This is a Sacred Space – For the Lovehood on Earth

March 6, 2013

I am reading a book called The Gaia project 2012 (by Corean author Hwee-Yong Jang). On the page 107 (second paragraph) it says:…” Because control of the heart chakra, including its opening and closing, is operated by the mind.” This didn’t resonate with me as I was reading this information last night. So not familiar with such approach, energetically perceiving it, I went instead and accessed something that looks like sacred heart chambers. I saw two. And one can see throughout. They look like very tinny petals touching each other vertically. Upon me entering these chambers they opened as in lotus petals and on the third step the hole “dome of these petals opened up, I was standing in the middle of this see through dome and all around me there was this universe. It was absolutely beautiful experience.
Then I heard this call ” Love-hood on Gaia/Earth ” and I knew that Humanity and it’s consciousness is moving fast out of polarity dissolving duality’s grip, into the living heart.
But the fact that one can clearly see a transparency is a strong message to me that it is truly happening because some of us are making it happen, are going with the flow of Infinite. I am all for living the heart belonging to its true nature and its true origin. And most definitely have the awareness that even in the spiritual “circles” there needs to be endorsed sovereignty.
This planet also was missing for ages the existence of Free will. This is no longer the case, however each must find her/his own freedom and connection to the Original Source. That is the responsibility to support these changes and welcome them instead of fearing them.
In “1990” the communist block fell in Europe and I could go “back” to Canada the land I remember my self to once live as Native American.
Then the Germain wall fell, people broke it and families were reunited.
On December 25th 2012 One Peoples Trust 1776 was resurrected, re-established, registered lawfully and legally and the slavery is no longer the law on planet Earth. (When we count the numbers 1776 all together we get the number 21. That is interesting because On December 22nd 2012 The New Paradigm Feminine Consciousness has begun according to the original Mayan prophecy and it is going to take 9 years in gestation which is the year 2021) This is an observation one has made as interesting synchronicity of all events that are taking consistently place and the resignation of the negative ego and it’s puppets falling down accordingly to their own most suitable frequency that they feel most at home, which is fear based.
The link to the World event of One Peoples Trust on December 25th 2012 all the corporation corrupted system controlling the well being of humanity was foreclosed.
Please find information and conversations with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as one of the three trustees and one of the many/few Bright Souls who brought this into the physical reality for all people on planet Earth.
My “reason” for sharing this huge event is that when I went through the documentation of all these fillings and the history of it, a huge transparent white energy frequency I felt in my heart. My feeling is that Heather might be one of the Original once from Source who is of Divine Service at this time on our planet Home Earth/Gaia.
Jarmila and P.S.!Two or so days after this post something more prevalent arrived into my awareness about this One people public trust : WHERE IS MY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE TO THIS AND HENCEFORTH WHERE IS ANY CONTRACT TO THIS, MY CONSENT??? Or is this structure just another build up version for the New World Order which I do not consent to? It shows me again how important it is and crucial to be informed fully, meditate, read relevant books on subject one the most important out of many are: MAXIMS OF LAW, by Broom and Bouvier (1856), 350 pages,…”excellent reference work on the fundamental principles of Law.. highly recommended”; The Spirit of Common Law by Roscoe Pound, (1921), Trust Law, And: Proper syntax grammar by David W.Miller.
To conclude: I do prefer to do my own paper work and stick to that, I do not consent to be governed by a corporation calling itself “a government”. And nothing can ever stand between myself and my Original Creator!!!!!!