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this is My Sacred Space : can you feel into the sky?

August 28, 2022

My notes for de facto august 27th 2022 we had healing reading information session with one of my beloved soul sister . I was partially experiencing(partially so I would be able to speak and function simultaneously in this paradime experiencing  paradise upstairs), to tell her what I see that is happening. I have been feeling/witnessing the enormity of healing huge fragmented time lines in our universe and frequencies coming also not only to earth and us but also to many star races of Pleiadiens! Those that had to migrate, escape galactic wars, I saw them crying. Billions of Pleiadien people REMEMBERING ALL that  has happened to them and how now their soul shards are also being retrieved, and connecting back where they belong, This is  huge!, This part of universe and star systems are all recovering:* and remembering the huge enormous scars inflicted upon them and us are being addressed. 

*Recovering: it is the memory of whole life, meaning humans from Tera 3 being always part of them the Pleiadians positive star cultures and star races of deep community, family life, happiness and freedom. Recovering once own emotions of the bigger brain into the true and proper time line. The time line that is the living life force, the communicator via our souls, link to star people.

Some little about the moon:

Also the moon, mostly lately recognized as a spy tech satellite has something like a recording black box : everything has been recorded on this black moon machine, the imprints from all the darkness, black sun etc., all the intentions, harm, all reflected recorded into this black box, from this satellite’s inception till now. So it is being  being fished out, recovered, analysed and many many millions into billions of trapped souls (soul images, soul imprints, sounds, pain, trauma etc etc etc.) are being recovered and rehabilitated! 


Up there,there is a Huge High Way,…It is as IF the milky way is standing up and walking home is how this feels to me…, this high Way leading from here to the rest of our universe and beyond that has been affected and blocked by dark negative technology like the harm intending and doing baddy Ellon hask’s his technology is being dematerialized to stop blocking this Universal High Way lineage of traveling, of communication among all us as star beings.

We will have to undergo the deep healing of being estranged from our star and soul families, it is like me And my children taken away from me and years has passed and I have not heard a word from them, this kinds of strangeness and how we have to learn to relate to each other again is coming. It’s numbness reversing and the true picture how it really looks like here and there retrieved so we can connect and be family again. And that is in nut shell what I have witnessed and is happening today, tomorrow, aftertomorrow.., this huge big opening recovering of our memory of our ability to perceive and conceive of other star beings in existence and us with them together, the healing of this planet the healing of this part of our previously stollen and poisoned universe, healing time huge activate. We are psychics, we are seers, were breathing Mother Infinite back into our bodies. Go well with self love, kindness, openness to receive your own is possible and it is happening. Thank you Universe and thank you beloved benevolent Star SIsters and Brothers.

Transparent Crystal Guide.