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Devaluation of currency”? or the return to high alchemy.

July 2, 2023

The below information is a stream of intuitive consciousness, for your consideration:

 About the energy of money, this money we have been forced to be using, living under, thriving and suffering, is archaic odd, an old archetype of reptilian technology, harvesting colonial system!

 The original pure golden human   lineages, not need outside source (money stollen life force) for our existence. And you will say “that is bullshit” in practicality yes, 

but We are  the spectrum of living light frequency. Our light was taken and heavily weaponised, misused, and reversed put into slavery meaning we had to work for our energy to get it back-reversed.  and what was alchemically happening it was taking us down. We know this it is obvious.

Thus the most necessary  shedding of such ex-lucrative static magic without illumination, the energy alchemy what doesn’t match, doesn’t belong. In many ways we as a humanity have been compromised. Our quality of life has been compromised. 

Our true golden human was put in stasis.

My feeling about the changes we are making through ongoing alchemical shifts, transmutations and transfigurations, is that we are shading this falsified identity and money , so that the nervous system, (individual, partially collective, definitely at the Soul level of Earth Mother and in this part of Galaxy) can align harmoniously within the Earth frequency of pure frequency, gold and silver is growing everywhere it is not a scarcity problem. And i am sharing it from the perspective of a healer.

 The falls gold, computer based crippled- crypto heavily controlled and centralised of corse, does not hold any value to us a living souls.

 gold and silver is being created in the body of Earth Mother It’s energetic reflection created from all the experiences we have been in in last several thousands years some of us several millions years in this magical planet turned into prison, harvesting DNA planet. Our Mother Earth has created a refined gold and silver sound and light technology that we may  be using or not perhaps as means for exchange. Yet preferably  necessary connection and neutral relationship via our own electro magnetic field, we may be aware of.  As per so called present currency based in war is gradually being dismissed by the most evolved humans on Earth. For it has been a foreigner currency of fear, lack. The foundation of under neath of our foot steps is changing, so we can recover our golden silky skin, brilliant diamond sun origin. OUr brain composers heart centre with the bellow (our beloved Mother Earth currency energy changes like tuning the piano again into full harmonics. Significant effect in changing our physical bodies as a result of the above changes.*


 Fresh example around money struggle: very powerful woman whom I regularly meet in my spiritual circle of friends, that has forgotten who is actually is: strong silver (electric energy, as means of propelling her into the correct spiritual hygien and action) Atlantean, she was the one of many who has build Atlantis as culture to be powerful and meaningful place of Galactic humans, a meeting place of radiance…, and then when it fell (Atlantis) this woman’s soul fell into deep forgetting, trauma and despair, unable to identify where is the key/root problem now in this life time,  her soul  so angry and in despair and soul shattered in million pieces, she is now struggling because of this deep wound. We were shown how the remaining beings of Atlantis actually had to flee in to the water, and learn how to live there, she has developed very interesting acoustic audience  still so called resting behind her ears. She has blamed her self so much so harsh, that her inner central pillar has fallen. So if she wants to succeed in this life time she can bring. recalled the situation, and  change her imprinting and join the High Spirit in Council and rebuilding of our planet Earth.

So the devaluation of currency, is terminology brought upon by those who lost the war on consciousness on our planet Earth.  In the very principal the curse/or spell  from the very beginning, was to devalue golden human in the first place.

Note about the jabbing meant to cause access into your bodies and completely destroy your soul and the connection to the living light all, against our original purpose and golden human principles of natural evolution. These money with blood on them have no true value, This is important to realise,  why most people on Earth struggle , The true currency of true humanity is living Light we are living light being lifted back up where we belong. 

About family:
because we were facing deep pain and disappointment, one of them is the loss of a child’s connection to a loving parent. The disconnect from the heart.  In most countries this is true. The child has lost sense of what it looks like, the continuum of legacy, the river of life how ever one can see this.

 Children are remote, cold, depleted and emotionally and mentally abducted, terrorised as children by sexual abuse, dark magic, drugged with pharmaceuticals, technology we have lost our children. In the higher picture this is a collective human loosing the connection to the sacred Mother Infinite of All Creations. Yet we have evidence that our Infinite Mother has returned to our planet. Thus everything is just matter of positive change. Again. Be the love so you never have to run out of it. Taking care of our selves: (as I choose to stop hoping for changes between my self and my children’s relationship towards me the daughter’s, son’s path to find them selves again, I, you will/can become much more stable for the Divine Light high Frequency to continue more fluently embodiment the living Light into my vessel, which very nutritious towards the soul!!!)

So can’t  go into full rest.  Wishing for resting thou.