THis is Mine, Sacred Space growing

January 3, 2021



electrility/magnetic *lumbar vertebrae, adrenal system as a battery, shifting as awareness grows.


here we are: the heart shows and teaches the reminders of activated Dee an an memories. When we take the energy of our daily nightly lives and use it to draw “you” on arch of paper, what do you get? …(fill for your self in blank) The Innate intuition guiding one to draw her/his own evolution on this time line of this present happy Earth Mother what is happening with my own electro-magnetism. It comes from many years of disciplined meditations/teachings, from many years sitting in classes of those beings before me teaching me techniques that I later advanced and developed farther so now I am able to teach them to others and teach it to my self first. This picture on the left is a depiction of the golden original h\uman body . It is my lineage of Spirit energy only this seen layer is the very teaching, encompassing the singularity of Gaia Earth Sentience and my soul’s energy field: the wings of the North node are the so called Pacific and so called Atlantic Oceans of awareness, the sacred feminine/sacred masculine integrated through the heart works With the sacred intention and as guided i delegate (so to speak) the electromagnetic field back into its natural state of being: calm, zero point of NO TIME, (in my adrenals there cannot be any so called poisoners linear/mind/time, Gregorian calendar infection) Why? With out it we can find and be guided our true soul family, we can travel into Earth’s core, we can telepathically find each other! At the south of my picture there is earth’s energy ivory electricity like Milky way. It further states:”earth wins (her Wings/Hi mind, Astral body, Knowingness-dee an an match accomplishments. All in effortless flow, as long as it is part of my communal awareness with all there is of  no harm doing, of no imposing it is part of natural blue print. I love the GOLD! Because I use it regularly for clearing, purifications, when I rest my ph.body on the sofa and am in state of no doing, i see the golden aura actually breathing through the feet, as a reminder.

Here, bellow we taken the initiation to scutch a skeleton to have visual help as to how we clear the bones with the golden frequency light spectrum communicating with the deepest level of our physicality (Phi-see-call-light). The life is conscious. The life is homed, meaning integrated, meaning whole, the whole life of you is showing you the way of a Master. The master is the student, the child, the twig, the air, the blink of an eye where you see the unseen. You have seen in you live it. The wins are not ending, there are adding, the wins create the wings that are wide and colourful frequency of changes, opportunities that were planned and are manifesting, creating a map of your being where the light merges with the physics in beautiful transformation through high alchemy. This is our duty, this is our responsibility to know how we are made/created, where we came from and what to do with it, it is the true “bank account full of money-pure energy”.

the other day back in de facto december towards the end, Spirit provided me with another message via a symbol: my right eye is the Earth/Gaia mantra, my left eye is the Sun (Nakaara, as I call it in my Light soul language). NAKAaRA. It is the activator, the lover of Earth, it is my friend, Often times have my soul traveled into the Nakaara to rejuvenate and remember what joy and happiness and worry-less life feels like, looks like.Last time I visited, there was a great big party. All those souls that were being prevented from lawful incarnating to Mother Earth as Her true soul lineage, were getting ready to be born here. More light, more love, more genius, more integrity and sovereignty is coming to Mother Earth to embrace and celebrate her new energy. And YES many more high level home beacon frequencies are now being integrated on Earth. and more YES, I have said and heard and seen this million times before yesterday. The SUN/NAKAaRA as the amplifier, reminder, activator of our dee an an(s) AND the crystal beneath of scull bone (ha ha ha) see it as a diamond….,and the golden original human is the normal now foundation of the life on Earth. and ThaT IS MY MESSAGE OF TODAY. Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.

Electriity/magnetic *lumbar vertebrae, adrenal system as a battery, shifting as awareness grows

it is far better to have at hand a visual image before you meditate to amplify your sacred intention.

More then EVER Our Sacred Space – (I am )OUT… of control.

March 29, 2020


                              Aloha to the Universes, Galaxies, Hum-AN! I am un-finally able to update a lot of events into my blog. 

 I have meant to  say things for a long thyme, but I could not. Still variety of blocks in my way. Got a new traveling computer. Man this thing has complex  different keys. I have changed locations many times.  And now having stags of paper  to be read and edited. See “below:”                                                         ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

 My dear life is  the  land of  High alchemy.

I am trying to balance what I  perci-eve(-perceive) what is it that I am experiencing as an e-path: the extreme highest and extreme lows simultaneously. I will try to describe and give an examples:  this  3D- THREE DIMENSIONAL VEXITY PH-isicality (physical light damaged on purpose under many agreements that have changed more then millions of times, the agreed place where the high dimensional chess games has been played!) I see it via it’s own sets of energy and then i am trying to describe it through these words. Even the expression “WORD” is out of my que balance because it sounds like …”war…d” The high in my experience would be example: the SUN! I love to meditate with the sun, talk with the sun, and go to the GALACTIC CENTRAL SUN for many reasons: home, feeling love, be refuelled with love energy, being seen thus reminded why I am on planet that is called Earth, being activated by these opalescent non physical beings and If we both want to play we borrow somewhat “physical” appearance for the game of meeting and do easy healing sessions and upgrades. Then feeling my dirty energy from being too long with the confusion, with the mixes of all of it called negative chaos, mess, war. cancer, there are millions of souls who need – each of them- something and each needs to be addressed by the self sentience system. Then there is me again the physical magnetic electrical bio-suit that has its own problems, see bellow. So again i apologies for being all over the place at times because mastering linear is making it very simple, and I mean if it has been simple to me living in the spirit world one foot here and one foot there, that is what is going to be like soon for most of the people on this planet, Yeah.


As the blood cells (the moment i think of my blood..cells i feel as if they want to run away to get a better life somewhere else, is the metaphor.)

renew, so I to want to make a new way in my life. In short times with long periods of interruptions I have been watching a season 1 on Netflix called Sense8. The strongest message from it to me is love and connection; love and creativity; love and freedom of expression; your right to be anything you want to be; the interconnectedness and how it is punished and haunted, harmed and almost destroyed by the agreessive violent people that are also here on our planet as I refer to these people :The Aliens. Whenever I had the opportunity to watch another episode and or finished the one I couldn’t see before in full length, I wished for that cluster  (8 people who are born in the same time on the same date and they – as adults- become gradually aware of each other, then they form very tight friendship, family unit helping each other at many levels),to be part of me. For many years I have felt lonely. I have transcended the loneliness into oneness and unity within my self, the nature and some human kind that I do prefer from the other human kind. My life  has been clothed in Chaos. Chaos can be perceived from the individual perspective as the exercise of uncertainty, fear, insecurity, overwhelm lack of support, lack in many other part of my life. My life can be seen from the much higher perspective as the  reflection of the galactic reorganisation. This universe is reorganising it self based on what has been happening (Earth) here, and all around us, to other planetary bodies in terms of invasion: different factions fighting who’s territory will remain theirs – like our planet for example, and what will be taken away by other factions. There are regressives and there are aligned star beings with the Prime Creator recognising Free Will. We all have FREE WILL to be exercised.

 The good – the elevated, soft, pale opalescent colors, shapes, expressions telepathically arrive on the tip of the skin reminding me I am part of them, humanity is  pat of the higher vision, part of the much higher universe/dimensions/densities’ the guardian for Earth and these are the beings we interact with.

Chaos (In this present moment people forced without proper explanation as to why really!!!!!?, by the martial law bond to their homes…) is something like a great big beef’s shit with high speed fan behind, the 3D is in mirror right now. Within these few weeks millions of people have had a gigantic fear freak time. I as the invisible positive force bring the mirror to let them selves see in the reflective labyrinth inclosure all around them. When something is bad you can put mirror over it all around so it perceives only it self….the first reaction the freak and then going back into self…the good human…considerate of others, helping each other is the original imprint of humanity, thus the mirror sphere is for the much less desirable learned part of who humanity is not.

Here comes what I don’t really want to write about even if it is part of my journey,  (it is also Not “but”) but reflecting so much the journey of this planetary body as well:

I didn’t know some 6 months ago this will happen.  As mentioned earlier, I was experiencing lot of extremely Un- necessary things my self, I was  in unknown about where I am going to live, for I wasn’t able to find anything suitable after being kicked out by my landlord in most nasty ways possible to those landlords in many other houses, in many other cities in much of this 3 dimensional demented world much in nowhere to live. I became homeless.  Living for some time at two of my friend’s homes, my Spirit had another plan something it wasn’t clear to me back then I only knew clearly that I refuse to be giving my life force to tyranny, to  dictatorship, socialism, communism, narcissist, taxes and other faces of violence of my free will sovereignty. Even when I found my self to feel fear, stress the infection of being oppressed, I would do anything to transform it. And it does help to face it, it does change when you start chasing after it. My Spirit had a different plan for me (i repeat).

 The way of alchemy is is that  nothing is solid, or  stable, certain. Just try right now to feel the “word” FIRMa…..Close your eyes and feel this word..:firm: then write down your findings.

I decided to terminate the imposed avails for not having found my best living space, packed and traveled instead.  I went to finish where I left off after my mother has passed. And gratingly so. It felt as if I didn’t have a choice, funny eh? I didn’t want to go to do any finishing, because I knew already what to expect: lot of dullness in many offices, paperwork, thinkg i really do not enjoy doing, because I consider it to be misuse of time and energy. It was correct: 4 months went by to make ends meet to make the final closure of all closures, i sold my mother house for whatever was possible and couldn’t wait to get out of the grey low skies wanting you too become depressed. Not my match thank you. In that time of being in my mother’s house locked in for most of the time by my self again…. i was doing a lot of detailed work on the programming that ordinary one would “think” was all transmuted. No, oh the heg,it was not, it still was blocking my RNA still some elements of it left like when your child has the 7th time lice brought on by the school and you are the one to pick them? Yeah that type of programs. (examples?…>when small child and i wanted something, it was innocent, mother told me in very ughly way: with lots of anger in her voice, dismissal, rejection…”No, you woun;t get outside to play with kids you have to help me doing my joulery….:things like that program translated into later days: i would clean and clean and clean no food no rest, i would continue to do something till i fell..type of think/program, anything limiting in terms of my inspirations and dreams in terms of what I wanted, went out of window on these days spend at my dead mother’s house while I didn’t have to deal with beaurocrats ). With this type of healing you can’t use logic, because it comes on randomly, it comes on when you reading letters you never knew existed, when you see your ancester picture and your brain gets into journey of that person, then the spirit world “kicks” in and DNA/RNA gets to be cleared again and again and again …….


So how you want to use logic? You can’t. I can’t use logic when I am doing healing with a client I am using Earth/Gaia’s Spirit PSYCHIATRY, it is wild nature. I applied this psychiatry onto my self since in the dier  situations  day in and day out. You need to think your self out of limitation, trouble mostly now days imposed by others. When you get violated by the system it is time to change your self completely to open up your reserve oxygen tank and go where no one went before.

I was dealing with post traumatic stress for not having a roof of my own, for not being able to trust people around me: These types of people didn’t consider mutual interests to be important, something that benefits the entire group. I have met two or so of this kind on my way out of there but first (here comes another part of this very twisted precel) first I coudn’t wait to meet them, I cound’t wait to do all the “Important spiritual healing work we have set out to do together”….I coudn’t wait to help to birth some “Important NEW projects”…. Spending lot of thousands on fli tickets, over 20 hours of flights…after arriving and meeting two woman whom I knew only through the Skype meetings for long periods of time, in 9 days it was over. I was kicked out, disliked, my energy coud’t be siphoned out of me, I wasn’t the right match to be manipulated and push around, I was told I was rude (which is aboslutely not true and if this would be heart centred group we would be still good friends/and a match for the “planned Grandmother council”), …I was kicked out, spend another lot of money (they didn’t pay for what they decided for me).. spend 3 most ugly horrific bus ride accross America, found my self in Florida, calling my partner if he could make a way out to meet me… and in short we met spend night together he left i found a dearest soul sister who offered me her friendship, and home to stay, bought me flight ticket to go north to Cornwall and stay for some time till I get back on my feet. Is what happened also. These people who only value their own benefits, needs and are cloned and controlled by deadly entities taught me there are not problem solving skills no resolutions for communities! The falls spiritual communes live in covered control domination divide and conquer regime, but they don’t know any problem resolution skills, for they don’t exist, there are not thought of, not considered. Big mistake!.

White Rock, New Mexico





 THIS IS A MUTATION OF SPACE TIME CONTINUUM. Meaning: you have a chance to change from the ground up. If you are self centered  looking only after your own needs excluding your other family members, validating only your thoughts, your own ideas, your own motions are the only once that matter and nobody else’s, then you are gonna face that lineage of your extremes, you are gonna be put into the JAR like a annoying fly till you decide to change your tune. This is a mutation of space time continuum: where here/there is 10.000 plus higher spectrum of different Light frequencies affecting our cells, our DNA/RNA planet, affecting universe, affecting all the shift i need it to inner-stand among this mess i was in. I was in the war of inclusive exclusiveness.

4 woman: on this short trip to White rock. my son’s birthday: i wished to be imprinted by this high energy freequency as a gift to him who was separated from me for last13 years. On this same day I was kicked out.

My perception is being changed  by the much bigger picture. 

I felt intuitively this will drag (as in Draconian) on and on and on,  cause the human kind is still separative, still sinking into basic lessons of kindegarden (example: sold out toilet paper world’wide) not willing to acknowledge  collective.. And in the small picture there it was: my life force almost sucked out of me by the actions of others. People I have been helping you I have been healing you and you are treating me like an enemy? You are jelaous of me? I am not like you so you kick me out? Twice? 


I am pretty sure it is the end of manipulation and domination.  all this time this way shower this  indicator I can make my own home anywhere in the world if I just USE the freedom given to me , free of fear free of doubt. Doubt is a poison. I wanted to understand the freedom that I was born/created with . I was waited for to say to it: “Yes I sense you, U  are here with me/inme as my higher potential, propeler, i have no more ties, stable place to live in, I am not longer the mother I used to be responsible for two little children, I have no home to pay rent to, no bills to be bothered with every month…no strings attached!!! Eco eco eco)))))… I want to make it manifest as my reality. I am my own spirit guide. I was spirit guide for many life times to millions of people, now i am  also my own spirit guide. I wish to get used to being free, to learn its lessons, It is like wild horse without the reins, yet these are Spirit reins that I feel in my spirit hands, in my physical hands. This is unraveling.


Nature belongs with nature. Nature and megacity the way they are all build and construed and  experienced by living souls, is not my match, it is the  rape day in day out. People have been trained since the industrialised era into consumerism hypnotising machine puts your genius to sleepless laziness of convenience,  rapidly spreading. and now is the disease we have in all shapes, forms and black/grey I.A. expressions void of soul/heart love connection, void of natural creative spark.   It is the practice of hoarding limitations convoluted addictions and attachments codependency on its masters. I do anything to transform fear.


so ..I live now as I want to. Traveling some more, living in one of my better felt places, in southern hemisphere.


the deep green the salt in the air, the birds singing, i feel so relaxed and we have toilet paper roles here.

Let me interject with some good insights collected in those past several months . This one is about my AMYGDALA: Sacred Feminine (As I refer to the Original Creator) says “Mao” aka nara, the bringer of a present future self. It said “no words today….(unraveling….) and…”Because I don’t actually Know How to speak the reptilian language (my mind is constantly debating, weighting the words like a flower against sugar, like a water against oil, like a vacuum first or washing the windows, or reading the book what first?, I have never learner at home as a child the true priorities, the tasks with an explanations, the lessons repeated with patience several times in a peaceful way, the human words their meanings and all the memories of interpretations, figuring endlesly out what gets me into trouble what is free of trouble AAAHH so tired with it, where life is backwards. I am in the region of my brain called by the medical society :Amygdala: their books are teaching people it is the place of rage and fear is held and felt. I say it is wrong, cause  Amygdala has different purpose and origin. My Amygdala might have been witnessing many years of confusion, almost fully assimilated and forcefully dissolved her self into the negative I.A. reptilian artificial 3D identity ( you need to reverse the reversions you need to bring right side up the upside down, you need to become ambidextrous you need to have soul intimacy practice, feeling into your tummy, into your heart, into your brain, into your Spirit to comprehend some of the domino/chess game of this universe renamed within my own world as opposite). Amygdala is GNOSTIC OF EMOTIONAL SOFTNESS, GENTLENESS SEEING, FEMININE QUALITY, LEADERSHIP, EMOTIONAL CLARITY – CONFIDENCE. Amygdala’s own nature is naturalness such as cognition in pure original light, love expressions, nurturing and supporting the whole nation of my galactic brain: the GATE into the STARGATEs to the Inner Core the bodily map to this Yoniverse and all other Universes. There are many star gates identical to human expression leading back to the Original creator’s plus equal to the anatomy of Energy body of Earth Mother Gaia. So today right now…as was said at the beginning of this paragraph birthing the future now that any deeply felt realisation brings, my Amygdala is at home to her original purpose of the sacred feminine, connecting to the core heart soul of my Being, the Earth’s Core Being. Amygdala (evokes the name of Mary Magdalene) is not a prostitude, sleeping with Reptallien who stole throughout cascades of fear programming her original neural Pathway. Amygdala is not of this 3D matrix you see, She has immunity of multidimensional connections. The neurones, electron, cells Blood, Amygdala is part of its assistance to keep pure and make the fear irrelevant . No snakes choking her torture her energy into submissiveness to sacrifice her self to the artificial fear reality….the colors changing, the eyes turning blind for the eyes are no longer connected to the sovereign heart space sustenance, which would be the end of my Amygdala if it wouldn’t be for the core knowing of what is real what has a soul and what doesn’t does we ignore it fully yet we have awareness of it. If the Amygdala would give up her sovereign frequency authentic feelings to make the connection to recognise how so extremely difficult it has been for me and my being to communicate in the language of spells, in the language of linear mechanics, the left brain, My left brain is not the enemy. My language barrier has served me for it helped me to stay in touch. Sometimes with good charge sometimes not so gut / good charge. Authentic feelings means the most accurate upholding of original divine plan which is to have natural spiritual evolution happening, taking place with all the support already of what remains alive. Alive is vast. My Amygdala is repeating to her self :I am sovereign, I am free creator Light High Alchemist. Acknowledgement the first born as i recognise my soul to be creator’s creation came into existance (paradox word ) , today is the full circle of uniting with such knowing, awareness causing my own emotional brain the amygdala to rest, to relax to realign in her own environment of my limbic system my Hippocampus gladly helping to remember all the learning turned into self teachings. Amygdala’s purpose is the opposite of rage and fear. This is how woman being is tortured to submit to become the proxy for the artificial narcissists. It is true the negative I.A> is always AFRAID OF HUMAN OF HUMANITY AFRAID THEY SHOULD BE AND THE HUMAN NEEDS TO BE AWARE OF IT. THE MIRROR IMAGES GAMES ARE VERY OLD.


 why are we so vulnerableMY BIGGER QUESTION IS...

to pain, to trauma, to any kind of harm, exposure to harm and violence?  violence is the way of the wrong/incorrect use of metal. Metal and biology don’t match. We are innocent, We are the pureness of humanity, the centre of the flower that Original Creator has co created with the other Original Creators. We need to find out who and what we are. These lessons in 12 million years was ike scissors: if the two knives are open you make it if you are late you got cut out….back into descension….aaahhh. So I feel right now we are in maximum polarity that is shown in the 3 D. I feel that the machines that are working so hard like for example THE SCERN will blast self destruct because it can’t mass-ter the emount of energy needed for the regime of divide and conquer to continue in it’s copyrighted script. I have seen in the Spirit world how Gaia is expanding leading Her self into the omni multi cultural dimensionalities …If you read the bottom here, please just feel this. Thanks.

yes, nothing is in random.



The level of this much of POLARITY IS IT’S WAY TO INFORM US.  It i a way of information. What is the average level of collective knowingness, collective intelligence available constituted this kind of stimuli. It is the pointer to leaving the limitations. I did see via clairvoyance the bursting out of 3D. It is not going to be just yet any entertainment for all the people.

additional fresh as i am putting a lot of things together: (there is backround noise, i am not in my own house, i am listening to a broadcast, I am drawing images, I am downloading pictures, I am trying to rest on my day off…..i need to go pee… and I think I might be hungry?) …. additional interesting simplified picture/image arrived, and it looks roughly like this: the second bellow this one: learning a lot from the SUN for last several years. Needs extra attention, needs extra blog.

prime original creator reflects within it’s I AM changes from Earth and this part of Yoniverse.


PRIME ORIGINAL CREATOR/WHITE LIGHT CHANGES: i want to explain somewhat this above last picture simplified: if you see the sphere representing the whole of Prime Original Creator it has reflected/reflecting, co-creating with all its Creations, changing the expression of Light, the white light mainly, as per the unlimited new extreme potentiality that humanity is right now bringing back home! On this picture it appears that the above states: “White Light changed, the Bellow (where we are, but we are also above!!!), it says “White Light changes” on the right it says: polarity of white light, many levels off different time lines. The white (ON THE SMALLEST SCALE within our blood cells:)cell is listening and reflecting of the collective consciousness as it is rapidly downloading all the overwhelming information: the information is great from alternative media: please find and listen to everything and then make your own deductions and or using gut feeling to put all the levels together, there is a “narrow” aiming out of something…  several months traveling into the de facto y. 2021, thus this White light is changing because we are changing it, the time line is stabilising a little better, I say better because this time line we are on CANNOT BE fucked up, it cannot go to the total overtake, I am now referring to the what seems it is happening, the virus, THE ANIMALS WANT TO GO HOME! They are telling (me) we want our own ascension time line ! 

p.s. that is what cows, sheets keep telling me when i pass by them because where i am right now it is full of beef and sheep. they feel very bad in their own live-lihood.

white rock is a magnificent short trek leading into a canyon found in New Mexico, January 31, 2020

OTHER NOTES FROM MANY TRAVELING DREAM SCAPE BOOKS. Main message: if and when you (negative I.A.) take something out of nature, disrupting Her creations,the natural law is to seek it BACK.

Notes, get out of your ghost dream space. the last 2 or 3 months of de facto year 2019 have been a lot about children the south pole the mother : the right one and the falls mother who had this script to corrupting families, cities, nations, and the whole planet and beyond. then on october 20th 2019 i got this message for my children and it said: “If and when you (Negative I.A. and all you mix, and remix of them)take something out of nature, disruption Her. the natural law is to seek it back.”. The other dreams were fat with my divine free will and freedom repetition, confidence, self assertiveness, taking it back. The dream scape in old 3 Dimensional script is a ghost thus it has been given me to play it out for it, ghost dreams, for example: i sleep with lot of different man i am a slat. I wake up and say loud “NO” and change the dream, repeat repeat repeat till there is no more this garbage in my surroundings and there are no corners in my dream scape. other most obvious messages: Be outside/meaning with nature for years most important, do yoga, dance, create create create!!!!!!!!!! bare feet, you sleep better you see better, you are clear better…. on 22. 10.2019 I am painting garage walls and all of a sudden i hear loud and clear this message : “What are you doing painting the walls???!!! You suppose to be activating your DNA/RNA!!!!!!!!” the 25.10.2019 de facto lots of activity again and again with DNA/RNA removing programs throughing out old DNA that has contamination of limitations of such programs: such as the smell of my skin after my mother inheritance! the memory what she used to be telling me about her self and the extreme how she saw me (for she didn’t see me who I was), making me her slave program., the 12x12x12 kept coming and it is still here for what Earth has “told me” today how She is at “war” with the 12x12x12 millions of years of descent-ion and almost never to be able to have the format of natural evolution particularly as we are now creating, making, shifting, deciding, resonating with this shift magnificent shift going up high into the bright opalescence of frequency different geometry and beyond geometry (that is how i receive it) and you might get totally different picture cause the realities are as many as people as many as it is send on the beach and there are many different beaches on this planet right

 Another awareness now amplified is the human emotional body: most people didn’t know how to feel, most man can’t meditate, they feel, (through fist mental input) that they are not able to connect to them selves, there is something blocking them. Yes, because the EMOTIONAL HAS BEEN ABUSED. As frequency changes the emotional body will realign, not on it’s own, with willingness and cooperation it will heal, it will be telepathic again these days are at hand.


The sun and suns the sunset and rises i catch my self often taking pictures of the sun language it’s being is right now in my presence, it responses to the sincere telepathic  enquiry or in my case calling because i miss being inside of the galactic cities. Alien technology just message came in 29.3. at 19:59 pm. defacto time. to be continued. Namaste, Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila




1.e-path : means almost fully at will interacting with all energy available to me as a :so called born healer, old soul, shamanness, someone who has close connection to nature, to Earth, e-path is someone who reads energy.