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This is My Sacred Space:

June 22, 2023

today is de facto june 21st, I feel (I got back into my body, mind and Spirit FAITH of Prime Creator!) It feels like sensational lover I wasn’t aware existed, back into my heart. I am saying “back” because I just don’t know yet how to say it better. I could probably say I feel not apart from my original self from the eternal self. I feel more from what  I have felt before.

The importance for having my true soul family is still valid and important, BUT it is not jagging me like it did before.  I know it is on it’s good way.

The theme of feeling like an orphan and living such expression gotten another sense of much deeper realization as well. I feel the part of Prime Creator that we may consider as sacred Masculine is part of our planet as of today!!!  Well something very important happened today today is the graduation of many good happenings and the result is this feeling and knowingness inside of my being like being more at home knowing what it is better. I really really feel this. The memory that follows me all my life from childhood years of remembering walking among crystals who were singing to me and  greeting me, which felt like true happiness as per daily business, many different shapes of crystals, awesome happy hills and alluvial landscape of crystals everywhere one walked, the air was golden shimmer, always warm almost humming but never noisy and or overwhelming, just pleasant and common, natural, normal to us olden beings who belonged with the ancient Mother who is now called the Earth Mother, She is ancient transmuter of shapes, realities and enormous wisdom, still learning to comprehend Her brilliant heart-mind.

I found my faith in Universe, Faith in Prime Creator, I didn’t know that I lost it. With prolonged separations many people loose sense of wholeness.  I had to construct many helpful links for my own life for many other people in order for my life to function the best it could. When today Faith returned I feet such a strong sense of sureness the strong and clear sense I am not apart. And we were orphans and that was so scary that we had to forget about not being able to feel so closely with our Original beloved Prime Creator that was the most shocking and traumatic night mare we went through in circles. And the emotionality as a result got us forgetting. Not being able to be with your true family is very very difficult, many know this and many more don’t know what they missing. The fallsification of light also did us a lot of damage in all bodies. Falls sound (fridge, car, machinery, engines, screaming,, negative A.I. voices so empty so disturbing,) the human eyes will be able to see the truth again and the real gorgeous planet Earth and the Universe again, I don’t know when I am just expecting this because that is the home I do remember. Beloved Original Creator Presence = restorative results for life expression.

Well that is what i have for now and be here again soon to add all the information from Mother Earth’s teachings on Her pages.

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.

this is my sacred space: messaged

June 11, 2023

 Preamble: For several weeks now i found my self working in the green house of a very busy woman growing hundreds of different tomatoes, very intense hard hard work, biking back and forth, accumulation of exhaustion, no time to write or communicate.  And this is the end of another “weekend”. It is SUN-day and we had One Gaia Honeytation (am being reminded by my self to copy all the many updates Earth Mother has given us). In spite of the fact that my body gets tired from working 9 hours in the green house every day and then long bike ride back where i am staying presently, I get really lovely conversations with the multidimensional self. Just on thursday brief snap of update into my still not bettered family situation arrived. (the heart part of my human woman who loves to have family who loves her two children  but not loved back, mostly ignored for so many years now, I am still troubled by it. There are nights and or parts of my day when I cry such a heavy burden doesn’t go away) What I saw  from within one space is that  there are previous, present and future simultaneous events on one inhale of my bike moving forward on this curvy road to the green house. On my exhale,  I am looking at the birth of my first child from very different perspective: this appearance/image is of  two dark “local” circular rooms made of rubber interconnected into expanding “true and falls North” 2 other tubes leading into the “future events” that are happening also right now. think of this as a gigantic letter “X” except that the cross is pararel!.  The transfer from one near reality into another near – literally next to it and right there simultaneously arriving into my cognition info: …”oh yes, this is the birth of your first child, (repeated again), she came from here (pointing to the left side of one reality/dissected into another reality, my time line, from her past life, so she didn’t go far at all….), she came through you into this reality. Yes she was born to you, and you love her and love your son, but they both came with problems. These problems have nothing to do with you! They both have to resolve their problems. By being born to you, through you, YOur Soul gave them the gift, the opportunity to dissolve re incarnation A.I. negative time lines, hostile computer simulation of reality programming. These kids (now facing soon to be 30 years of age!) have to recognise a lot of things, find DISCERNMENT, so stop putting your self in between trying all this time to unprezzel why they don’t talk to you.  Why you are not actively part of their lives. You took it too personally now you are still sufering from this, but healthy separating from their OWN things nothing to do with you (repeat repeat) will help you to get on with your life even better!”It is so very extremely cruel, difficult, harsh and undeserved. They were born to me I raised them, they were taken, now they don’t talk, I love them, think of them, miss them, yet I have nothing to do with their lives. I say to me this is a wrong time line.  Spirit response” :yes and no both. This is also the more separating of the reptalian skin: the artificial synthetics. Yes it is being propaganda-lized heavily everywhere, but it is the biggest blind spot(s) of the arrogance. ..All the people (that are not awake yet) I see walking the streets are the representatives of their own chaotic time lines they are due to resolve and get rid of, since these time lines are born to chaos not nature, are born of fear and darkness and I am here have also nothing to do with it except for witnessing it.

So today this message came from the SPIRIT OF WATER HER SELF: (the core of this beautiful consciousness is turquoise-to pale blue aquamarine with clear like crystal all around it self, it is a circle but not flat, it is moving self aware intelligence), …”Water now is growing its pure consciousness. It has been collecting much information from all over this planet, such as all changes to magnetic fields, humanity’s different levels of consciousness, how human consciounsness is still for millions fear, in prison. Water brings observation, new resolutions or rather SOULutions (solution = sun + water particles from around the earth different layers!!!, inner water of Earth, deepest waters of Earth, The Universe is of water as well!!!, human/water is new knowledge new ALCHEMY. And this is a great positive part of our over all progress. They (“they” means: arrogance, fear based damaging idiots still acting and pretending they can control at least something and cause the whole provinces fires to damage life to damage fields where food normally grows,) they are hiping the chemicals in the water. For example here where I am right now, they are “repairing” the water pipes changing them for new ones and the chlorine smells 25 times stronger then before. Yes because humanity is leaving idiots behind, we are leaving the nature is claiming us back into her self. this IS winning in progress. TH city water might be expected to get worse in its quality, because THE SPIRIT OF WATER HAS SOLUTIONS FOR US can speak with us with our consciousness.Humanity would so benefit from being able again communicating with other living sentience.

So the message for all good mom and good dad. We will find our children they will find their way back to us. THe re incarnation stupid wheel of repeat karma bullshit with falsified low energy emotional body: emotions not belonging with us as original first golden human from First Prime Original Creator’s Creations. this emotional body assigned to me to you of sadness, hardships, instead of happiness, joy, well being (this is you this is you as the high level sentience), o.k. the falls emotional when repeating on and on and on, then it becomes the reality, it is pathologically trapped. No thank. you. I have also on the other hand witnessed when Prime Creator was crying, was sad. YES, because of what has been happening and nobody could stop it till it could be stopped. So the other point for us parents is that most we are also the chance when these children come through us, chance to exit the re incarnation karma artificial programs that could be considered as karma permanent cancel, resolve, whee it is one on one: your soul (the child) and Earth Healing planet patiently helping you to fully come back into your full circle of pure consciousness.

Namaste, continue to give your self your sacred space where your inner self guide dancing your path into freedom.