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This is a Sacred Space – My own quantum mechanics,yeah

November 1, 2013

And it is to say that now I know that the popular ADD label is easily knocked out. It is because a CLUSTERED MIND doesn’t equal Linear thinking. The later is a damage being done to us all. Just like the ego implants, just like the dis-eases linked closely to the ego/oops programming of the mind. These are parts of the intrusions and interferences the organic intelligence has been “entertaned” with for several thousands earth cycles.
O.K. so my own self discovery is the fact my mind is not linear, only by a shear force has been which has caused me so much pain, turmoil, ridicule, and all this fun stuff and even depression. My mind is clustered meaning you can see the whole “thing” at once which means if all words that you could gather at one specific part of the brain to expel them they would fly out at spheres, this is to me, also part of the beginning of telepathy. Telepathy is something very natural and is definitely part of our “near-death, pardon me, near-now/future seeing each other as oneness.Yeah.
So the linear is gone but now I write this in the lines here. I had to force something in my self to s l o w i t d o w n . Ouch. Traffic happens, which explains why I am not participating in writing lately anything for various other reasons. My friends were-however-supporting the fact – in the viewing – that people could really learn something from this “writing/sharing of mine” in spite of the fact that my write is not exactly the way they have been tough at school “how to think”. Well, you see, this is so arrogant of the school to believe they have to teach you how to think. Obviously they, the school don’t see you as a Master who walked into this flesh to realize she/he is a part of Beautiful Creator! I am celebrating the Creator inside of my Being and crying tears of Joy just feeling this expansive Brightness to be ‘sitting’ this body while the fingers are making funny clapping sounds against some small rigid boxes on the computer. The computer doesn’t compute at all the Creator, but your Heart DOES!.
One more thing about the ADD and then I tell you what I want to tell you. Cluster doesn’t equal linear, am not “add” nonsensical label. O.K. I used to stator briefly around the age of 6. For a) there was abuse, and b) upon entering the school I was told to hold the pencil in my right hand as oppose to my favorite left hand, hence loosing the connecting I have had with my spirit guides, God It was terrifying thing, complete chaos.
My Quantum Mechanics:
I don’t understand something if it is served to me in a form of a piece of paper as an interpretation of how somebody else is “understanding” quantum. I have my own ways how to “arrive” at a conclusion which is never final only a link to something much more better.
I have know of my body that the left eye differs from the right eye and even have a paper about it from an eye specialist. (one is minus 0,75 the other is plus 0,75). Meaning one eye can write the other can “drive the car” (p.s. eh, but I bike so now what?) I also see this information as left eye uses horizontal readings of the terrain and the right is using it vertical or vice/versa.The left side of this body seems shorter in the footage, the sitting position in this experience seems to be that the left foot is not fully touching the floor while the right is almost firmly there!.Great.
One has been practicing meditation and fire breath for few years now because one simply cannot live here in such a most horrendous illusionary projection without knowing where her home is! Recently I have read somewhere that the optimum frequency of the healthy cell is 10.000 units/per second (?Not sure if this “units per second” is accurate statement).The point is the high frequency I am interested in to keep my cells in the state of supreme wellness. My awareness of left being the silver and right being the gold is part of this exercise, the fire breathing while meditating (spending time with my true family, the Ascended Masters, Infinite Mother)I put the silver and gold together by spinning them together, because I want my left side of the body, the foot to be feeling and touching fully the floor hence the scale must be equal, Then I feel more exchange of energy takes place, then the body feels the unity and can get to be touched by Isness. The speed is the highest when there is no movement anymore.The Zero point “holds” it all without holding onto anything. That is why some people recognize the “Ah” sound as Divine because to some of us it can be seen as spinning ladder upwards if you wish it that way thou.
The fire breath helping to clear, makes my space to be easily oriented in, the silver and gold, the giving (in healing) and the recieving for giving is purely sharing in the Divine Service.
In this awareness exercise breathing one also witnessed briefly that in some so called past lives one was paralized on the left side of the body due to the sever radiation testing inflicted. The testing was apparently done to see if I would survive it. It seems yes I did survive it and the linked memory intelligence of this body/cells guided it self to self restoration!
If you wish to conseder to witness and learn from some other example then please make your own coconut kefir/water. It takes 48 hours and the particles speaking among them selves called fermentation is fantastic cosmos in a microglass of your liquid in front of you. What is the difference between witnessing and believing? And what is “believing” anyway? Be-live-in, or Be-in-the-lie? That is an old subject I don’t want to get borred with.