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This is a growing sovereign sacred space: The energy illness human is fully experiencing.

December 26, 2020

Aloha friend. Have you driven through a fog? For how long? Humanity is energetically ill, it’s eyes are full of poison, their ears are shot with lazy black magic lies, the hypnotising effect is very high. Look at it through elevated state, take your spirit hands reach deep down and help the humanity to birth/to pull them selves from this hallucinating effect of tyranny lie, and treason, be their wise sister brother whisper into human’s sleeping night ears “wake up, “wake up, choose high living standards, choose freedom, sovereignty, truth, choose love!” “You can’t just let the beast to have you for dinner, find out who you are, why you are on Earth! Find out who is Earth!” And this is how one spends her advice to me and to you: make art, make love, dance, travel long travels inside you*, love the sun, the earth, do not get vaccinated, do not consent to be harmed, controlled and told, scream your lungs out, your heart out loud if you have a place to do it, find the power of peace after you have meditated, peace is power, repeat to your self: “peace is power, love is power I am sovereign free will being, I am eternal and there is nothing that can harm me if I don’t let it.” Focus your skills into creativity loose your self in creativity, make you busy with your self and your family if you have people around that you recognise as your true family. I my self live still afar from my relatives, but have so many soul family friends. I also continue to talk with Earth, I listen to passing geese who are having consistent conversations about the events of nature globally, I share with my little chipmunk the rest of some cake, bread or what ever that is considered to  food. Refuse paranoia! This fog, people are in is paranoia where you don’t know anymore who is who and what is what. And you do know, you know innately everything. There is a story I would like to share and what stands out in my mind these months as we are witnessing the most intense insanity.

This memory of a story  is more then 30 years old: Long time ago in faraway land, there was a imported dictatorship and most people didn’t like that dictator People found their own ways how to fight it, i.e. through literature, leaving signs on buildings, through theatre mainly satire, and or ” sometimes”, when the situation became too close to their skins, they invented plans and revolts and through their creativity, helped them selves to persevere, and to release their deep disgusts.   Well known actress, but not popular at all, intended to celebrate her  60ties birthday, and booked a posh  restaurant and invited all her colleagues actors and actress, about 100 people in total. the entire restaurant was  reserved to her. The posh restaurant’s staff wasn’t very enthusiastic about this guest, and thought to them selves : “well we shall see who will show up for that bitch’s birthday and decided to have a little bit of fun with the food preparation. They played soccer on the kitchen floor, and invited other personnel to take a pitch, including my relative, who worked there as well and that is how I know about this because I was there my self. So guess what happened?  Nobody showed up except for 2 people and her self. After long time of a waiting the “celebrity” reluctantly ordered her food, which was served well massaged and kicked by most of the restaurant’s workers except for their administration,  to her and her  two other guests.. And that is for the poetic inspiration in our present days. I need to say that this particular actress was one of leading members of massively unwelcome and unsupported by the masses, communist party that have enslaved the entire country, she – through her role playing helped to reinforce the shackles over that country and its people.  At some point opportunity presented it self to let her know what people thought of her believes and actions.

To end this writing on a higher note, here is how you can visualise a higher dimension: see a upward spiralling stair case, you tap into higher dimensions by clearing clutter mind, emotions, smiling, feeling peace, happiness, joy, lightness, gratitude. Especially if you desire to meet one day soon Other dimensional beings of beneficial star races, the mental and emotional bodies must be impeccable so we don’t injure our future star visitors. The spiral as it flows upward feels lither and lighter as the tones and frequency is higher and faster, thus different dimensions are experienced. Namaste.