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In my Sacred Space: For ever The sHeart of Gaia song and prayer

March 13, 2021

This material can be used if you are deeply upset, emotional and you are looking for a different place to land with your emotional and enter place of solace, calm and meditation .

This recording comes from my creation of many years back.(2015: you love, you connect, you think, you separate) It helps the brain function in higher capacity through utilising properties of Gamma state, (I call it the PROSPERITY UTILIZING) thus providing the listener with the offering for peace, happiness, capability for resolve within one self, coming into the remembering of life, calmness and healing, accessing deep state of awareness. Re-member Life. Yes become a member of Life again. Is that better? about the song: In each oyster there is a pearl, in each pearl there is you, the innocence and the Creator.

Heart healing song, prayer offering. Telling us about the Creations each of us came within. I am a soul teacher so come and visit me for a private session.

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide. Jarmila.