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This is a Sacred space – internal expansions…

May 23, 2013

This internal expansion(s) has been going on on on for a “time”… The most recent energetic activity has taken place amongst the forestry that becomes intensely more beautiful to me as days go by, when I am present amongst these silent friends of mine.
On the run this day (May 22nd), it was brought to my awareness upon getting severely blessed with showers of inspiration as we had a small thunder storm, that the electrical charges in the sky were also coming indirectly through my spine. Then – in a split of a second – I was taken “out of body” and became part of the North Pole, and I experienced a large activity of movement and it Was painful. I could stand it only for few seconds then I asked Infinite to please put me back within the tree space..Then tears start coming down as result of such intense experience. My physical presentment was soaking wet and clothing sticking against the skin. A very young woman with a growsome appearance – also soaking wet – and very unsual looking dog was passing buy. In one hand she held her cell phone, in another a cigarette bud a her dog chain continuing downward to this very contend looking being, her huge purse twisted over her wrist with the cigarette bud.

I coudn’t help but exussed my self for interrupting her making a phone call and gave her a compliment about her unsually looking four legged friend. As this came out I added she felt ancient to me hoping she might accept it as acknowledgement rather then some unthinkable insult… She promtly responded, with “Oh yeah, you woudnt’ say it to somebody without intuitively feeeling you can because I feel the same about you,” and.._still within one inhale she continued): …”yeah, he (meant the dog) was on T.V. with few other dogs, this kind saved some kids so he was being recognized as a hero,” well anyway I had a terrible day and you feel to me like a guide right now….” Without a hesitation a permission was asked for giving her a hug.And also to ask if I may pat her dog who evoked inside of my soul a memory of ancient wisdom of cooexistence, play, purity and darlingness. The fast speed communication went on and one was noticing this young woman and her face of a beautiful child like with very painful early experiences. She reminded of a Buddha, Marry Magdalene and Nazarene just coming back and saying ‘Hi’ to me.
It was magical few minutes as if the movie “wizard of oz” was playing in the back round of my skull and I knew the very life is a wisdom. And wisdom is love. Her shoes were not red or with heels, but everything about her was like in a magic and buy the way, I felt it was played backwards when she said I am like her guide because I felt she was my guide… and in the presence of the tall Tree People and her little wizard dog we are undoing ill deeds of a black magic so we can enjoy and love life as friendly humanity meant to be originally. Yes, this was a gift and I am grateful. Thank you, Infinite.
p.s. must be aded: after this meeting with all involved energies in my day, much vitality accumulation extended. I didn’t sleep till 4 a.m. The feeling of the NOrth pole let me see that is the weakness of the field shifting itself, it was like a spinning dollar against the table base in chaos. I know what ever is taking place it is only going to do good to bring humanity together into its core. It will force to live fully again, to regain absolute sovereignty and many manual abilities – back =forward to the pencil and paper things..making attributes for each other. What’s wrong with living Higher and personally without the ego attachments?
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