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This is a Sacred Space – Wave of Time no longer active. The ongoing cleaning process.

February 1, 2022

This continues to happening, I can’t sleep. There is lots going on such as the details in energy changes, the fact I am still finding my person in a living space not up to what I know I must have in order to better ground in my own sacred space with Earth. The true energy, much stronger and more obvious supporting the individual healing process, during strong sun activity. In order for us to repair the magnetic field, there is ongoing procedure to be done. So when I am not sleeping it is meditation and trying to find out some more answers to my pressing questions. We now know WHAT is happening: 4more % of Europe and West blogs (prison camps that appear as normal so called free regions in the cities and the country, are organised units of prison).., finally people are getting the strong message to get the heck into the sovereign boots walking their own truth. So this is the momentum very important more people shouting out for freedom, more it is opening their hearts, causing farther realisations, openings into their tightly blocked energy bodies, thus the SUN in the precision as a perfect gate for awakening, we must not let go of this important momentum, serving humanity as major stress relief!

My last night was very long awake night, with brief sleeping period.  visceral message/dream: there is a voice in this dream. It is telling me to get “off” the wave, get off, or else.”When I look I find my image in the centre of a blue curled up wave which looks just like WHEEL the ocean waves that we can see while visiting the sea. Only this wave looks like the famous Ouroboros (books have been written about, where the snake eats it’s own tale end) and my little person’s image is curled in the centre of this wheel. I recognize by the feel of it it is the wave the wheel of time, lots of emotions within this wheel, lots of overt and covert motives, operations, plans about our prison planet. I don’t want to let go, I feel it suppose to be this way, till a precious momentum of a strong intuitive feeling of complete dissolve of such wave time line. (here a copy of my notes from yesterday’s January 31st 2022 so called dreaming:)

the wheel of time was a spiral of a blue colour just like Atlantic wave ocean coiled into it self and I was in the centre of it holding it steady till it goes away.

the WAVE OF TIME I DREAMED ABOUT is the karma and repeat of synthetic life that we have known as ‘POLI-TICS’ de facto governments, politicians, theE.Ts. hostile manipulators of universal life force (banks) and their ego based dead energy programming technology has been SIMUNTANIOUSLY negatively AFFECTING OUR MAGNETIC FIELD (the person’s magnetic field through dirty electricity, hooking you up to your “dear” cell phone plus now tricking the weak of the mind and inner guidance into very dangerous JABS, THUS MANIPULATING OUR GENES, THAT IS VERY DANGEROUS BECAUSE IT CAUSES US TO MISLEAD OUR ORIENTATION IN LIFE, IT IS THE SAME FEELING AND EXPERIENCE AS BEING DRUNK ALL THE TIME, this is strictly my own observation and perspective, they have

consistently manipulating the 4D the time borrowed space into existence thus the wave of time, Mother Earth took it as I have dreamed about it by holding it within my entire being (by means of being in the centre of this wave of time ) till it dissolves, Mother Earth dissolved it!!!! Hurray. Because Nobody wants it anymore.

This ties also very much into Earth being 23.5 on tilt you see? So my internal soul travel messaging system is telling me  that this is a message about the ongoing process to remove this tilt of our Earth, to bring her where and HOW Earth orbits and huge heavy physicality body needs to stand straight and on Her OWN, In her OWN energy. The next thing simultaneously, is to realize the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. That is something that has been out of one’s self own tune with my own sovereign divine free will, the good example when we continuously taking somebody else’s information making it out as our own inner truth, then the “you” messages, the school etc., programming all based in ego, in survival all wrong, all part of this tilt, corruption, prison. So the prison IS breaking. With love, you need to want something with clarity, peace in the heart and the remembering we are connected to the big and bigger picture send here as messengers, send here with certain frequency light of change so be it. Namaste.

(note about this picture bellow: taken from copyright free album on the internet, thank you for that.)