awareness .

1.Somewhere in 2023 July (?) merging of realities ( was informed that this merging will need two more important people in my life, two soul sisters who has activated their soul light languages and have that inner heart knowingness from ancient times, knowing what they doing!, I will need them to make it happen) One of my sisters, C., works with the energy of mountains and caves. Knows the Inner layers of Earth. The other sister knows (from her soul awareness) how to seamlessly land a huge space ship,in this case we shall need her help and her tonal capacity to seamlessly land/merge these other realities.

What are these realities? I was shown these are the light lands crystal masses of Earth missing for millions of years from Earth’s body. Earth is now shrunk due to all harm/damages done to Her plus her angelic humanity. These air realities are not unicorns stories for children! The heart soul knowingness presence such unthinkable revelation I want to present it as it came. The merging of realities (in bright colors filled with the two suns)is full light spectrum of living land mass of Higher Mother Earth like Gaia and our Earth together!!!! (at this point i was offered for the less imaginative beings to offer analogy of air plain needing the air-stairs). We need to get on board with this. This is possible after the 5th Dimension we are presently in, is MUTATING, many variables, lots to be still done which includes still clearing, cleaning, transmuting, repeating what you want not what you don’t want!!!!, what you want (i.e. you want a specific house, it must be in your vision, it must be in your field feeling it seeing it brain registering it. Surprisingly some of this merging will be taking place where my present house/home is found, exact point on this land was clearly identified with exclamation mark. This merging is dimensional merging, is all gigantic facets of earth, places removed, separated, Mother’s own living consciousness crystalline based!!!

Simultaneously the activated awareness brought the realisation I found my part of consciousness under the surface of Earth, somewhere with mountains and caves maybe Colorado, maybe some European  mountains, don’t really know that part because was told that is not the point, the point was to very quickly get me in witnessing of double crystal mirror cave, appeared somewhat on the white pale in appearance like double pyramid where the other triangle’s tip is facing downward and opposite to it is facing upward?, that mirror cave’s frequency had to get quiet and be retuned, to stop broadcasting falls vibration causing more damages to living nature, people’s energy bodies, how they orient them selves in falls 3D, being still blind to the fact they are multidimensional. p.s. the multidimensional will be coming more apparent step by step. This cave double pyramid also caused premature deaths of the cells in cerebrospinal fluidity and partially the so called nervous network of Earth’s inner layers dimensionality, the balancing how she transmutes previously used density, think of it as processed, lived, experiences that Earth needs to get rid of from her perceptive mind being fully equally at all her parts in the NOW!!!!,, also same within the heart beat of Earth, humanity, trees everything basically. The heart beat complex of Madam Gaia and Earth physical : Here we were guided {we i am referring to my two soul sisters friends being actually there with me participating upon higher guidance, in this massive repair work and learning from it.,} to identify upon finding…strange metal plates insertions. These blocked energy causing disharmonious, annoying frequency so many times awakened beings and mother Earth thought she was going crazy. Another way we could describe this: think of this as severely broken human bones. Normally to put broken bone into the white cast and or with natural clay to mend the bone. now days the mad doctors forcing some metal plates with pretty mid-ages nasty screws and it is fixed, but actually it is not fixed at all and most people end up waiting years for taking those plates out of their bodies. Well in case of Earth and fallen E.T. technology with human military involved those metal plates with reversal sound vibration technology to make sure Earth can’t fully connect to her self in her physical and nonphysical bodies to be fully integrated and interactive will all human beings, farther causing dissonance and some spaces in between spaces. We removed these things and put instead “living soulders”. this term sounds strange, but the explanation arrived immediately upon my consciousness request, :living soulders” are cell able to repair what has been in long separation it works the same as neuroplastisity, the same as in Afrika tribes using ants into open wounds to take out poisoning and help to speedily mend injury. So it is pretty cool to be part of this think and to learn and be reminded of the positive effect how neurolink can be re interconnecting within one self. Thus “living soulders” are working on that same principal.

3. Zimbabwe we found some strange underground dark bunkers and tunnels. I didn’t expect that and or anything above and or bellow. Simply this was part of the information and brief detour to clear some previously volatile place. Speaking of which volatile energy. In my previous years of healing work it became “normal” to me to experience E.T. attachments within earthen humans, sometimes/oftentimes the e.t. would totally take over the personality. NOt o.k. not in accordance with sovereign free will. so remove clear etc., repeat till no more. In this instance i was giving additional info about those E.T. control attachments originated from Orion star system. now Orion is huge no time and or energy extra to go into details. these Orion E.T. were extricated from more humans and arrested!,

4. SUN. Our local sun is of sacred feminine origin, it has within it self another sun, like a twin sun, i was wondering if sun has also ocean but i din’t get that info rather it was explained to me that the sun’s radius (?) dial, angle, distance orbit must be changed to help Earth out of this tilted position. Technically we used to have two suns i remember that.  Wondering now who could verify this and bring more info about our sun. Altho  such major undertaking may have happend already, will happen in short future till we get fully into the NOW position no more the stupid juggling of different time lines, versions and mess the dark magician bad comedians held us in. The other point within this change back to natural at all levels, is that it is happening to all awakened humans, and star people.

How do you get to innerstand this, anything that you may not understand because you may be able to read but using the linear mind is no help to you. You must instead be using your intuitive guidance/knowingness tuned inside not outside feeling. The math for this is : intuitive seeing + feeling + knowing = all 3 are simultaneous the same place equal at the still point of zero and or NOW. The NOW is where we all shall meet. Then you can teleport part of your consciousness that can be as big as a pin travel so to speak through the sun which is how were usually travel to get here. When you stretch exercise your CONSCIOUSNESS you prevent atrophy, you remove lazyness. Exercising consciousness keeps your luminousity at good shape. 5 the Fire. Making daily fires to keep warm, but this “fire” i was aware of is of different nature, it is the transmuting, mutating power of the higher wisdom assisting humanity and Earth as well as many star beings with our changes to walk succesfully into the true natural livingness, sovereign and free. Namaste, from Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide.

This is my Sacred SpAce:

December 4, 2022

Aloha Dear friends. Today is de facto December 4th, 2022. Lot is unraveling: in the psychically physical receiving awareness: the true North, the Galactic Centre Beloved Original Prime Creator making changes as to HerHis creations. Vulnerabilities have been seen, felt and acknowledged. Mistakes correcting them selves in THE now and in the layers of all events. Sometimes my finite self writes so called backwards to walk with awareness and unawareness simultaneously. The finite self is the entry point for the Beloved Infinite, that is what we have been looking for, connecting “back” to, home. 

Home. Sarcastically this reminds me a recent visit number 2 to certainly uncertain office where they are issuing some Ids. It has your picture, date of so called birth on it, yet it belongs to the issuing “state/country” How it can be? On the walls in this uncertain office they have pictures this time not of the falls jesus but previous good man president that died several years ago due to being captive for many decades in jail for things that people now-days go to jail, like speaking the truth, being sovereign and or lawful. So I was really puzzled to see the good man president from faraway country to be hanging on all of the walls of this uncertain off-ice. I left their office feeling violated, lied into my face, previous good questions still being ignored, and issuing document that is de facto taking several long months to issue. Hmmm….”stay away from this, for it is not sincere, it is not real, soon people will discard all such documents which were created for the purposes of violating people. But let’s keep the upbeat perspective.

I have moved. And it is the nature that brought me into Nature. Place which lets you BE. Place or palace of Earth Mother with healthy flora many birds and other four legged beings, place where Fairies do live and also the Light Beings. I have seen them, We have spoken. They are teaching me their earth language of different varieties of sound. It is challenging sometimes when the small brain gets in the way. Now people can come, stay, have a healing mystical experiences if they so choose. It has taken about 4 years to find the right people, positive energetic match frequency, where co existence is possible practice and not just mental fart. 

And so the AIR is  clearing . The GUT is clearing. Lots of daily physical labor. For last several months I have been reminding me and learning more about natural plastering and how to work with it. I  learned the use the cow’s dunk (we have plenty of cows roaming the grassland all around, leaving powerful mulched grasses leaving their bodies as they walk. I have taken an ancient recipe from India that is using cow dung for natural and sacred building structures, with lime and straw and water and or pee. You make this wonderful paste like and then you apply it onto the external walls of your hobbit dwelling First I had gloves, “protective eyewear” and was very stiff and care-full not to be touched by shit (as I have realised during the process of 6 hours a day application my apprehensive-only out of ignorance-stiffness) then finally when the portions of my plaster begun to dry, revealing  very pleasant and clean feeling fragrance, I relaxed with the changed attitude of trusting in ancient nature and very much enjoyed this process of doing very useful peace of joy. Refreshed from my newly found passion for plastering, passion for finally to be able to put to use my old work ethic and forte, the place inside of my being begun to blossom as result. Not to mention the real joy when you accomplish something that you have been thinking, dreaming wanting for long time, that is to have your own place called home where you can co create. As I let nature to take care of me and my old traumas*, I was able to tap also easier into the other realities, other worlds and densities

Very recently on de facto december 2nd and 3rd during my. morning meditation I heard that “new biological anatomy of human who has been awake for long time, is replacing the old anatomy, old biology. During this journey I detected many black holes (throughout the spinal cord, on the both sides of most vertebrae, CNS, black holes in forms of dark upsetting emotions, memories from the past that i have cleared away 20, 30 years ago, yesterday and now I see them here again!?, they have been constantly being recreated by the dark negative computer systems of NAA, by the shadow falls “selves” (those that have separated, shadow self from the Dream Time. This kind of “dream time” is the simulated illusion as shown in the series of StarTrek when captain Pickard goes to the training facility, punching a specific scenario within his computer programming and then this program is played out in his 3Dimensional square box room, appearing totally real.) Then repeat, repeat, repeat…So that is what everybody has been experiencing, till these computers were shut down! 

In the meantime my “mind” says “i need money so I can buy the organic good food, bees was candles, sacred oils and incense, nano soma…, converting “money| as previously being used as form of B.M. system back into Potent Life foRce of Prime Creator where Joy of Creativity is expanding. well i have said this line years ago, decades ago knew it as a child what could be done, because it is part of our human potential that has to be actualised.  And then block: the sense of quick sand, something we don’t move forward and upward showed up again, struggle low emotions deliberately being through in the field of the collective humanity to continue siphon our energy. Questions about ownership of these low emotions, not moving forward, such a cheap shot of the poor dark arts.

OR: Why would I choose to write (like i just did now) Memories of past events to bring them into here/or future reader? That is what most probably has been decided not to do unless it is relevant and can prevent something catastrophic from happening.  I was brought here by High Spirit Council of the Original Prime creator to help to destroy the beast machine not to fee it by recreating the painful past based in lack, fear, and B.M. their technology of repeating such things and the other mean things was taken down. It all must be dissolved so it doesn’t appear in universe next to ours. We make cleared space for new potential of other soul species who previously had not such opportunity for birthing them selves and manifesting the uncreated creations long waiting for their turn, replacing all this ugliness and shame. We are talking about UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. Rip open this synthetic plastic suffocating everybody hologram (gram? with holes in it???) divided by the flat disc of dark and light sky, the gray matter that is not real (the part of the lie where the human brain was apparently divided in the middle called gray matter because it was light and dark together in your own head???!!!Yeah, the “LEFT brain what was left from the complex brain only in the minds of the poor arrogant magic convoluders that had nothing left to participate with but stealing, number manipulators, augmentation of the space vector at the bottom of this universe to cause we already know that, and loosing Millions and Trillions of precious species. So again all of this is cleared out of my own Cathara body so it may realign and activate accordingly to its first nature.

last night not sleeping (again). The idea that the skype, zoom, and others are nothing but jump rooms has hit my mind. The gigantic brain alias the moon and the corrupted part of last Atlantis and its memories of such as the cell phones, the iPads, the small and gigantic computers are nothing more then junk of the last sunken Atlantis (Atlantis divided, forcefully hijacked, living crystals destroyed) the present computers and its all alike technology are nothing but vampires, look at it, if you don’t feed it dirty electricity then it doesn’t work. THis is the part of the shadow, panopticum, hazardous mind convolution, this is the corrupted left over from old Atlantis. Stupid computer sucking energy because they don’t have the right part of the Atlantan brain the actual krystal that would keep them going. So what brought this to my attention? Some “vision” from the previous day: I see bright gigantic brain hanging in the sky pretending it’s the moon!, The Brain is morhphing into twin rectangular Siamese pyramid partially smiling as if so impressed with its self for still being able to make silly tricks for the public. But the Public is now alive! No more public zombies. The brain/moon/twin rectum pyramid doesn’t take the alive public seriously though. The twin pyramid appearing as the “brain” appearing as the moon used to make believe tricks the “truth”. The way how Atlantis has been assassinated has been replayed in many centuries in many varieties of the same repeat. The Napoleon then the Nazy turns into red communist, turns into genetically modified food, turn into dangerous jabs. Then something shaped the last straw did it? Something to be said about the Earth patiently orbiting, spinning walking round and on this round the lost consciousness of everybody murdered destroyed including all high level civilizations existing on Earth are somehow Here. The Atlantians, the Indigos, the Original Guardians, The Emerald Order, all the other Orders of High Council are here, the highly evolved star beings have been here. Well of us “turned around” and saw the Galactic Central Sun even those who were sleeping. The internet is this one big bright “moon/brain” hanging in the sky and we are taking out of it’s system the naa technology transmuting its fiat into telepath via our own nervous system. Now hold on I don’t mean to imply we are becoming borg NO WAY! I am saying this: the human village is going the heart way, is going the love way that is the way how everything – and this is happening -everything is transmuted even the internet, so the reasons for shutting it down would be only again out of fear what’s happening to us the heart person and those with nothing. The very thing the foundation for everything was almost surely destroyed but not really. Love is what adventually unites, power mother nature and the galactic all seeing finds way back to one self no more waste the will of nature is here and everywhere.

:last: intro: as one of our dear friends is visiting Egypt, unexpected i saw the 96 pyramids, then Mars the planet “told me” while I wasn’t sleeping, told me that certain place in Egypt has it’s soul shards and part of its consciousness. As “exchange” the Egyptian part is profoundly depressed, poor (program of with copies) and programmed into lack, war. Needs to be retrieved, the negative imprinting dissolved, Mars soul shards brought back, and the sovereignty of both the planet and this continent to where it belongs.