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Adding to my Sacred Space

July 31, 2016

Aloha there. I ment to write what is important for long time. It is not your status, the statute that you so fonfirtable allow to mess you life since childhood. It is friendship. Sister-hood and Brotherhood. I love my friends and some of them are no longer active in my life. I feel deeply hurt by that. There are two very deer sisters that have not been speaking with me for several suns around. I keep thinking of them, almost wondering what happened. It is like me and the trees. I used to be a tree, it is written in my DNA Light body so i do relate to trees, but do i go daily to hug them and i love you, tree? No i don’t. That bothers me as well. I am not allowing love beings pushed around till it almost doesn’t exist, that would be the end of the end of all of us. I am saying here friendhip is a sacred union and if you dont know it and you prefer to be chased by stupid corporate fiat piece of paper with ugly print of a reptalian who pretends to be your queen, then that is the end of your well being, you are soled.

And today I just wished a happy journey to a woman i have known of for several suns around and now she is leaving this land, going to live on the land she was born to. It is far away. When i asked her why is she leaving, her answer was very transparent and true and real. She said: “because i cannot create here”. “It is making me sick, i can’t do here (in corporate of Canada) what i love to do.” “They have destroyed creative insights all people who have passion for development, for inventions, for creativity are gone, only the high rises will stay here, empty.” I have known this because my very love partner is gong through the same slow dying, he cannot do what is his purpose so we continue to look elswhere where we can be strong and 100% our selves solid.

Before i met my friend today for hugs and cup of tea before her departure for her home land, i had this insight Mother Earth clarified for me. It was about the gas some greedy people keep pumping out of her body. As i am boking to my destination i feel this old memory meeting my consciousness how i enjoyed when i was a little kid the smell of gasoline. It didn’t bother me at all. In that instance of this realization/memory coming back to me, Mother Earth Gaia “stepped in” and filled me with very valuable insight by showing me that the liquid being stollen from her body is something like my lymphatic system or my cerebrospinal fluids my body needs in order to function properly so i can move and be mobile and healthy clean, well her fluids are also gift to us the human to be telephatic among our selves. But instead you have chosen dangerous cell phones to fry your brain cells. Oh. well… Mother contninued to show me that the reason why i liked so much the smell of the gasoline when very very yong was because somehow i remembered that was from Earth and felt connected to her and i felt connected to all of it, so that is why it didn’t bother me. And so later this memory vanished and i was told and told my children how badly it smells this gasoline while burning through the ignation of the engine starting, and yes this is true but it is also the other part that is how twisted it got, so humanity still is not telephatic, and we get fumes poinsons into our bodies completely forgotten what it is here for in the first place. I hope you understand what i am saying here? So yes, all so called related. I also have seen some weeks ago how much more we must wake Mother Earth up and continue to help Her heal. If She wakes up we all, who live here can kick the ass of those who never meant to be here. They can not ever ever ever defeat, destroy completely nature, Her wisdom Her loving and Her Creations. Till i am here i will not let them.  


dTransparent Spirit Crystal Guide from I.E.

This is my Sacred Space: Love to Love

i saw in my heart my mother Gaia offering me her refreshments for my heart needed that. It is a beautiful yet very powerful picture of Mother’s hands being full of fresh consciousness in a form of water, making a water fall into a pool of green bath as big as is need it. this green water new consciousness is very potent it comes from the Original Creations of Mother Earth/Gaia. Mother wants me to live sane, living within Her heart Beat of I am Presence. When one drinks from this water she/he doesn’t hunger or thirst.
This is also my own soul’s wish for you: love is i who is witnessing you in my own heart and feels the many doors that can open when you are present to your self for you.
Cosmic Memories are extending our knowing, this memory is full of potentialighties that we didn’t know for long time they belong to us. YOu call it the DNA. Do not mess up with my DNA. Look inside of your brain, look at the Mother’s Earths waters: surface and very deep deep waters it is all our own consciousness we must recieve back into our human/star heart(s) so it is healed and purified, instead of petrofied! Who knows the very Water used to be 13th dimensional Intell-igence? I didn’t know that. I am learning it as Mother Earth Gaia continues to remind me and continues to show me Her self better daily.
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