This is my sacred Space and what the Light Soul Languages

July 20, 2018

Oh brother, I thought i had something more then just nothing on this so evolved page. To share with interested soul family the Light codes. Here are my writen thoughts in the meantime.

i think while making some food for myself human woman,  i am thinking thoughts  that are directed to my daughter.  She represents the next future present generation. I would like to email here to ask her something new:…” would you be interested in my website? I would like to learn what you think of this kind of work, what would be your feedback?” There is a sad memory/ distant shadow of wanted an approval,  so to cancel the push backs and many disapprovals and fraud years of rejectings of me. Like the rejection of Light languages which is something that is so part of my being as this human is part and shelter for my soul.  The light languages carries DNA activation, healing codes, upliftment, omnipresence, removing mental linearity. I celebrate the birht of them in my being for many years. Since my childeren were little children teh light soul languages helped me to heal my self, they helped to understand who and what i am and whom i am becoming, how my soul grows expontialy in light years, so distant from human drama, separation, lack, unhapiness, and all these things that make this life on earth so dense and difficult. The soul light languages are my soul shards, helping rise mine and thousands of other people’s frequency. I sing them to Mother Earth for many years now in Earth Shamanic ceremonies. Here are some examples:Movie on 2014-05-11 at 14.00 #2 (it is a spirit ray song of peace). And i will be bringing all the soul light codes here for i have many to share with my beloved soul families all over this planet and other planets as well. It is just difficult for me to do computer work and i need help. SO with more percevirence and a help from a dear friend i shall succeed. 

Namaste, Nahava-kiyaye, yochona, nayka kamo. Transparent crystal spirit guide jarmila