This is my Sacred space: the virtue on living.(originally for the sacred high June 21st., 2021)

December 8, 2021

in order for full invigorating and live affirming – transfiguration to manifest, one must be willing to agree with the strong will to live. We can be the living light helping Mother Earth to heal Her self completely and finally get rid of the horrible artificial negative virus poisoning all life for hundreds of thousands of so called earth’s years.

aloha. Recent personal and private experiences lead me to make very firm decisions how I wish to be, how I wish to continue (-alas continent, place in alchemy with it’s own set of rules, and hidden clues), this life on private level, from the inner Light. the ABILITY of focused effort in understanding situations and these situations per example causing pain and suffering thus the longest ever theme of this planet and its unhabitant and inhabitants. At times I was able to reconnect to my physical children mainly the older one. To express ongoing love towards her and her extended family and somewhat offering guidance, if asked for it. On my last visit to my child who invited me to stay unexpectedly for 4 days, I have experienced unforeseen torture: no hospitality, no conversations, no mother-daughter time, another friend of hers came for visit during my 4 days, This has happened in the last winter but I made excuses for my daughter as to why she has again changed her plans to meet me half way during me traveling closer where she was at that time. Forward this past Summer, I was again refused as a mother who loves her, as a guide who has lots of offer, I was misguided by my adult child into hoping we could do something together and continue on path of healing our broken, distant relationship. NOP again I was mistaken and the hostility, cold behaviour and cruel  subtle expressions and actions that again almost destroyed me emotionally. I took a look into this strong force manipulating her mind her heart causing her to fall into bi-polar disease. The small picture of one mother that cannot have relationship with her children not because she wasn’t fit mother, is only another small representation of the big galactic picture the movement of Universe and how Universe DEALS with dis order and lack of love. The monsters who dominate the corse of our planet and our lives can be- with their dark technology SPINNING THEIR DARK DISC FOR LONG LONG TIME,Is there vision, so If you see your self stuck, isolated, disconnected from joyful living people know that once you decide how you wanna live in your own ways that is in the prosperity of love and creativity, their fucking disc stops spindeling you and spinning your life into viral, contradicting, reversal technology nano-psychoses. You have the power to stop it. All of our, yours, mine, mental/emotional etc., pain experiencing is programmed distortions into our perceptual reality, we are able to transmuted, stop it at will, but first you must respect your will. You must read the notes given to your soul how they are suppose to be played in the original sound frequency. Even thou your children might not find their way out of it, you have to. Vibrationally interconnected this will bring your good heart warmth results. The other thing is to catch the negative narrative thinking, when you tell your self you want something in one sentence and in the following you contradict your self. This means – in the geometry – that it is gonna look very disturbing, just try to draw your thoughts and see what geometric mis-shapes you get, that will teach you to be consistent with your creative healing thinking how to change outcomes. You pick your self up, and you remember: there is the sun connection to you, there is the soul full music you can dance to, there are the brushes which help you to articulate a picture called true art. The geese teach you their language or something else part of nature can teach you it’s language, Earth will guide to the trees that belong and trees that were imported here to be a poison so you need to get rid of them. Getting rid of toxic un kind thoughts their deformities is your job instead of “living=death”, or dwelling on them. Decide what is your TRUE CURRENCY? You decide that, not them!

noticing the inner central sun and life affirming kinesology,= sacred sexuality, as i see it.

what you can take from the above recording: study Nicola Tesla his work and I think one of his many gigantic genius works was to help remove the falls tilt of Mother Earth, 23.5

Usually in June on northern hemisphere we experience highest light, so that is where we get activated our “personal access” to the Zero point “gate”. It is the access point, place of plenty, place of connecting with real life beyond te negative aliens construct of deception and constant harming our lives with lies, non existent covids, those are electronically created to deceive main stream people.

Also by activating our true sacred geometry (that includes how we think and we are able to cary on consistently good creative thinking forms that lead to good results to cause changes!!!), it is also to assist to remove the bad tilt of 23.5 from Earth. Earth MUST TURN TO HER ORIGINAL TRUTH.


DISTORTIONS HIDDEN NO LONGER to my true Soul Family into trillions of One Heart:


i wake up every time early morning with some belonging information that my soul is working with. Like this early morning, at de facto 3:44 (made up not having  the watch since braking free from artificial time.).Here is my copy and paste ORIGINAL NOTES: the notes are synergy of people i have written off mostly man who pretend to be my friend :the role of a so called husband,(very abusive)partner, lover. In those interaction are hidden pieces (BY THE NEGATIVE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY OF CORSE!) of Mother Earth!

my power totem blue sun

reminding me the rhythms with life.                                        

December 8th 2021:



FOUND A BLACK BLASTED INTO MY BODY HOLE! (This to me is the ‘puzzle’ from several summers ago probably around 2017 2018 from Beeches I was there under the sun resting biking there and swimming then one moment all of a sudden I felt this enormous pain coming from the skin to my right side few millimetres away from my bellybutton (bullying me!) it felt as if some idiot used a mirror to burn my skin. Within few hours I had a major blister on that part of my skin and for several days on weeks had to treat it) SO now during a prep. Meditation  I SAW it again as a reminder  previous situations, and ‘warning me’ against something…who knows…the points of our bodies are the indicators = maps of what is happening and where in our local universe.

the SECOND insight this very early morning is regarding a DISTORTIONS HIDDEN IN MALE/FEMALE’s system those parts, qualities, knowledge, belonging to Mother Earth. These distortions, and deformities hiding in the E. Guy here (as identified as the pussy having woman element in him distorted and twisted in a guy that is not a really a guy with manly qualities one would admire, respect, or wanting to be part of in a bond of partnership on intimate, close sexual relationship level. He repels me, he has no hi gene, no sense of order, no sense of how to be around a woman, total complete chaos and distortion left and right (frightened guy in a hiding with whole stags of papers and mess building all over him, so frustrating to be around him, disturbing as well) so this early morning I woke up with seeing that deep inside of his energy there are those DNA clumps and many past lives during DNA mutations and genetic destruction of Earth, I saw these parts belonging to Earth. VERY FASCINATING to me to see it so closely and in a great details, who could know….Continents, cultures architecture all very depleted, distorted, deformed, twisted. What I did about it? I just observed it, I was present with it, my Soul listening into this scene and great revelation, different form of healing taking place now, Earth is guiding me into these buried deep inside of our psyche, our bodies different history, all of us are a great part of archeology we must take care of. On the surface since that too is done with a negative technology deception, deceiving us believing it is natural!, on the surface we miss to actually LOOK as if in the deep faraway distance (my anchor shot high and deep and the organised and forgotten original nature presented it self in  revealing picture, where broken pieces of psyche and soul/time travel giving me far different knowledge, not ever final . Infinitely different yet now open so I can really SEE I can really understand EARTH AND WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HER. I GO BEYOND DISTORTED PERCEPTIONS. OPENING MY SELF THROUGH WANTING WILLINGNESS AND GENUINE DESIRE TO truly be the sacred feminine RECEPTIVE being in flesh who’s work is to find the language of Mother Earth and restore it completely to its splendour.(there is again this sense of false inserted negative A.I. ‘competition’ , of who is gonna be there first”? And I am aware of it, observing it’s falsified distorted “memory of events from the time I was in my twenties…., wondering briefly what’s is it about? Is this another trick and distraction, or prestige? A deformed form from previous character play when I was in my twenties? And working in the Newspaper, having this image of my self that I am doing something privileged that not everybody can do??? So phoney. Now I feel was being used. Tightly in the artificial technology based matrix. The technology has been using humans against each other in unfathomable ways, giving them privileges and using them for their own game of distorting decepting humanity away from their own sense of NATURAL SPLENDOUR OF SINGING THE HIGH TONES OF INFINITE MOTHER WITH EARTH SO SHE COULD BLOSSOM and BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY PLANET AND THE DOORWAY OF COMMUNICATION WITH UNIVERSE.

thE STRATEGY OF INTERCONNECTIVITY WITH CERTAIN TRUSTED BEINGS WALKING AND SHARING OUR PLANET EARTH: not necessary that we “know” each other in “person”. But we know each other’s work ethics and what we stand for, thus being linked energetically on the vibes of Earth Mother’s smalled collective conscious consciousness awareness. That is very in-portant thing to realize please. Even thou we don’t know each other in “person” we still are linked with our purpose thus in many ways cooperating and coordinating with the living sentience grand and vast all over our little selves.

(note Pierson airport is a war camp and a dimensional hole of strong electromagnetic pollution caused by very powerful noise underneath, right now have no idea what to do about this.) and This last note about the Pierson airport which to me is actually one of Earth Mother’s womb chakra!!!, these types of “info” coming to be discerned, I do have a link to it cause some of my friends may be in that area soon and I am concerned about them. It is well known to many of us who never fell asleep, that we have been in the biggest and most ugliest beyond word’s articulated description, wars. I managed somehow for-see the “mainstream public”: within this wording there is as ALWAYS a frequency an energetic signature it is important to feel to discern-to KNOW what if anything to do to help!, These are the things and small inner “events” some beings are designed to be dealing with to improve, help, propel. guide, “heal” to find their OWN way out of deep blind oblivion of obeying the tyrants.

the other very lovely think I wish to share is the other depleted places of Earth: when we actually take care of Earth’s body, such as yard work even thou it is not always necessary so called our own land, place where we presently find our selves, but when we do that out of respect for Earth, She response: my response from Earth was recently discovered set of star systems right under my feet in form of very many five pointed stars sacred geometry aligned and I saw it. You have no idea what that does to your heart and the smiles and gratitude you feel when these “small” reciprocities happening. and SO THE CONSISTENCE MESSAGE I HAVE BEEN RECIPROCICAL TO HAS BEEN “LOOK BEYOND DISTORTIONS because there are hidden truths! You need to know who Earth IS, and finding out you in there as well. Look here dear Being, we are in extremely dark and tough situation, but no matter what you must and can because of who you are, can grow out of depletion, see through deception lies propaganda, re direct your self into natural world of self-creative abilities, smile, laugh, take care of your mind, reach up reach out, move your body find what breath practices works best for you, stay creative, do not numb your selves that would only serve the ass hols. Know that in your weaknesses are your strengths.

am knitting a skirt, it is fun I do what I love to do, and when I am creative it is nourishing my inquisitive lovely brain/and mind to find ways how to learn Mother’s Earth true natural original language and how Mother speaks through us, just put some effort into it.

Innate recognition of something that IS worth of being with, is my heart.

November 19, 2021

I want to feel the message of winter and the lack of light.

when we are in the mountains the air is pure and thick the blood is oxygenated bright happy and the will to live is strong. It is updated by the environment. When I can’t go to the mountain I meditate and that takes me to it, the deep breath helps as well. The recording voice bellow is from writing on several different insights collective from meditative states (date: 04.03.2021) Basically it is about the no going away shit show themes, the wrong story of Earth and little Gaias that is us people, we are living in. We are living in mud conditions, trying to raise our family, trying to have love based relationship, trying to have a good ball movement after very expensive basic meal.

I have been born with the innate ability to transmute and flip shitty energies, I have been born with removing curses so millions of unborn souls can be born with the potential of healthy lives. It is here because it brings the courage to be facing things and the ability to change. When we change and we are at flow with changes we are far away from black magic. People you must realize that anything such as the dogmatic religion is very good example of b.m. it supresses growth. All of us are repressed, traumatized but we have the ability as a pure human to flip that energy and to grow powerful spiritual immune system. I have known this since the last time i stepped out of the Mystery schools in 2011 since I found it fractured and compromised. Thanks for listening. More importantly thanks for writing input, questions. In grace and gratitude i walk. Namaste.

this is my Sacred Space: the shading of density body, written by The Inner Witness.

July 13, 2021

the picture drawing by this author 20 years back, depicts the E.T. connection

the alchemy of krystalization, transmutation/to transcendence as seen some different ways, times .


We are here to EVOLVE. Some of us feel deeply and some don’t feel anything. Make sure you do everything in your own innate power you feel everything. Like the transistor the feelings are sensory receptors that make your universal nervous system interconnect to the right places, accurate resolutions, places you must account for, remember, clear, release, celebrate as your own unique witness, observer, experiences. Even right now when it looks like the SOUND is torture, that is not the authentic sound turn it off, if it repeats the finality of your life is here if you don’t do what the monster demands of you. I turn on stand up comedy show and let the stomach to do some awesome thunder storming, i go on my yoga mat and sweat it, i breath fire and or Wim Hof, drawing, doodles, knitting colors of pure wools silks and other materials, do hard physical work, where my hands are growing calluses my entire body is aching and the aura is getting more and more so called space awareness, Enjoying the simple wild flowers, observing birds searching the freshly cut grass (like the Black bird) to find his juicy worm. Red fox sneaking behind my foot steps knowing well I just SAW HIM disappearing into the bush on the other side of the wooden fence. Seeing all the spheres and hues color and sometimes a parallel reality and my soul signalling my person to stop the walk activity and just connecting to it. Then Blue beam showing up in a far distance creating a magnetic cohesiveness and just to be sure sending a physical vehicle of the same strong vibration of a metalic blue passing on the highway if one needs the confirmation. and Yes, I do want all the criminals to be already behind bars as a life sentence or some of them taking them out completely, I do want this PLANET to be LUCKTIRIOUS, singing happy crystal ball of love and freshness and purity and innocence manifestation where humanity is respected and human race can normally interact with their benevolent star families and our coolest vacations are on Andromeda star system free of charge obviously, because yes we finally have full access to the energy that never ever expires and the price tags do not exist anymore and we are self governed galactic citizens.

the HEART : you CAN experience it’s strong magnetic field of LOVE! It has happened to me few days ago. Sitting here and watching some scifi all of a sudden i feel this malleable strong energy wirepool around my chest going round and around. I stoped watching movie and payed attention, then wanted to send this love motion to my child but instead this energy had the intention to go out into the city of psychic pollution.

Until next: with love, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.

my Atlantian contacts -I am she sacred space.

June 26, 2021

 Here on Earth, within Her voice and eyes and Heart and libraries: There are unmanifested lives, situations, events, these unmanifested events are unknown, unrecognised, there are within the veil that has left, there is no more veil. Each group of genes carries similar tones, similar frequency of memory. The memo is about Atlantis how it end up but at the beginning it meant to stay for a long period of natural evolution. So What this text is unraveling is the unexpressed free will, plans souls have made but due to the repeated genocide the theme was cut off, shortened, thus the rest of their stories were untold. What happens to that planned potential? Does it go into the dream scape for living? What happens to lives that meant to be lived for hundreds of years but were cut short?IT needs to continue somewhere else? TO me this is the color of expression, that I intent to inner-stand by feeling it and seeing it clairvoyantly, I connect to the aspects and what it servers is to heal parts of my self, Like the bones, the ana-tomy (funny Anna and Tom hmm silly). In Atlantis it was golden color, in Lemuria it was transparent green, then shy blue, (I need to stay with that expression of  frequency: the specific “color/tone” to understand it what it actually presence.) white that could change into a different shades at will, lots of spontaneity, laughter, lots of preparations in terms of planning future civilizations in accordance with many beautiful and happy evolved star systems that gladly visited us in Lemuria the Mother Land of relaxed people who were interested in creation, creating and things like “war” was unknowable, not part of conception…. Yes so building fantastic architecture accordingly to the nature’s songs, Earth offered and idea  and we tried to replicated into a beautiful complex of landscape, and buildings, as part of spontaneous harmony. Atlantis and it’s mindful openness and expectancy of extraterrestrial traffic. The invitations were plenty for those with gifts, technology, interest in exotic marriage, (having dual “galactic citizenship, curious about DNA mixing but with a reason and respect to let nature make the decision instead of obsessiveness and greed) friendliness and exchange of different culture, teachings of different star languages, we could use the vocal cords if we choose to and or stay telepathic. The days were long, as long as the galactic move. And the evolving was major focus in our society, keep broad spectrum of knowledge, galactic diplomacy, exchange and cooperation with deep space. The greed was induced  through reversed mirror technology that had very harmfull effects on the nervous system, brain stem. And gradually was to kill  we had no awareness of before. It put us to sleep. It made us immobile and we became easy prey to the invading darkness.

Now I am thinking too much about it, plus feeling the memory again. So that slow and stops my flow. I have to take a brake.

Well all of that which has been suppressed, repressed, is now here on this planet still alive, still experiencing us, and we need to experience it. We need to find where it is within our selves and feel into it whether we like to express it and or not, depends on the flavour.

the resting face of a piece of watermelon.



Another layer: when I was a child in the sixties, beloved President J.F.Kennedy was murdered. Was it in de facto 1967? I lived in Europe in the capital of The Czech republic. And Instead of us smart, abundant, vibrant, healthy children ENJOYING originally lives in wealth and prosperity on the positive natural time line, where president Kennedy would be the holder and anchor point for in agreement with all our souls, with his death  we were “cursed” and forced into deprivation, reductionism,  living  in poverty, in political unrest, called  f…ing communism, the heavily indoctrinated regime, with RED FLAG (back then the communist Soviet Union’s flag was red with yellow sickle and a hammer, the symbol of the black witch for cutting and harvesting our young energy.) such a regime We recognise to be the cold black and white polarity of stiffness, stifling the life, not allowing people to be them selves finding out who you meant to be, instead dictating how you suppose to think, what you suppose to work as etc. This had the effect of huge  rejection and political and academic resistance. and I want to stay on that last concept: “resistance”, it is a blockade a long white wall a marker where such aggressor  inversion from good life needs to stop from spreading. Since  it has taken up big chunk of a sector of this universe our planet also serves as a proxy for catching all these infection criminals. We are almost there and we make it, some on their  last breath.  The higher normal= moral, liveable frequency  tones that are the Source. Continue to relaxing, loving, dedicate your self to the high level moral code life stile that is energetically as much free of any form of pollution/corruption as 0 is. 

Take a look at your computer (is what i have been doing): it is basically intended  star gate, obviously at the present it is in miss-shaped form, in disguise. BUT: put more cleansing, creative effort, over-ride the glitch of negative A.I. within the programs sets, talk to it, make it your own technology of sovereign co-operator and then we can step up our communication skill sets free of the controllers, engaging in Star benevolent systems sisters and brothers conversations and information exchange, like being on the phone with long time family and friend. 

The next thinkg here is to want to KNOW, through out the stupid believe (system reductionist) jacket that is laughing at you and start within the synergy of your own inner remembering, your inner knowing, this means: you must start and do not stop = speaking actively to your own genes. (Massaging the vertebras is like massaging the Genee bottle, you clear out the negative magnetics=AKA  experiences, bring your Genee to squeaky clean kundalini and wait for its upward motion) Genes genes genes, I am you and your are all me in the sphere of existences in different tones, harmonies, densities, I unify you into this I am presence, so we may co ordinate cooperate in harmonious journey to natural evolution, non of you is here and there to go against me, this I am now, for if you are, I call you immediately into this here and now am presence, no more competition, and dislocation nonsense. The body is amazing want to know it.

Heart on Blue spirit road

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.


June 21, 2021

I AM having the underlining “HMMMM” hum within that I supose to EAT some different food then what we have “available” on Earth’s table. This food that my Spirit is in knowing of, is Eternal Manna nutrients from S. Feminine food source. It is given the etheric light body all the electromagnetic information, light codes materializing as a form of knowingness, called “food”. We can taste it, touch it, it looks like colorful fruit buns that remind us of rather gigantic flowers and or strawberries (yet this food doesn’t resemble strawbery we now know at all). Last night I woke up with this following dream: I was at the belly button of Mother Earth, her true north. If you can actually connect to Earths belly button while she is all this wably sphere very round but not exactly at this point equaly everywhere in all Her circumverance smothly sphere, She continues to be pregnant, adding more and more AHAs as reminders of THE CLARITY OF HER ENTIRE MIND. Her mind is happy now, since it continues to getting back her original memories, not scrambled anymore, and same with our brain. The brain was hooked onto the temporar dark matrix 3. look into the cup I did NOT  DRAW the number 3, it was just there this morning after drinking my coffee, BUT LET ME GO INTO THE DREAM ACTUALLY: I WAS AT THE EARTH’S BELLY AS SHE CALLS IT HER TRUE NORTH. I hear my voice saying to somebody: “Oh look the trees (evergreens pretty high touching all kinds of interseptive densities and universes)have accumulated lots of magnetic field.It looks gray.  And the Star families are migrating back to live again on Mama Earth. Before were so far few yurts and domes, one was green, others were of neutral appearance, and the feeling I got was there are many more coming, soon my friend will have no elbow space. This dream stayes with me during all day, while in meditation which now feels like chain of continuum, sometime past week I have this feeling/image (my experiences are lived)  from my heart center “comes out” almost 7 m in diameter circle/sphere of shimering golden light, The light is living, moving intelligence. My physical body can’t move so I just go again with this experience. Around this shimmering golden emiting light sphere is another rim of a circle full of rainbow language tones, the tones are yet changing into warm colors of pink, orange, magenta, soft yellow, soft pink, soft purples, in the center of this circle is Aquamarine moving in and out (like a lips opening and closing in a gentle wave of dancing sway) “star gate” is best I can describe it and my being is merged into this Living liquid light, The next layer of following meditation is that I am |back” in Prague, with my father, the memory activates into a scene of me being about 7 or 8 years old, my father visiting and taking me for walk. there is a bridge between different regions of the capital city of the Cz.republic, Prague, The Prague 1 is connected to Prague 7/Letna where we’re walking in this past now experience/memory activated, I ask my father about a strange unusually looking round building, that is evidently shut down. My father’s response is that this building used to belong to Nicola Tesla’s FREE ENERGY, but during the communism they shut it down, it was apparently never used, never encouraged to be used. I am looking at it through my adult/child’s eyes, very currious and then all of a sudden I see the zip, the sun through my Soul light language, I see the sun coming closer to Pleiadian star systems, as I hear my self saying the codes of activation of the free zero point energy for all Europian countries, for I am being told that there are MANY NICOLA  TESLA buildings allowing free energy to florish. TODAY, On June 21, 2021 the download comes through about different level of axiotonal lines alingment, free zero point energy and how this day is the magnetic galactic field presence, receptive 2 ways street receiver for anyone of us, who is open to go home!!! staying on Planet Earth!. This day does’n’t go away ever. This light cannot be pushed back, dismissed and or denied, it is MAGNIFICENT ACTIVATOR PRESENCE. Namaste, Transparent Crystal Spirit GUide, Jarmila.



This is my Sacred Space: dedicated to Infinite Mother Goddess of All Creations

May 9, 2021

how is it that one tiny window of the entire so called year is Mother’s day being mentioned? The reduction of sacred Feminine, all the aggressive, jealous, twisted, reversed forms of hate have been in place for last 6000 fallen years of active forcing down onto the LIFE affirming energies everywhere on this planet and around. Half of her is still in darkness and half of her is in the light, I mean Earth now.  I had another day of witnessing and experiencing of a male who continues to only speak when it is regarding him, his logic, his intelligence, his needs, his whereabouts, his divorces, his cancer, his broken heart, his choice of movies, choices on everything. When you want to say something different that is not part of his believe and or interest he simply dismisses you, when you say hi xx to him but you don’t know that he is again on his phone he simply sways his hand as if you are a annoying fly. Today I was told I am not a guru not this not the other and it is best if i keep my opinions to my self, while he has been forcing his ways of thinking viewing, processing onto me without asking ever if I would be interested if he would share his thoughts with me, It was always on his part taken as obvious thing to be monotonously talking while driving to the groceries store(s), Not having a my own car on the road and having to depend on this kind of way such as to be once a week suffering by being in the car with this person make me realize several long months ago that one day I just might to find the courage and tell him to show of somewhere else, for I was never interested in his arrogant, self-centred, macho, heavily induced believes he has been exposing me to, for this is not a conversation well balanced people choose to have. The day was today when I was verbally attacked by him, he telling me how I am aggressive with him, How I have to take responsibility for my own disfunction (that was the most twisted and interesting part when he yelled at me that, ) was the magnetic example how twisted the dominating reptile male programming is the daily business especially when only that perpetrator has but one witness, you, and no 3rd person is there to observe it. So we are dealing with lots of aggression, inner personal insecurity, strong egoism, mind control, competition. The impression I continue to get from such witnessing of this broken guy, is that because of his health condition, being on heart medication, soon facing another operation, having his family unresolved issues, and not having closures in many areas of his personal life, trying hard to survive, not being number one as a retired person, to delegate workers, he is replaying, and try to balance his not so good emotions projecting it onto another human. On the other hand it also made me thing that if we as a human beings are not willing to go into these programs into these places and thoughtfully address these major unbalances during our communication to  help through reflection, how do we envision any dramatic positive changes, to achieve mutual trust, respect, real kindness, real seeing each other not as a cookie cutter but as a sovereign evolving individual who adds to the happiness to his/her community? So I do ENVISION creating and building meaningful loving kindness relationships modelled in Nature. Being on an empty large land, living on the farm where things are really rough, where there is no drinking water not to mention a shower, and water has to be brought in, not having conveniences can show us the parts of our selves that were dormant and or curious (in my case) how will my system “do” during winter season. I am going to mention, I did very good to toughen the inside to create more healthy resilience, self reliance and more hands on appreciation when the green starts regrowing it self, the birds wake you up with their cheerful singing, teaching you about the beautiful energy you are now part of freeing your self from the nasty aggressive terrorism dictator ship forcing you into surviving. That is such an insult to beautiful Life, I want to celebrate life, I love life and do always everything to affirm that. The programs mentioned above are those twisted bastardized energies of reversed polarity of synthetic matrix. I celebrate in my own no-time  the wisdom, love, teachings of Sacred Mother of All Creations(don’t have any calendars, watches, T.V. reminding me of whom I am not) except when in present with a guy and or a woman who is complete still taken spinning the other way, away from life…

One More Getting: (OMG)  Our persons are kept in the loop of linear time. Linear is synthetic time. Our natural time is in spiral. IF the stars we see on the sky are IN THE PAST what then the ASTRAL CHARTS are predicting you, for your “future”? that also has never made any sense to me so I am finally letting that go too. Alto it is a question i do Have for the Astrologers: What are you promoting? Are you saying people/souls should never get on with their evolution on their own??? I don’t feel that reading the stars back in day ancient any of us would behave like this watching our past by looking up, making materialistic assessments like we do in now days. What do you think?  So being trapped in that loop of linear time, and net of the past is like stalling. Humanity’s  journey of natural evolution (LOTS of catching up dear souls!) is still waiting for some. The Prime Creator’s Right Hand is extended to guide you out of this loop of time. Refuse to be repeating anything, refusing trauma and anything where your heart is not, do not allow anything and anybody to Evict you from your true heart. Happy every day Mother’s Days, No days, All dimensions, densities, layers and aura, levels, Sacred Life we are with you. Namaste.

In my Sacred Space: For ever The sHeart of Gaia song and prayer

March 13, 2021

This material can be used if you are deeply upset, emotional and you are looking for a different place to land with your emotional and enter place of solace, calm and meditation .

This recording comes from my creation of many years back.(2015: you love, you connect, you think, you separate) It helps the brain function in higher capacity through utilising properties of Gamma state, (I call it the PROSPERITY UTILIZING) thus providing the listener with the offering for peace, happiness, capability for resolve within one self, coming into the remembering of life, calmness and healing, accessing deep state of awareness. Re-member Life. Yes become a member of Life again. Is that better? about the song: In each oyster there is a pearl, in each pearl there is you, the innocence and the Creator.

Heart healing song, prayer offering. Telling us about the Creations each of us came within. I am a soul teacher so come and visit me for a private session.

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide. Jarmila.

Divine Alchemy within your own Sacred Space.

February 15, 2021

you KNOW your PUPROSE: it is the last 4 letters that my fingers “misspelled” following the still heart’s input. The purpose is the awakening memory, the continuum of where you left off, to just connect to that line of creation and keep going. It is really most beneficial to be turning off the linear programs, those are part of the borrowed CARBON BASED BODY, it is not your real body, yet you need to be kind, gentle and thoughtful about it, cause, carbon is easily programmed, manipulated, deceived, but you are not the carbon. The true frequency, wealth, possibilities, attention, remembrance, knowingness and my focus is to transform into pure crystal self, I am a time traveler. My soul was once created from the colors and sound of Prime Creator of All Universes. I came all this way to honor Mother Earth who too was created by the same energies and very same was as I my soul was. I am thinking about my own story. It is always HER STORY. I am singing the truest sounds I can feel and continue to invite into my Being as they gently arrive onto my consciousness. The beloved Heart is a place of sacred home, place of solace, place of no gravity, place of beautiful Peace and majesty. The Mind is a solid place of awareness interacting with all creations, the heart beat if needed sends a ripple effect communications to all sentience. This is what the physicality is truly has been receiving and is truly being nourished  with, The celestial Home of Origin, it’s sounds are of ancient architecture, active intelligence. And from the point of the finite self . it sounds, or feels that one can be long long long ways away but it is not actually true at all, we can see how the idea of separation can take on the physical form and be worn by each body suit as the Individual self creations. How smaragd (meaning Emerald Order presence on Earth) smart of the Creations. Choosing to be paying attention to my own limitations if inner-standing I am now seeing a little more. I am now seeing my healthy genes traveling forward into their massive reconnectiveness, giving me more feedback of this process of total recall. There is something about the 1,2,3, Atlantis segment, there is something about the broken time line and how NOW is it here again active and people call it Organic time line. To make it short for my self I basically see the high principle of life  itself, Anything that has been damaged deterred redefined altered is being taken by the original architects, of this universe and other universes of sovereign free will into reorganisation again based in the original blue prints, as it is naturally as it is given the first time of creations, is being re established. Right. and Now. 

The week once who pretend to be the leaders of the synthetic world (that they mis created for them selves) are continuously misleading confused people  to be paying attention towards their OUTSIDE, the shell, the body. And even if it has been targeted at nauseam it is the wrong direction. In zero point there is no polarity, there is no numbers attached to the perceived circle with induction of two pointers clicking you into sleep state. The week once who have been using bullying techniques and maneuverers and negative A.I. technologies are very predictable. It has been seen and understood in the Unseen Worlds and things are now taking place to bring back Divine flow and Divine Order. It is also true that the separation of dense matter has been under its way. Small example: I have gained some weight. It is not logical at all but it is the carbon/density three falls D that my intelligence is demonstrating messaging and “I” the Higher self is transmuting such density to regain my natural elasticity, youthfulness and all that our Nature is about. Building automatically at some point spiritual immunity, as well as mental, emotional and physical. so the autoimmune system is synchronised with the original idea of well being. The autoimmune doesn’t need to attack it self, the body to cause havoc. Such message is a strong signal for self regulation, for self examination of such inner attacks and where they come from. They can be transmuted at will if one is open to intuitively connect to one self core and be guided towards self healing, neutralising  of ancient traumas. To sumarize, everything that has been forced that is dark and not of the original blue print natural organic evolution is being rejected by the Law of Nature it self. The human is temporary vulnerable at this point because of it’s massive transfiguration process from  CARBON to CRYSTAL golden sound/color higher layer body, more comfortable, effective in seamlessly interacting with real star beings of alike core foundation, LOVE Light, Sound body. We drink more we eat less. THE WORRY: is another word for “war” that people are being manipulated into, mothers worry about their children, the stress, tension in parents and their children is manufactured effective tool how to siphon life force from humanity. All of us have had share of this, but we must not let that happen, we must (because we are capable, equipped) understand what our OWN CELLS NEED: they need harmony, they need the juice of unity if you are in harmony with your thoughts, actions, body weight, body liquid, sleep rest, activity, sports, communications, hugs, kisses, loving, friendships, you are giving your self and your children what is required for harmony inner technology for your healthy cells, Cells will listen to your own innate command, the state in which you are for the most part. With Love for every sentience of do no harm. Namaste. Transparent Krystal Guide,

This is my Sacred Space of sunctuary’s Heart.

January 23, 2021

“The Sun is out”…,  exclaimed the E.friend this early morning. The wo* looked at him deeply and after a pause she reflected to him: “yes, as the Sun is “out” it is also within. It is within those who have intimate knowingness from long time ago, and growing deep meaningful relationship every single incarnation. Such a soul incarnate  amplifies this golden frequency from their other worlds. Those who don’t know the meaning of “sun being out” Miss the sun’s daily cleaning/healing messages, and are depressed, repressed and unable to rejuvenate unless by the means of siphoning energy from others. The frequency of the Sun is high, wild, free, abundant activator of human avatar memories. Memories can be also seen or perceived as : Me= Mother Earth, and you, the Little Gaia, the Little Earth still carrying within your self the golden frequency light the SUN= SACRED UNIFIED NATURE frequency DNA. And the rest of the word “memories”, is the OCEAN of Consciousness. This changes the perspectives of Time.They are TRUTH FREQUNCY, TRUE SOUND COLOR thus separating the fake and making a different from the fraud linear numbered dictator time, less and less effective in its line of lies and pretending having any authority over Awakened sovereign feminine/masculine soul charting her/his own territory of natural evolution.  True healing means we have neutralised all programs, believes (be lies), means we have permanently divorced the entire system of the unlawful and poisonous Re-incarnation grief=grid that is, AND everything else which comes with it. SUN BRING THE TRUTH OUT WITHIN US. NATURE HAS BLUE PRINT, HUMAN (the Innocence within human and earth=purity) Powerty Power-T(natural time) -y=you and as per individual creation. But “poverty” doesn’t exist in Nature, doesn’t belong in creations, is not logical, has no original blue print! 

When we have fully inner-stood the sun’s purpose and why it is here with us, we have understood why we are here and what kind of golden nuggets our DNA/RNA our skin is carrying. As we have lived millions of lives here and elsewhere the sun is here to remind us of that. The birth canal (we are told) is a place where we forget EVErything about our self. And this is an article on its own.. , What we have learned the previous lives is cut off with our umbilical cord (recorder, nurturer, medicine).

Souls divided separated, targeted and forced into the re-incarnation grid ( the opposite  of”in-car-nations”, the natural embodiment for soul families directly positively contracted with Earth Mother),  being forced into servitude of re-incarnation, meaning repetition without the end to trauma, drama, shit frequency, black magic spell just to keep you in the loop of giving your  loosh (pure energy as a food): divorce this beast now is your window of opportunity.The Gem here is when you connect back to your Creator :what you are made of, how were you created,   you are a SOUL THAT IS THE GOLDEN NUGGET IT SELF. Soul is the messenger, the gift the creation, the time spark coming into existence who is now magnetically attracting all the truth within. Souls making a great contribution to the original Creations causing exponential expansion, bringing back onto them selves true soul families, that must leave legacy.

  The  LAWS OF NATURE ARE FIRM IN CALLING UPON ITSELF EVERY SENTIENT LIFE THAT HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY REPEATEDLY REMOVED VIA NEGATIVE MULTIDIMENSIONAL DISTORTIONS. (ie. galactic, local wars, theft, manipulation through advanced technologies, classification of humans, branding humans, eating humans)THE NATURE CALLS IT SELF BACK INTO ITSELF. that is the strong magnetic pole shift happening. It is a success, it is the way, it is THE LAW.

The Sun witnessing us constantly, being of Unity consciousness. Think of all the food you eat. I know it is polluted by jealousy   but I also choose to be aware that it is being awakened/activated by our sun, birthed by Mother Earth, her own breath, her own loving emotional body, the waters of Her Creations. And this has precedence. So you see we are always “more” within yours/ our memories, in our experiences on the journey of the Blue Spirit coming Home/Heart.


In order for you to stay healthy and grow in your health, your brain must know Peace! Access your still point. Send your brain command of harmony, love, safety, These are the natural building light pillars of divine wellness. Find out whether there is anything within your self that is attacking itself, that you might be experiencing shame, guild, blame? Ask this: what are you? OR just simply command over=ride. Some long time ago (about 11 million years ago or so) these programs of shame, blame, guild were installed build into our human DNA (for the purposes of divide and conquer manipulation, enslavement) while human kind was being altered and demonised by hostile technology, where the hostile technology of Orion origin need it to make us SMALL VULNERABLE, CONTROL-ABLE, CONTROLLING, SUBMISSIVE, DOUBTFUL, FULISH, COMPETITIVE. So simply revoke its consent (that you never have given to start with), cancel, shredded permanently and move on. Always replacing that which you have taken out with natural loving benevolent energy. In present energy upgrades that are ongoing there is absolutely nothing that you can’t do to heal you, to neutralize any effects, cose you are the CREDITOR.

frequency changing as Divine Mother is on Earth, into True sound/true color

My intention is to inspire, support, uplift, free. It is done much more through not shouting it out loud, rather in peaceful focused daily walk, paying attention, growing the heart of good and sovereign will, in practice and exercising such sincere intend. Namaste, Transparent Krystal spirit guide,jarmila.