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This is my Sacred Space, Sanctuary of all souls: Permanent removal of negative 7th gate effects!

July 5, 2022

Today is de facto July 5th 2022 And I was setting an apt for a client choosing the day which she prefers . I got this insight that the English names for each day had some hidden (negative polarity charge like a spell) meaning within it’s word/letters It felt as if the 7 days were the negative gate on repeat, leading humanity in the hell, where people are dragged into the black sun at the end! 7 days of process death repeat. Now that I have realised this after so many clever beings on this planet have known this before me, but we “never” talked to each other, it is over and the negative 7th gate is taken into cleaners. Hurray. So detox from that is important I say. Just think of it! The work routine, the pay check, then how the pay check (which is always known as stollen Universal Life force in essence, and yes essence IS IMPORTANT, and then you had to pay them back in form of unlawful taxes, right?) Create your own detox protocol, remove your self from this spell, and that way it no more has any hold on you. Think of the almost never going away SYNTHETIC FEAR manufacturing into your own nervous system, your heart, it NEEDS TO GO, free your self from it, it is shit! Let it all clear, dissolve it is no match to you, no attachment into your sovereign free willed soul.

Open to your self, open to your beloved benevolent live-continuum, pure innocent standing wave of existence in the orchestra of creation.   the pictures of beloved nature speak to us. She always invites you and treats you With love-ing kindness.

as I see you, we are one. I love you. Thank you.

so amazing this came to me when I was repairing someones old wooden fence.