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Light soul language – Bird (birth) people, my meeting in 2006 f.y.

March 18, 2019

Photo on 1-19-18 at 4.30 PM #3Photo on 1-19-18 at 4.30 PM #2Photo on 1-19-18 at 4.30 PM“What doesn’t live for leave it.” Naval-kehe mutu-lu kumia, tula ma/h-t/ra, yuritee mihoro natalu. The Bird people are the cosmic parent, called “Na-esh-etna”. I have met with them sometime in 2006 fraud year end of May. Gaia means: the before and the after! The first born. The first born earth is the heart, its own leading point for set terms, the Prime Creator’s essence, Presence, weightless Light energy language, taken on form through awareness, and  Earth’s own teaching of psychiatry,transformation,that  which brings up more of Seeing. In previous Atlantis the land called DaiTya. (Not sure if this Atlantian place name is correct, cause it is found in my own old notes). The bellow doodle image describes cosmoses (sample simplified). These are egged and or elliptical and orbital (round). That is all what my notes said, cause the rest tiny bit i must re-meditate for closer accuracy for my self to teach me how it is instead of how it isn’t. The how it isn’t is part of the linear psychopathic old mentality.

Sincere-ly Namaste from  Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, jarmila.

Photo on 1-19-18 at 4.45 PM

This is my sacred space: Nature doesn’t lie

“If you want to be seen by a healer, what do you expect>” I asked my  friend Frank. His reply was: ….”feeling the electrical buzz, something magical..” Well….yes! me responded back….. when i am within countryside, nature i stand in my own truth, i feel validity, vitality, acceptance, happiness, wellness, inner and outer embrace, my nature recognizing the unity and  melting into relaxed and innately trusted oneness, for it doesn’t lie. Nature doesn’t eat me, doesn’t steal anything from me. I trust it as a child/adult 100%.

I think and feel in  spherical as suppose linear. My heart’s brain doesn’t play games with me. My heart is always there when  artificial complications intrude into my life. The linear thing is not my thinking… I put up with it because there is a handful of beings apart from Earth Her self, that I can honestly intercommunicate. Hmmm. and dog just entered my room as i am executing these syllables and others throught the 2D. She came to investigate what i am up to and for her patt, to give her self under my hand’s  palm.

“And what if  you CAN’T FEEL the buzz of energy?” was my next question addressed to my friend. He replied:..”there is also the psychological angle, thinking patterns and where do they come from”. He observed. “What’s the psychological approach of the healer then?” Frank asked me in return. “Well, the healer’s innate heart intelligence is at work all the time during session, it needs to find the most accurate vibrational sensible frequency matching what’s needed that is not opposing, not forcing, not dictating, rather taking all the opposition away,  acknowledging the many layers of trauma, the trapped parasymphaticus nervous system into constant worring and fearing, people have been tricked into through generations. The true healing practitioner’s innate ability is to not let any linear intimidations distract her, for one needs to be carefuly listening and observing all exposing energy present. The  generation  of the now days is ending the black money magic system and it is a hard work for good people.

..When CALMNESS WITHIN THE HEALING VIBRATION meets the client’s heart, the heart takes over and is in charge of the whole thing then. It is the immidiate realm of creative unspoken wisdom-maturity that love is, that which is for ever, that which continues regardless of the circumstances and freeing possibly the harrasment of intrusive programming within the “psychology”.  Is my long asnwer. Such psychology has been the trespasser into our innate selves.”  Looking at the history patterns. And Frank added: “Say some people are visual. So the shape of structures.” And Frank goes on to say further: “I found in N.Y. study how building structures of steel concrete deflect Earth energies causing harm or death even to people. So giving healing in a tent is far more effective then in high rise.”

Yes yes and i agree w/my friend here. Because it has been obvious to my innate, I the healing practitioner,  has to change the energy in the rectangular concrete nonsense into most respectful/ sacred space so it is successful and hopefully also life changing for the dear human who comes to experience what healing through unconditional love/heart is. One needs to feel safe, seen  althou people are afraid of this in the same time due to the psychology as you were hinting on it previously. And this also has to do with the spiritual warfare we have been in, so change the shape and you have more condusive space to assist in healing people.

Frank: “Movie reference called Dark city has very interesting psychology around it, lots of truth to that. The leaders play on such harnessing control that is why the cities are grid based in squares. That is why to bring a change to such un-natural patterning brings enormous upliftment into the psychology of peoples’ quality of life. You know. The mentality then calms down, clarity and memory and thinking for one self and creativity instead of animosity can be achieved much better. And this is the example of shapes and how it is part of creative healing, where the facilitator is capable of making necessary energetic changes and brings a natural form of messaging.
Photo on 5-23-17 at 3.08 PM #2
the result is COHERENCE FOR THE ENTIRE SYSTEM THAT WE CAN BUILD ON IN THIS PROCESS AND JOURNEY OF HEALING. The trasnference of innate energy NATURE INTO THE SQUARE ROOM,until such thyme when a straw bale or own physical sacred space is available. People get hurt by “healers”, it is difficult to find genuine provider who’s main interests and focus is just that: genuine transference of loving heart energy sisterhood/brotherhood, and dissolving of what has been obstructing the innate genius from past lives, and or present linear circumstances. the cities are bluntly  disguised as millions of expansive rental prisons of most un-attractive stupid square-ness,   THE TRUTH/NATURE is riped off and people are lost and empty as a result. When people are emtpy because the nature has been destroyed people are psychologically exposed and vulnerable to those brain washing criminals. controls , treason causing.

So clearly  go back into the loving arms of nature, lets observe but mainly experience the actual  ROUND/OVAL, CURVY  shapes and how we feel among these. That is what makes a maxim difference.

So what i as a medical intuitive/detective had to do for her self to survive linearity to survive its ongoing jelaousy and crimes? Well, my feeling is i had to be born with some predespositions, clear codes of conduct to bring the aura of change into this world and then during my childhood doing my best to protect and preserve the innocence we are all born with, through dancing. But first let me say i was forced and throughed into ballet school. Very yonge children like 3 years old, we don’t have any sence of free will. The activation of our innate free will gets activated and realized later mainly when we are pushed against our own hair lines, when things are drilled into us, we must seek and listen to our own free will. People only know it is some “kind of ability for self determination”. Well it is about thyme we take a deep good looks at that.

So later when I was free from the forcing and damaging in ballet, the inner guide pointed to jazz a form of  dancing where one could thy from the tight jacket of unnaturalness, and do more feeling and tuning into the lively rhytms of different tones of music. Dancing has been my main element my powerful answer to all forms of oppressions. The faculty of free movement provided my spirit with pleasant flow of enormous energy and vigor that one only finds when one stays connected and centered with her/his own true nature. Staying at my core.  Art for painting, drawing, knitting, working with different materials to articulate a form of artistry, is another immortal answer to the problems. Awareness of the problems, what is going on around us, what is going on inside of us, how do we balance everything and keep life at keel. The joy of climbing a tree, growing your own nature’s delicious earthy consumables thanks to the beloved bees, water, sun, wind and soil. When we meditate, continue to have fit human bodies even thou we might be over the hill, is precious and most helping for the inner sanity, inner freedom inner clarity and resistance meaning strong physical/spiritual immune system one must have, one must earn.   One can bee her own won solutions innerstanding with Nature.  A true solution for happy life.


Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, sending you a horse-shue hug, very soft version thou.


This is my sacred space: Wishing you first hand experiencing in overcoming phobias

March 12, 2019

I was in a session with a new client (writing on december 4th 2018 fraud time) and attending to another being from a different galaxy. “He” articulated in light language his observation,  of being temporary caught in lost  time line and dimension, (refering to the 3D: Alfred pointing at his brief case vibrationally re-arranged him self to be able to withstand this claustrophobic minus space as he matemathically ackonwledged it this 3D to be hence doesn’t exist!, It is a paradox, it is a mask, it is a sticky web vibrationally deeply un-attractive and sucking lots of energy!) that he has heard of but personally wasn’t   very familiar with. I call him Alfred.

He actually came with my client. She  is fairly new to our ancient Motherly planet. Alfred carying his DNA knowledge in his galactic suitcase. and Being “LActo(r)s intolerant. During the two minutes of experiencing him i realized how much our human and all that human is but not aware of,  is trapped and locked in this systemof 3 dimensional construct.  The enclosed fish tank, where our mutual human bonsai claustrophobic smallness lives of his hemstring wheel of repeated despicable  smells and noises from above and bellow. The smoke, the gas, the metro-tetris-fumes,the microwaving wifi causing the un-natural behavior, causing the tone of voices to be inelegant, prostituting them selves on TV as a new media, sports courts of harm/combat/agressive competitiveness, bought and soled pretendness, the hamstringness of all the hampstrings ever to be witnessed by any time traveler, by any other dimensional being who has made the observation this hamstring is just fin without “Alfred”.

People trapped in Behavior of acting.

Here i was in the presence of another galactic Be-ing. What does the noise does to you while you are reading  silent text? What does it look like out there and beyond?
This particular yellow triangular being, that i call Alfred, made me question again the format 3D that I don’t subsripe to and have not been really living in it {since SIMPLE PUT: It is a place of suffering and enslavement not living} with few exseptions.(i.e. like being a married to a dark mason as i have realized afterwards who has the lust for manipulation and control and causing harm so i divorced him after 3 years of pain full marriage, just coudn’t do it.)
and….so this particular yellow triangular being that i have been in presence of, helped me brake few more believes in my new client and offer her a different perspective, thou that would be for the surface mind constructed and confused into the 3d disease… we turned the volume of higher frequencies up and articulated how beautiful it is to know to be aware of what human can be looking forward to: the velocity of billions of different worlds, the huge spaces withing the zero point, the interdimensional doorways, the gates of once own time traveling, and the healing of our own DNA meaning our own memories, where were are not actively participating in communication with our DNA/RNA, with other star being and time travelers who just come with a client, who come through the veil of meditation, sititng by the ocean, climbing the hill and be immidiately in the center of the universe. That is what i call LIFE.

When i speak my healing light soul languages during a private session, it makes some people dizzy and or they fall asleep or they feel very comfortable. They are trying to remember what the Light sound reminds them of. Their minds forcing a translator availability. But once you continue to remind that it is the HEART and the LOVE form where the Soul Light language comes from i speak from my heart and there is no barrier there, it helps to slow the nervous system down, the ego somewhat quiets down and the client is able to tune better into the tingle of the healing energy being experienced. This is where one can achieve a Spirit connection back into one self.

I am being fully exposed to other vibrationally different star sisters and brothers, different dimensions, colors, tones, shapes, ideas, cultures not belonging in any ugly constructs of no imaginations. We as people don’t need to fit the 3 demented jaroscope. Once upon a time there was a different version of myself and she had a circus (symbolically speaking) and that circus was full of beautiful happy creation, joy and lovingness and healed beings, play and pleasure, think back 67 million years ago.)

But we really have a great help on our side. And it is Mother Earth Her self, for example different dimension is the  life of trees, plans, bees, flowers, animals, oceans, sand, crystals, sun, stars. All my teachers, Children beautiful innocent beings of multidimensionality. IT is a joy to be around them. Have been developing a close relations with the plans, so vibrationally different from humans, yet capable of communications as it has been filmed documented thousands of times over.

So we are regenerating through the photosynthesis to use the energy from our sun to bring back unto the board of the spirit body the many dimensions we are in and part of. So next time i am present with  triangular yellow cousin we may have a longer lasting visit.

Some of the neutral observers from another space time can enter people’s system only by 1 or less percentage and observe the entire biosphere of the human individual evolution state, and whether he/she has the “will” to be continuing on their natural evolution path to be high human or not. If not Mother Earth has to “birth” for those behind higher consciousness another version of Mother Earth so these beings can evolve in their own speed somewhere else..

.Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide.



March 11, 2019

Love consciously, purposefully constantly. The linear-let to write and or wise versa word(s) are not going in my sacred world to be affecting me, controling my mind: by the way how it used to operate eather from the left to write, from write to left the lower up or the upper writings going down, Just feel your own mind/sentience, how much do you need this technology to be deconstructing your heart, your senses, why are you still frozen unrespponsive to your own finding in what you want, how you want to live your own life???? Have you asked these questions your self? So my word is round I think in Sphere terms, it is the years ago activated SOUL LIGHT LANGUAGES that brought me this major releave of authentic expressions that i wanted for my self that i wanted to share with people with my family, not what the dictate was planning for me and my life. And yours as well and the entire planet Earth Gaia, the Sentient In-Tell-igence. When we talk about LOVE, when we talk about HEALING, we need to feel into much friendlier SHAPES, we need to transfers the deception of rectangular mega cities designed to harvest human’s energy, its capacity to feel and to create, we need to travel deep inside the center of my own heart, where i am connected to everything real and THERE healing, loving, seeing, knowing, creating etc., etc., is.

Photo on 12-30-17 at 2.27 PM

We need to disharm ourselves from the influencing of piercing, tattooes, drugs, poverty (which is black magic spell over your own INNATE POWER-T.Y.) Oh so many times so many times i didn’t want to write anything publish anything cause the words felt and feel dead, the real spirituality is dead, the culture is dead family everything is broken and yet it is not. Traveling, remembering  my heart that i am one, that i live in one helps me to live velvet quality. My inner life has the ability to withstand any outside hardships and tyranny, yet the outside is not negotiable, it is fully revoked not consented to.

I need to step out to walk i might come forward i might continue this writing. Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide.