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This is Sacred Space ; the space gets much bigger if you want

December 26, 2014

IN these past “few days” a series of insiders were knocking on my heart wall checking if i was in.


And i was. Be-cause my internal life was seeking a conversation, a connection with many of my star families, like sirius A.

And i count’ get it going. Nothing was happening. In my meditation all i got was still silence for ever it felt as if i was falling but not really that bad, i just couldn’t find anybody up stairs to “talk” to and i begun to panic . Then the next day a very dear soul sister  ring me up. When she calls i know something is up in the best way ever. After attentive listening i’ve shared with her my “panic attack” and she says: relax, you didn’t fall, don’t have a point of reference  as to where you are, perhaps you have long pass these dimensions where your star people usually could be found in the past.” We went on to comment from each other experiences about the golden and silver gates and my friend has recommended i go and read an article about it to get more of a “back support”. Great.


The other side of our conversation was about a different “gate” that one happened to close a weak ago and man it felt fabulously delicious. There was a session with a client who is especially dear to me but i say that about each of my friendly clients for they are like a heaven garden which sometimes needs some trimming, watering weeding and feeding so they come here. ANyway. My friend asked me how do i “celebrate my birthdays” and i’ve replied “i don’t, because i don’t like them. And have explained to her where was i coming from. My explanation to her shifted and i felt like  healthy root shooted upwards: in  an instant flash backs of a  one small sentence has reverberated inside of me as a small explosion  feeling very peaceful and i realized i could be born only once. Hence the wordily birthdays aint accurate, make no sense to me at all. My friends’ response was:”yeah, cause you are infinite” \

I  was being guided to  close the gate in a specific way, prior to the her-say written hour of The birth. Mother Earth and my Guardians slowed everything down for me and went traveling through some blue liquid like hue upward and then following some cord leading to the little body which supposed  to be I, the gate was sealed and then dissolved. Instead of following the loop of re-incarnation piece of bullshit sandwich i have anchored my life’s consciousness into the Mother Earths’ womb of first migration. Near by  i see this huge orangee/yellow/golden hue light  oval, and It doesn’t weight 20 grams . Instead it is in the size of 2 meters “tall” Consciousness awareness observing this whole thing. I was told i was seeing my soul’s assistance making this change. After this was done, some more echoing from my Guardians was reaching my awareness: i was accurately feeling it could be done only  on the date of the said birthday this particular gate could be closed for good. Very personal event,  very much  exiting the matrix, closing that down!  This was its last layer. Yeah.

The following day,  between afternoon and evening i am walking on the street who’s energies are little more human friendlier,  THe purpose was to visit one of my favorite stores. (pose: actually one doesn’t have any favorite stores, it is more like such an exception, that it makes my heart sing when i feel i can go there and talk to the owner and enjoy the visit). So as i am passing the people and they pass me, this being in form of a woman is also passing. I can’t help but notice her, she comes into the very center of my radar and our eyes meet. He eyes are the very last shade of pale blue, and.. very little pupils… she is dressed in pale shades of orange, beige, brown, yellow, i think the shape was close to a tunic which included a had shaped like a starship, o.k. somebody from StarTrack I would place the expression of her clothing into an ancient city category somewhere in Middle east and or perhaps Africa? It  has in impact. In the instant as we pass each other i want to scream : ..”Oh please, weight, can i talk to you? Do i know you from somewhere?” But of course i am mute, and observing the scene and i am being downloaded a tone of stuff. The “cargo has arrived”. Wow, i thought to myself what was that? I want to meet with her again and this time unmated my self.

Another day has passed. Two other friends had suggested to go to see the  film  Interstellar. O.K. Done. And it was all right to the point, i didn’t appreciate them telling people the Mother planet Earth was dying and human need to evacuate (that made me very angry) and some such other things. The point for me to see this film was to learn its structural  energy.

I had several kilometers ahead of me walking, to chill out and concentrate on what was the point for me to waist my time there and why am i  an idiot to be sitting and freezing in the theatre listening to lies. Yet as the walk taken on its natural tempo i got the message and it really hit home run when i arrived at my destination barely locked the door and all i could do was to observe   the next experience.(what a sick word to say “experience ” while it is within authenticity and NOW moment, i need to change this stupid word and say <living an internal event>). dear people, we need to change these words

This live internal event was about to go through the black hole inside of my self, see the two imploding into each other tube toruses and my heart having this happy go lucky facial expressiveness, because i finally made it into the point of singularity! Call it a Communal living space.  i am still surprised, but also am aware of something else present which is my Future self that i might have seen the few days ago on that friendlier street passing this being. And to put non toxic sugar free icing on my cake in all of this there was a brief recall of a 4 or 5 sun rotations little girl, who was once thrusted into a deep river with nothing but a robe, the adults wanted to see if she could swim. She wasn’t allowed to make a scene, she was silently taking in this experience feeling completely alone with her terror. I felt her fear of the cold water that she coudn’t see the end of this river, it was 9 meter deep and the adults thought they were very smart doing this to their daughter. I was just so terrified then this image in my recall of a red/white round donut parked it self at the river’s surface. i saw the little iced kid went in the center of this donut and double wemo again seeing this single point of my entry into a black hole. In the Magestic Synchronicities of these days i wish you many such pleasant gifts as they are arriving onto us every single moment of now. Namaste,