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May 17, 2016

From place of One Gaia meditation: may 2016 fraud time: in this layer of our group meditation        Photo on 2016-05-17 at 14.14 #2
I was brought closer  into the heart of my ancient shamannnes  healer. There is nobody who can teach you this except your very old soul can and the connection one has for Mother Earth. It is my continuous growing relationship I have chosen to have, allowing my present life to grow and evolve. With such a sincere relationship and daily self-care and inner works the underveloped ego/mind programming and self =defeting thoughts/believes are much lesser affecting my decisions, understanding of life purpose, and the difference how this artificial world needs human to be undermined in order to survive and to live off human’s mind/ego.
Today we studied skin from energy perspective: every spectrum of light within our skin.Permanent authentic energy  imprinting seemed to be taking place into our awareness. We were learning the language of the photonic light via the skin. I don’t even know how to write about it, so i will go slow and see what happens. Maybe one needs long time for this to fully understand, intutively that is rather then surface life mentally, which is the limitiation we are overcoming here. We could use at least  five days of uninterrrupted meditation. These 5 days  would make 1 “day” in the galactic central sun where we end up being today, in one fraud hour. What i am saying here is to learn more and more from the infinite point of “view” and transmited into the physical finite realm of this not really existence, because….. how can you exist if everything here  is limiting to you, like money, like lack of travel, you constantly are prone to “worry”. Worry doesn’t make you live.

Here is something within i can perhaps call “emotional recording of my meditation experience”.

We are healing and connecting to what AL-WAYS has been originally intended: THE KNOWING WE ARE ONGOING LIFE.  (I question the jargon of saying “every day is a new day” or “If you don’t feel loved you settle for feeling to be needed”.*) In biology we know life is endless intelligence self – organized, therefore the DNA is a endless stream of awareness, memory and spectrum of LIGHT Language. As per example something from the Soul Light language that is 12 dimensions accurate:

…”the Hapshashataa” roughly may mean ” flying flower essences producer,”  the english is calling the flying flower essences “the butterflies”.  Alright so the english sees it as a flying butter.

Hapshashataa the flying flower essences levitating, are collecting data from one spoon of other levitator- the earth flowers- onto a different breatherin of flowers in north to the south. Hence giving more genetic communications to one another, just like the human could do, if its DNA woudn’t be thought only as two stranded mantle of borrowed material from his/her ancestors, having a fatals floss in it. The flowers  interact, and give of their DNA essence to these polinators.  The additional observance was that such an interaction in nature communicates inter dimensionally for many gaia

s denizens. These teachings through One Gaia meditions are helping to heal the human life compass.

Such as for instance the following:

During the process of experiencing this different level of DNA Light codes teaching I was heart- reminded of all those childhood/youth times =pages of my days, where my life was not fully given its autograph of conscious vibrational dance. In another words ~ Spiriti put it: the may childhood moments were not filled with awareness, {Therefore where awareness is not acitivated dense energy takes over and person or a child can be affected, influenced from the outside such as perhaps a fight of a parents arguing over soomething and the child psychically picking it up and storing it in her little digestive system and or nervous system etc,}.Child’s soul is apart from the disturbed physical shell, it can have eating habit dissorders, gain fat,the presumed veil gets thicker and thicker in times of huge distressful situations, more density takes over and one forgets his her Spirit body. Then we have this ongoing problem with a forced separation of a spirit and matter. Then we have this ongoing problem with materialism, iddiocy, politicians and poor quality of life.Enclosure has been created.Again all these other  old and more layers of the same were being canceled during the meditation so we could learn, retrieve and gain from the Light language DNA which is many more then two strands.
It does continue to show up because of what is happening with Mother Earth, what is happening with the so called human. Therefore this human skin is to be taken to Spirit cleaners, to recover my own Sophia of all its living and non living/renegate.= claim it back into your awareness. 
As our meditation work unraveled the group became one big Hapshashata,then add to it was 
 a tree, a new space on earth, earth her self, water, fire, cave, voice.  And people in this group
 experienced it. 

People need to give them selves LIFE BACK IN FULL. Versus: People choosing acidic expression that is killing , lying in blind noise of junk and confusion. The forced manufactured by bulling media aggression you are expected to be enjoying, is not your true birth autograph, dear people: examine energetically the word “people” like as in “apple”=knowledge
of what? For example: The knowledge of zero point energy withing the human electro-magnetic filed if it is cultivated, nurtured, preserved, rested well, exercised well,the human is its own free doctor energy. That is the truth.

The meditators are experienced and evolved beings. That is why we may enjoy a better queality of teachings that are endless. 

We have torn the veil even better today. My skin has all the transparency of Light I am colors. The Infinite connected to its finite self, now in communications, one of many many part.
Who can give me passport for that? What agency wants to claim a hierarchy over my sovereign soul? I don’t acknowledge any such corps having any more place in life fully lived. Keep the plasma of Mother Earth within your eternal Being, know of it, be it as it is lovely highly deeply always for ever more :mama-kuna-ye layehe. THis is the SoulLight contact, the WO- man in festival. Then ask your self another question(s): who can possibly have access to your own Akashic record  but you? Who can tell you about your self but you? Well, i think deeply into Isness, with all my lives ever lived, experienced and now fully integrated cannot be ever again stolen, infringed upon, illegally taxed, sold, re-incarnated. Because i said so, i did so i know so i am so, with Isness, the perpetuity, the whole complete life force of this entire universe the oldest one the Original Creator has thought of and loved and has Presence here there and everywhere  the clear crystal liquidity light. I thank my own Soul and i thank my own heart and my own feet and i thank the Higher Intelligence helping me to be free every day more free. 

Namaste, transparent crystal guide.



This is my Sacred Space: i just got rid of the idea of 2stranded DNA

May 9, 2016

Looking for short-cuts, on my way to the banksters to pay for my tuition fee for a course i want to take, i was clearing my fields off some debris. Instantaneous preference comes to my attention to just cancel the two strands of linear DNA. There was a whole movie going on through my clair voyant articulant and basically in this “Shortcut i got the illegal exchange of our true currency of full life force and complete Light body DNA photonic light went missing as we all now know in exchange for value system: the 2DNA strands, the work place and everything else true home made Gaians/Terran 3 are paying for. So with a big leap smile across my face and revoked the 2DNA linear strands and that’s that. The wind took it and i don’t care what’s gonna happen to it, it is still full of some conventional programs and i want to pay attention to the new colors cosmic breath cosmic Presences, who cares what happens to this 3D either, there is no use for it if it should continue the all grey spectrum of abuse on people.    And here is something else that came trough the day (may 6th) before the mother’s fraud day. I was told that many very loving mothers  were performing the obligatory meetings for their husbands with the mother-in-laws that are the mix of bed breath oligarch bread, and didn’t have a good time all together. It does need to play out the way to purge out of human/Earth’s body consciousness till clean/clear. So continue the loving mothers with being your selves.

Humanity’s Immune system boosting, healing, restructuring:< The living words of Living ancester of Inner Earth and the Guardian of Gaia, Transparent Crystal Guide>:

The Sacred Feminine and ALL Her Aspects big and small must be protected by each of us within and without. The inner being equalizes the outter world/in transmutation into its natural ways.

#1)there is the real Law and real government: it is the nature itself within its pristine natural state of organizing, the inner Immune system and

#2)there is the syntethic/non-authentic, self inviting government that mostly undermineds, distroyes.

That which is created first, the first born has the power and authority within itself to continue its natural life’s course. It is happening NOW.
This obvious LAW

governing all is now face to face with the de facto mirror immage of the #2.
The number 2 is dis-integrating for not having its own life force therefore cannot life on top of others, cannot life from other life forms like its parazite.
Therefore: as most logical conclussion
…”government that doesn’t recognize the original human purpose in its entirety, and continues to harm, destroy: :damages on its own folls hood.

human spirit is no longer held captive in the environment of destruction imposed on it by the establishment of few
The arrogance is seen and recognized and refused to be the representative of human race and this living sentient planet.”

Namaste:living ancestor of Inner Earth/Transparent crystal guide