Practical spirituality is something that needs to be incorporated into your daily practice after the energy shift has been achieved!

I assist you through Counselling and healing energetic alignments and enlightenment to uplift and transform you from living in the suyrvival mode intoa  healthy dynamic balance.

There has to be a willingness on your part to change and to his or her own inner work with my assistance

You have to be consistent, open and honest for this process to work work and allow you to become a successful, integrated and refined real human being.


Body work, sound and sacred languages to shape and shift light frequency for DNA alignment, earth healing, light body activation, space clearing from non beneficial energies in your home or office, and BELVASPATA the angelic healing modality which means “Healing of the Heart”, brought to us by Almine and immortal master, and Jarmila’s mentor from Oregon

Sustainable energy from mother earth. The significance of earth healing energy is in assisting people who feel that they are “different”, uncomfortable within a given environment or have difficulty in relating to others.

For a high quality of life the etheric body needs to be in balance and work in a complementary way with the physical body and the soul.

Texting, emailing and talking on the telephone my be way to communicate on the short term but to have a higher quality of life those communications skills need to be fortified with physical and “life” skills to complete the circle of experiences drawn from our etheric toolbox.


Cosmic frequencies of Divine Light through Infinite Sacred languages: these are specific individual or group “healing” sessions. For those who want to free them selves of enslavement of programmed mind, fear, illusion of manifested illness, imbalance of any kind.

Through Infinite language (which might resemble to some of you Native language, or Lemurian, Atlantean high priests languages, and open up your 3 minds to the knowledge of your soul).

The Infinite Divine Mother’s Goddess languages has the ability to fully activate and work with the original 12 strains of DNA, all your 10 biological systems, emotional, mental, etheric, spiritual, soul, and physical body.

It cannot be in any case abused by underdeveloped light or controlled or detrimented by any hostile intent from anybody. These multidimensional languages are high frequencies of Divine Light and work perfectly and are tailored of each individual and his her needs, deeds, on all levels. In another words they are unique to each person, or group of people (in terms of collective consciousness is concerned)






This place is dedicated to young people who also want to find themselves, who seek to think for themselves through meditation practices, understand the collective cooperation instead of abuse control, drugs and competition, and are interested to learn what they want. The meditation skills are taught step by step spontaneously as we go along, each participates with his own inspired idea to lead the group into a meditation and to also introduce the art of self-healing, relaxing and peacefulness with joy. Teaching on sobriety – the clarity of the mind, plus teachings which the students have chosen themselves is my service to bring forth their true essence.


self-explanatory, People must be touched with the utmost respect and love. The Energy from Holy Grail and Archangels work through me to achieve relaxing of the heart, removal of blockages, illusion of illness, and the reconnecting of your own core to your guides.

Counseling: can be done in person or over the phone or via Skype on following topics:

  • relationships, the marriage between the physical and your Higher selves as this should be the first priority before the “relationship with a “spouse”,
  • the very important relationship to your self first and knowing your self, the gift of solitude, work place which needs to change into a joyous expression of one’s self so you and others around can truly benefit, health, etc.

Belvaspata _Healing of the Heart (Level I-IV) Given by Infinite Mother Goddess of All Creation through Almine, internationally recognized Mystic.

Belvas-pata helps to remove the illusion of illness through Sigils. Also initiations into this new healing modality for those who are interested.


Introduction to Infinite Mother Languages (works with complete DNA, 10 biological system of the physical body, further with the Light bodies).

These are the energy fields which are actually stepped down from Light, divided down in frequency to create the “physical”.

It is the mental, emotional, astral, spiritual and their even higher components up to the cosmic level which are also connected to the planetary grids.

The healing practitioner needs to tune into each persons energetic fields, connect to the their Higher Self and through her Divine God part receive the complete “protocol” of the best fitted energetic healing approach via the Infinite languages. (Know that these are effortless and cannot be abused or misused, since they are strictly conducted via Divine Grace!)

These are the exact match to your present condition, and the spiritual, emotional, mental, ascension wise development, with huge consideration of always updated planetary shift, collective consciousness and individual’s karma, his or her needs, also desires etc.

For example if somebody has high blood pressure problem it needs to be examined for the cause rather than the effect. It is always advisable to seek the advice of a trusted medical professional.


These regular Divine Meetings of One are dedicated to advanced students, practitioners and people from all walks of life who prefer the mastery of the silencing of the mind.

We are able to change “things” through our own Being instead of Doing. This however doesn’t always replaces the appropriate course of action.

We participate as a collective consciousness to help it to clear and uplift, to assist Mother Earth with her clearing of our human mess, consequently when in the High Consciousness environment we receive the Healings from the Holy Grail which is the place that I work from and work with most frequently.

It is this Sacred Healing that is my service to humanity and to aid individuals in bringing you back into the core of their own essence to help you remember and feel who you really are. And then it is fun to be you with YOU. This is a true Oneness that matters.


Be-moreings to all people who know and seek God, true life and all the goodness within their hearts.