Gaia Teachings


To say Mother Earth is my teacher, is to say a lot of many things. I speak in layers. 

Please give me some moment to gather these pages and soon enough you shall be able to enjoy them with me. 

Thank you Namaste from Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide Jarmila


Notes from OneGaia Honeytation of july 17 2018 (fraud time over extension)

In the preparation for this follow up session with Mother Earth on behave of human kind (the Rainbow warrior of Peace) i was getting a strong message from the negative feminine dark mother that is in actuality this matrix. It chooses war as its main purpose; it hates what lives and thus it hates everything that it perceives in its own self created insecure mirrors as in opposition. It is as we can clearly see — very competitive with lives. I was asked to clear it out. What does this mean in practical sense? Well, simply put it is the sum format of the doubt, fear (so much fear still Earth immediate surface swamis like connected to human auras is sticking to us) and any such thought forms to vacuum them, it is daily dusting etude. And needs to be done. It is further the brakes put onto us as a harnessing mechanism so we do not enjoy every moment every breath since the breathing the air is severely marked with pollutions and poisons. TO clear it out: water fountain, essential pure oil, bees candles, no dust and no dirt cleaning cleaning. Smudging and revoking and invoking.

The actual quality of this One Gaia honeytation is in the spirit of larger places of Earth’s surface we have witnessed and visited on this day deeply involving our selves with the sensations of beingness, recognising the details of the human density body. Some say it is only a shell. Yes, it is but please do not disregard it If we think of it as “only a shell” that is also suggesting it has no value it is a nuisance thus it can be easily destroyed, which is what some others would very much want. I invite you to learn to like it so it may have a sense of Higher purpose, woman needs to be appreciated woman needs to learn to teach her self how to be loved without the make up without the masks. Witnessing of the total transparency in this room during our meditation practice, total non attachment to the mental programming that the human ego is very vulnerable to and we have it in our lungs and we have it in every breath we take, thus you need to meditate you need to heal you need to love your self enough to have the strength to focus on your Inner self. The inner self is what is the matter.
As i was saying earlier, large geographic places were visited and cleared. Mainly in Tibet interestingly enough. (Lots to do also with the throat chakra of a human kind) Specifics:

Tibetan monks generations of males dyed and suffered not blossomed. The conditions were as harsh as if you are in Siberia as a soldier but without the guns and such. Tibetan monks suffering mental disorders: they took on the karma from the lower worlds of Earth meaning previous generations of incarnations of man where mental disorder was rampant due to lack of any kind that was being bread by the political artificial programming such as “religion” relics are the remnants, the museums of what they did to life. Any form of killing it any way they liked. (“They”.. understand as the negative artificial mental intelligence, something that comes from cold underdeveloped soul and it s preference due to their own damages is causing more of the same/in their own image)
Thus this mental distortion was being absorbed by these generations of Tibetan monks (in times where woman were not permitted but it is not true, they actually have had small secret pockets of divine practices to keep somewhat balance on this scale of healing session for Earth). The next layer is the monks were so far out of their bodies, that they developed fear of the physical dense bodies. Earth witnessing the disappearances of the bodies being eaten by the birds of prey. Mother Earth is now developing Her own “human like”. But it is not the type we intimately know: coming from the sperm and the egg. This type is of Her own from Her self! Collective beings. They would like to “join” the other versions which is us. The purpose for this is teaching, listening to the body sound, its vibration and observance how the DNA is working this density out of the human mind/brake up. As usual it is very difficult to describe this. The Gaia collective her self being don’t mean to assume some of us, it is joining without causing any harm. We have a catalyst with us today in this honeytation, who downloads everything with the 100% effectiveness for Mother Earth’s mind-consciousness. It feels to me like supplementing Earth with vitamins, oils She needs very much at this point of time.
For the TRANSFORMATION has been going on now for several decades.
On the “back burner” the awareness is presenting (“me”) with the intellect. It is some kind of traveler and a collector
of spiritual sacred experiences. This is reminiscent of other layers of MENTAL DAMAGES done to us in the childhood, in the marriage, school, else-where type of think, messaging “you can look but you can’t touch” Clearly: where the mind needed another slice of separation from the Emotional body. THE EMOTIONAL BODY IS CRUCIAL PART OF INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT, IT IS THE HEART SPACE WHICH I CONTINUE TO EMPHASIZE BECAUSE OF ITS IMPORTANCE: THE KEY TO OURSELVES THE SPIRITUAL HEALTHY DISTANCE, IMMUNE SYSTEM MUST BE STRONG AND SELF VALIDATED, ALIAS SOVEREIGN.
The next layer in our One Gaia today was about the WHITE CELL OF HUMAN AND MOTHER EARTH. See it as a pillars. The frame of the pillar is white cells holding all color spectrums of all magnetic field, light energy, all three suns merged creating the totality of who we are. In essence this is your own realisation. The journey is your life today.
Every time you meditate you do some healing self work you are meeting with your self, with your living DNA.
The EVENING GAIA SESSION: Brief summary:
NO MIND- is where it continues in the evening session. then energy points at the Throat chakra, magnetic fields, England and crop circles.
The crop circles at this point have aligned with peoples chakra system mainly the three system in charka life: the

heart, the life giving and life sharing chakras (these on our “bodies” are the reproductive, the heart center the throat)
Let’s not assume the roots and the crowns were omitted no, they made miles and miles and miles of light years travel to “station” them selves so Human can actually evolve Naturally!. Please ponder FEEL this.
We run into the repeated problem: the ability to receive Love. What is woman receiving these days, months, years?
Mostly trouble, mostly pain mostly dirty dust. Well, that is the lowest layer the fall when you don’t know how to fly your kite. I feel it too.
Receiving love: listen to water, birds, sun, the language of the trees. I.e. when a bird is sitting on the tree branches, the tree is listening, smiling and enjoying the giggle of the birds songs.
The branches of the consciousness we know as trees: are the showing many choices we are making daily but we act consciously only on limited number of them: one or two. Sadly so. Why is the tree’s ability to be branching out?
We are bring anabolic and catabolic system into “balance” at rest! Meaning: you need to say your truth to your self to the environment, you need to be birthing your awareness of who you are as sacred feminine. Then you are able to receive love also. Be spontaneously available. Be willing to make plans for your self.
After such a deep meditation intensive, my body had to rest for 12 hours no interruption. I saw how the 3d mind is put into a square box where it watches movie/programs of mundane things, it is mechanical figurine obeying programs nothing else. It needs to stay in the box for all time, locked and discarded.
Many people were black cloths woman especially, many other woman wear grey cloths. That indicates something. Something that is in the air around Earth parked. Some insightful woman put flowers over their black-messenger cloths, to end this endless war.
For those who participate with me, please give me a feedback, share your own learning/teaching/experience. I highly value everything you are willing to share and Trust.
Thank you.

I am in full acceptance of the Original Pure Light, Infinite Mother Goddess, where my soul was sinking and soaking in this love in this light One Gaia Honeytation!
Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide jarmila



OneGia Honeytation (July 3th 2018 fraud extended linear)

With each layer of One Gaia meditation grows  consistency of understanding of the unmistakeable benefits for the soul and the nervous system receiving energy medicine, soothing the human mind giving all the nutrients, nourishment so needed and desired coming straight from the Source our Sentience Mother Earth. Earth is the creation of the Prime Creator. We are growing and evolving through these teachings, mutually.

Each meditation is  neurological healing, it is to secure one’s  heart with understanding of its own power, wisdom and loving.  The brain  prospers from such divinely ordained meetings.  Our human roots needs detailed daily clearing, nurturing, feeding and healing, ultimately born in the heart. The root has its own history (DNA memory and patterns, associations, sense of belonging, sense of direction, orientation of physical life continuum.) And so each sister/brother chakra to our human heart, the maker, is a specific growing history on its own, it is like a different planet living in community with all other planets around our human body. I have difficult time settling with the number 7 chakras. But understand is a frame for reference to those fields of interaction with other realms unseen dimensions. Our next level of awareness is

 the sense of MALACHITE  crystal; being beneficial as mind calming and clearing. The mind/heart needs constantly to be cleared and revitalised, neutralised, to keep daily obstacles preventing us from our true original source of prosperity. In these days lots of madness. Many people share with me (mainly woman) they are afraid to think of them selves as being “mad” or “crazy”. They are not crazy. It is what is coming at them that present it self very insane. More and more intensified discharging of dirty polluted energy is working through some people who are not simply aware of different levels of energy. Those people are within the usual frame of being totally 3 dimensional physicality. Always take a moment let the mind to slow down into its natural rhythm atoned with all of your systems, balanced, using inner discernment and seeing internally the environmental psychic pollution, and when calm mind/heart is present, such a pollution doesn’t have much and or any effect on us. Center your self, ground, also don’t be static, you need to often practice dance, movement so the body is in flow with the heart and aura and higher energy.

Through transmutation (“transmutation is a alchemical process, a shift in your own conscious awareness, applying the discernment as your tool, changing the presented illusion aligning with the higher authentic truth.) Crystals work as guidance, an indicator, or shows us into the dimension of the mind and its quality, paralyses, struggles the level of emitting and quantifying certain quality of our own thinking process. We have to have our own rules and boundaries, then the mind reflects that and we may have an easier time with the thoughts/(forms) everywhere around us.

Next layer here:

It is the “3” the womb the throat the heart, the three suns, (the solar plexus, now heart felt connected, the local sun and the galactic central sun). These are the points, gates, levels of exercise and much practiced awareness into the spirit realms, into the unseen worlds, in another words, the family of the right relationships with our star brother and sisters from the galactic perspective. We are exploring what these meetings are or may be, or for warm-up, we go to  movie theatre to watch Avatar, Valerian (and in Valerian the first minutes are the most important message revealing to you some of the other species existing and how our hue-man  DNA Light Body may get triggered by watching these disclosures.

 The more frequent nourishment our Light body is receiving, is from our local sun. It is also for the purpose of activating, clearing fog and forgetfulness, for we are getting back the AHAs from previous life times. The sun is good for us, is good to us. Gate to other parts of universe, crystal city, so many good beings living in the sun. Obviously different expression, not this density you are wearing. So as we travel higher there is evidence in difference of density, there is spirit density and much less the human skin,

“Here” is no more the sense of some “male” domination at all. Check out the words that are mentality driven, and limiting and check in this meditation within. (the surface earth is still full of domination and control, hence woman feel they are crazy, they only reflect what is around them and some man feels it as they can’t protect their families but they don’t want to go to war. And that is great. Cause we don’t need to. If the man is spiritually open and practiced then he knows the difference in his own activated alkalinised being as apart from the unaware male where he is soaking with acidity/rage and aggression strong need to protect some believe, behaviour, fear  blind  adrenal reaction/protection as only choice etc.,)

Trust {within our heart/gut feeling} has been tasted, feared, doubted, forgotten, given up, misunderstood. TRUST IS what you apply when you are faced with great turmoils in your life, when you are faced with upheavals you couldn’t possibly force and even if you did it is nothing like the present reality. Example: your mother continues to be sick, old age, she doesn’t life in the same country, you don’t have very the best relationship but you have a good heart, and when you are called upon you just show up! That is trust in your self, in your gut, in what material you are made of. That is the REALNESS OF YOU THAT PRESENTES YOU WITH WHAT TRUST IS. When you needed, when you are needed.

  Relaxing  deeper into this honeytation, and celebrate the notion of Earth crossing the galactic central plane (based on the understanding from our Galactic Historian). I am curious what does it mean? I want to know how does it feel to pass something so major and our planet being at different level for healing for preparation of shattering changes. These changes are daily reflected in each of us. When we practice our silent stillness we get to experience the fabrics of space, the heart beat of the galaxy. We get to see into more details of what is going on on our own HOme Planet, in Her (as in the inner earth), above Her and at the surface level, very much more intense, sped up. Our nerves get larger and stronger. To be crossing central galactic plane is huge undertaking, and it finally  happened. In my soul memory, just a moment… i might get this wrong but i don’t feel the Earth ever before crossing this plane. When i stay tuned into this important change, I feel lots of different motion, my body wants to move in waves, so i just follow it. And later on, after meditation is over and  we share our experiences with each other, i learn I wasn’t the only one having  experiencing different communication today. And get this: There is a “LAKE OF SOUL REPUTATION“. Something new for my awareness so i must take responsibility for this new information. The next light code for this data is:  how much we – as humanity – shrunk  in our spiritual evolution, (collective) recorded witnessing again all the violations on humanity. There is a presence to  addiction to act or be stupid, (program/believe) which is something far away from its original human PURPOSES. But the other record is the fact that the nature of human does not give up ever its own natural revolution/evolution. Why is human here? The Council of Original Pure/raw Light is communicating with us and our  DNAs: A lot of data is overlapping and or collapsing onto each other. The Council which is part of the Human / Rainbow warrior DNA, is supporting and affirming positive strategies: like “move beyond the lack, the separation. The above terminology is simply the light codes from our DNA.

Half of myself went into the Galactic sun again and the other half is anchoring this session. It is all being recording by my DNA and those that are in this experience, their own experiencing: The soul floating on the waters of the oceanic universe basking in the galactic central sun!

Namaste, Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide, jarmila


One beloved Gaia Honeytation, (tuesday, July 31,2018)

Realisation: soul is neutral, free of feminine/masculine. What the beloved end of end july brought from the notes we share the following: “LOVE NOT CONTROL”. (Yet one needs to be in charge of ones own life in alignment with Spirit), Healing the gaps in ones own awareness! Spirit so called indicating how one needs to put herself in contact with loving energy the Blue heart the Divine Mother and Earth : two separate but not separate only in level of communication and opens to receive information. There was also very personal message which is only for one self then, but it has to do with trauma and how it expires out of the visceral and goes into the skeletal system only as a memory free of the actual trauma. Then the energy from Source comes available again to the “human brain” as pure alchemy=Alcaline light;letting us know of the mechanics of the fallen electromagnetic field and healing it on the spot so we may share only loving vibration with living Earth. There are death thoughts. And this is in conjunction with some short future events (again personal) and also the practicality statement axiom: the old dark matrix don’t need to be embedding our human energy. Testing (as if on trainer machine) teleportation mechanics of switching the brain functions of being “landed” meaning connected attached by the strong ly held generational believe tradition we can’t push our selves off of the magnetic field of Earth. Not true, but can we prove it?, And so brain, nervous system calibration to be versatile (the mechanics of landed and teleporting “languages for our receptive patterning chemistry, plus the electricity of our very brains). The heart is the vehicle, the heart embraces its whole body, shock-trauma cannot will not dominate, lots of mechanical glutting is being realised. Again about our sun being stronger cause it is not singular tunnel energy, the sun is emanating pure heart frequency which Earth has been metabolising into her consciousness frequency languaging, thus activating more confidently Her own changes. And we take those changes through our own little human body, our own lives. Earth is the GARANTOR CARE GIVER to the all are welcome. This light merging of alchemy from the sun the earth is incorruptible. We now are from transmutation easier into transcendence, the carbon changes rampantly in higher octaves. As my beloved partner of One Gaia honeytation puts it:”Huge expansion in each of us emanating as Earth shifting, different communication, so soft and so very strong and lots of dancing movement is full awareness.” (Yes, that is about kundalini.)



One Gaia Honeytation (tuesday september 4th 2018):

The Original source incarnate is how i continue to be interacting with real beings who do have soul signature frequency who have the purest intentions at heart, who have the expertise through multitude of experiencing both the spirit worlds and the levels of physicality incarnations as we call it. Thus my choice to be taught also by Mother Earth/Gaia. The understanding here is: Earth is a Spirit/Soul Planet having a ph. manifestation existence. The purpose of Her Manifest is the uploads and downloads OF ALL SKILLS AND SCALES OF ALL POSSIBLE PAST FUTURE PRESENT INCARNATIONS, as She IS THE TRAINING GRADUATING STUDENTS/ SCHOOL of problem solving skills. And here is a primitive picture how Earth showed me what She means by this statement.*Photo on 9-9-18 at 11.23 PM #2 Gaia

Then we had ALCHEMICAL MULTIVERSE MEETING. The intuitive interaction revealing to our human self the beautiful love contract making we as the contributors for change have created and agreed to so long ago we almost… and don’t remember. Earth’s teachings of today are the Pattern DNA of the worlds above and bellow are different yet they match together as perfect puzzle can match. From the perspective of “BELLOW” (or maybe our belly???) OUR DNA MAKES A PATTERN OF ALL OUR LIVES EVER LIVED, THEIR LEVEL OF DENSITY, LEARNING LEVELS, AND SKILLS AND CREATES SOMETHING LIKE A MANDALA AND OR KIND OF SNOW FLAG I AM AND YOU ARE. THIS FURTHERE IS THE POTENTIAL PATTERN A MESSAGE SEND TO THE UNIVERSAL COUNCIL FOR DECIDING WHERE SUCH LEARNED DATE COULD BE USED AND LIVED THE BEST AS A EXAMPLE AND OR PROTOTYPE FOR OTHER UN BIRTHED UNIVERSES.

TO THE OTHER UNIVERSES THEY ARE AWARE OF OURS. OUR UNIVERSAL (Thanks to the FACT we have had lives on Earth, our own DNA becomes Universally recognized as “ambidextrous and beyond thus useful anywhere else in the “worlds out there”) and further, universal DNA can HEAL and benefit and make prosperous the IMMUNE SYSTEM of the organisation in the universal layers of existence!

The ORIGINAL Benefit for having the Right relationship (our local, then extensions of our own DNA compilations…with other 23 or so different star races), is to fertilize each others attributes, to make them prosperous so ALL BEINGS may further BENEFIT from such fit relationships. Well that makes Perfect Sense. And this should be our focus actually now that we are looking for our true soul family members, now that so much is opening to us. As a side effect of this quality of Earth’s teaching to us is released energy that too has cause trauma of unfit relationships. My soul didn’t need to be engaging in. I am being of no-time and have totally and completely different concept of relationship still foreign to the surface consciousness. Such traumas make us to fall into deep forgetfulness of our purpose, our origin and we almost miss out and then the dear life comes with a great plan and bridges the gaps we were having a difficult times with. What i saw was  i was coming through some deep blue synthetic matrix fog finding on the other side of this Remembering; the interactions that are happening NO MATTER WHAT, interactions with other worlds, other universes, how the large (large then my mind could ever conceive of before) build up spectrum of my DNA and slightly similar to the image Earth has presented to me earlier of Her own evolution, my DNA being like “touch-tone-telephone” ines interacting with another universes, my brothers!

Well, i “hope” you enjoyed this reading. Namaste.



one gaia honeytation (september 18th 2018 fraud time): The life force of Earth/Gaia + The origin Galactic central Sun Life force are one.

The sun and earth continues to fuel and feed with powerful, interactive light energy presents our spinal fluid pulse, the moving kundalini thus getting stronger AND in charge of further bodily changes and cleansing all the pollution standing in it’s way… Branching system, equally engaged with this process of internal transesendece  colourful spectrum ~ feeding engaging fully the planetoids, that are our very chakra fields. Let go. The sun + earth feeds my /yours spinal cord. The human changes (we are undergoing), and human features are set to disclose the true advantages of the little Gaian, terran 3 body=antennae interactive as a “child” with the wonders of merging of two most potencies in joined life force. First hand experiencing via meditation brings you closer and closer to what brought you here.You must understand this is a personal responsibility.

Namaste, Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.


The sunday of perceived ctober 19th afternoon, after 3 p.m, there was a small group meditation held in my small home/house. I am saying “perceived dates” because of the way my heart’s intellect is offering here to uncover what is beneath all those dates and day-s of holographic matrix (mating machine imitating something unquestionable profound . I mean Gaia IS. Unquestionable profound, and each of Her breath brings into our heart her soul signature frequency!

SOUL SIGNATURE FREQUENCY OF EARTH AND my own growing ability and willingness to have last and meaningful personal/soul relationship with Earth planet so misunderstood.
Earth as teacher and way shower has grown me into Her self, now i feel almost full circle but you see it sounds flat when i say “circle” so this is rather the spheral, the sphere that i follow. ANd so all it has offered assistance, love gratitude, physical contributions through stewardship, hands on growing original ancient trees, gardens, farms, food straw bale structures, and learning, listening, walking my Earth, speaking to hear listening to Her Wisdom and receiving from her nothing but love kindness, inspiration, support encouragements, protection, insight, great teachings and the best motherhood her heart has given to my soul and it’s growing. Thanks to this soul signature vibration of the now it requires me to active other sensitive antennas :
i am tuning into each of the attendance who has received piece of a message:…” there was a shallow water, scaled fish, some hue of blue green colors, triangles, lots of hands and  our space got filled with something that could described as thick orange  jello, more like caviar.” The other friend immediately identified with this  orange jello image saying she could also taste it and saw clearly the space being a filled with trillions of tiny spheres in the caviar appearance.

We felt such image was a message from our star family showing us how the earth water can be washed and cleared of the low consciousness: This encompasses the water’s anger- forcing her through rusty pipes in all cities, polluting her with chemicals and other mis use of her Spirit and natural properties and also natural memory/intelligence. we were told that the water has its unique DNA imprint which is now in place and can be upgraded but we also need to participate in it via our spirit/physical hands to be transmitting new energy, uncovering the MEMORY, reminder to the water to be part of the higher dimensional upgrade. For water does record EVERYTHING! Ponder this.

I little later after our meditation was almost concluded, one of friends has asked a question. It was about the “event” that some are obsessing about. what IS THE EVENT?  Maintaining connection in Unity with Earth, She showed me very clearly something what looks like an eyelids (and i got the sense to receive ) that IT IS UP TO HER “IF” and “WHEN” SHE WILL BE OPENING PARTS OF HERSELF LIKE DISSOLVING THE SURFACE SKIRT OF HER APPEARANCE, THESE EYELIDS WILL BE OPENING SIMULTANEOUSLY AT ALL HER LEVELS, THEN THAT IS THE ACTUAL EVENT OF ALL EVENTS, AND IT IS NOT KNOWN BY ANYBODY, NEITHER THIS IS PREDICTABLE, IT IS UNEXPECTED AND WITH A BLINK OF AN EYE VERY FAST. THE MOTHER EARTH AS A FREE WILLED AND SOVEREIGN BEING  IS THE ONE TO DECIDE ABOUT HER OWN BEING WHAT SHE HAS ACTIVATED TO CHANGE!
Her message continued in  saying: “Don’t assume you know me, because that is not possible to achieve in one life time. You are here to figure your selves out. Don’t assume you understand my motions, my thoughts, my nature, you only see the surface and it confuses you with fear instead of putting innate enquires your own nature works of inner observation/learning skills, spongy and playfulness, creative and grounded relax. I reflect to you.  if you don’t walk across to my circumference you really have no idea even of the appearance, of how much space there is available to you each, the Physical and the one you don’t’ see… Why people can be so easily manipulated and twisted in your own thoughts, misperceptions and finite smallness being managed for them by something else…” So this message left with us brought a huge gift of growing realisation: the responsibility to what we are aware of.

Namaste. Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide.


One Gaia meditations Today without the end. My saved pages just disappeared. It takes a lot of work and to continue  relaying on the second hand-copied computer. Common -puters don’t get life force. It is a mimicing us the living beings. My own Plasmoid computer wouldn’t do this…to me. Anyway i start/continue again. This time in brief  selection, (december 23,24,25,26)  AHA MOVEMENT DANCING YOU HOME.

There is a very specific current of feeling, thinking, heart intelligent navigation. I feel the current: 1) Last night there was a brief moment where i tapped into a hearing stream outside of this matrix web of red microwave network. I felt between this 3D network a different sound connecting to my sentience. My Guides let me know which way is to the higher dimensions. You have to be the liquid crystal and then it happens. It happens spontaneously, unpredictably. And you need to realize again and again LIGHT IS UNPREDICTABLE.

2) I was watching a movie and saw only the cookie cutter effect. Meaning the characters were missing their other energy field, thus i call it the cookie cutter, static. My realisation is that: The result of all the anxiety in people is the fact our energy is being harvested we don’t get to see the nature of our innate energy field unless is put through a “machine” when it can be scientifically measured. This really has been upsetting to me. It is the same lunacy as when they steal away from you a child, (the movie/documentary called “Code”) you who is the giver, mother of the child, who loves her child and takes the best care of the child, the child services come as if they can replace ever nature, love and strong bond! it is the ILNNESS OF THE ARROGANT ONES doing this thieve act. The unobscured natural energy fields around us is humming just like when you see your self in the arms of dear nature: all the trees, the birds, bees, wind, sun HUMS WITH EARTH IN UNISON. It is warm loving presence, we have this humming loving presence. It amplifies always when we are aware of it, It is my invisible PLACENTA Original internal mother of my embryo, even if it is  removed, taken away and covered in the blast of noise of this 3D red frequency web microwave. So that is how i explained my self the Anxiety people are suffering from. ANXIETY IS THE RESULT OF A ENERGY THEAF DONE TO LIVING SENTIENCE.Then the movies we are watching are the diseconomy of your all natural energy, so the visual effect comes as static uniform like the cookie cutter.  I trust you understand this virtue once you actually tune in. THE WAYS HOW TO HEAL THE ROOTS OF ALL ANXIETY IS TO CONNECT TO YOUR PLACENTA, TO DEVELOP RELATIONSHIP WITH IT, AS IT IS YOUR GUIDE, JUST LIKE THE SUN IS GROWING MOTHER EARTH YOU ARE GROWING IN YOUR AHA MOVEMENT DANCING YOU HOME.

My next realignment has been recently with one of my last PLACENTA. The birthing mother that has been nourishing me while i was in the womb. It has been protecting the growing embryo from the mixed environment of different sound effects, noise, poisons.  Placenta is a place of high intelligence, memory, it feels like a GUIDE to me , because it is a guide. The placenta is the internal influence connected to the Life Force of everything living. The placenta hides its messages in most obvious places: the shape of fruits and vegetables, the gramophone, the glass, your palm of a hand. The life force is the all encompassing sustenance of all our tiny lives, for we are each of us a small tiny Gaia. I have drawn intuitively my own placenta and then later on it dawned on me that this inner mother can lead me to the mothers before this one till i come to my very first INCARNATION  Photo on 12-11-18 at 3.09 PM

breath i have taken on this planet, thousands and thousands of life times! So you see, just few pages ago we were talking aout the Life force of the Galactic central sun and our planet. Looking and putting together for what restores you. Draw your own placenta and meditate with it. Now that the SUN IS THE DEEPEST WITH EARTH ON THIS “D” northern plate undivided from the southern “D” plate, {Just like this brain is not divided into submission of external believes} this intuitive being travels the deep within, having electrical discharges of my AHA: It says: “The existence is something that i gave me from the ISNESS. WELCOME TO THE BUSSINESS OF THE ISNESS, DEAR ONE.” I choose to see it from my observer stance so to give me a good bases to wake up and build my AHA days. I have been living my HEART DAYS AND NIGHTS (the seeming separation linear threat to my very life but it doesn’t have any hold anymore) AND MY HEART SPIRIT AWARENESS GUIDING ME. And as the words are only linear beast, the propelling velocity of the innate motion genuine to its purpose leads the way through the shadows. Choose to see with your Spirit Eyes residing in your loving Heart.

Namaste your Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide.


Here are the recent teachings and different accessing of the Original Light information/rather opening oval doors to the ageless Sacred feminine, on March 1, 2019 fraud time during a private healing session:

Photo on 3-2-19 at 10.34 AM


What i am presenting here (left picture) is the language of true sacred feminine immune system of our original DNA; crystal clear, very soft (the sense i got from this is very soft “surface”), see through, later as i connected to this presentation of DNA it turns pale pink, pale purple hues and then YELLOW….when in Yellow Iam….it is where one is totally on her own and has to decide via the very heart of me, what it is that i am learning, experiencing, seeing here, where am I? This original Feminine DNA cannot be mutated, harvested, changed, the “colors” represent the vibrational octaves in which one “enters”/merges with. The Yellow lets me me and How i connect to the sacred immune system is up to my consciousness.  This Knowledge can be found in the Book of Records of Infinite Mother Goddess I AM PRESENCE.

Photo on 3-11-19 at 3.37 PM #2

Earth is master Principal healer. She has made her self averrable to help us resolve deep unconscious predatory treaty issues we were tricked into, they were forced into our consciousness to demoralize the original purpose humanity serves not as a slave to a draconic agendas but rather as innocence as a ability to show the many levels of creations this human vessel has to its disposal when the emotional (magnetic) field is pristine and not polluted constantly by the low false debilitation of fear (second choice) insecurity, lacking, debility, competition, yealousy, guilt, blaming, shame, etc., not really how we ment to create. The Christ Consciousness has served its purpose (this is a teaching from the fraud year of 2014 where the regime of totaliarism is no longer supported in any realms of higher consciousness), and will remain with the Old version of Earth as the key, to ensure all goes well and the Law of Purification activated since many years ago to ensure this slave system not only ends here but is not by any means being spread anywhere in the other universe(s).

ONE GAIA HONEYTATION, 5.3.2019      3D shift another level, and we are mostly speaking Light soul languages to bring us into the unified field without negative polarity, this is the potency filed where the heart and mind are one it is the ZERO POINT ACTUALIZED and yes i am being reminded again of the previous chapter, the DNA sacred famine the actual immune system for all, meaning the Immune system is a powerful assembly of energy that is available not only to Mother Earth Gaia but also to us, when we perceive through the “crystal mind” Regular meditation expend our awareness, it shatters and breaks the prison of 3D. Between mountains, valleys, and hills are placed magnificent gigantic CRYSTALS OF UNICIFACTION. We are further brought to the teachings of original gene of the oldest woman, these genes again cannot be by any means altered, stollen, caponized, mutated. My soul sister Christine receives electro-magnetic sigil (the experience is again the formal 2stranded DNA and the dull nervous system upgraded by this sigil by this wave of Iam Sacred Feminine Original blue print Presence teachings) Anything that is still subliminally affecting (mainly the dark spell that used to look like very bad and fat black tire superimposed over the Earth but not there anymore) the sacred life expressions on Earth is being systematically dissolved. HOw and why? Because Gaia has made major moves out of the designed by darkness location we know this since 2014, There is plenty of CRYSTALINE ENERGY SPIRILING, SPARKLING ONTO EARTH, THE HIGH FREQUENCY CAN BE ACCEPTED AND EXPERIENCED ONLY BY THOSE WHO ARE ATUNED, PRACTICED IN DAILY SPIRITUAL HYGIENE, SELF HEALING, MEDITATIONS AND ARE ACTIVELY REMOVING THEM SELVES FROM ANY FORM OF MOST UNACCEPTABLE ENSLAVEMENT, IT IS REVOKED, ANYTHING “LEGAL” IS NOW DECLINED AND ALL LAWFUL OF DO NO HARM TO ANY SENTIENCE IS UPHELD AND SUPPORTED. IT IS DEFINITELY THE INDIVIDUAL’S CHOICE TO HEAR YOUR OWN NATURE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL MAKEUP AND GO WITH THAT. Namaste, Transparent Krystal Guide .


One Earth/Gaia Honeytation, March 19,2019 fraud time.  Gaia is higher deeper aspect of Mother Earth. It is possible to love.(was the first heart felt “thought” i received to get me started.)And i can be told and shown this million and one times and still have lots to learn and to interstand. TODAY was extra magnificent teaching:

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THE CHARACTERISTICS OF RELATIONSHIP TO LOVE FOR ONE SELF. We begun with symbology that the mind understands to gradually move us into the more comfortable high vibrational frequency of experiencial telepathy, the living love of Isness. Active relaxation is relaxation you know you are making happen by suspending all the dirty kilowatts of tentions over your nervous system, thus the water thus the breathing thus the repeated connection through the heart center, The heart center needs to expand. How is it possible? Well can you feel it expanding? Can you feel right now your hands? Can you feel and connect to mother Earth, to Sacred Feminine? and then all the heart-homing, where we connect to Galactic central sun our local sun and the inner sun of Inner Earth it makes it very powerful and potent field. Forget about the fear you are having or you had what if the linear will do this or that, or what if the linear who likes to ridicule and reduce all the nature out of you is your responsibility. Let that go. The silver codes are here to assist your human transcendence for as you have known for many years you can’t live like this anymore, not sustainable, so keep bouncing on the huge spheres of strong energy and keep anchoring them through this work, through your body to the Earth, keep communication open from your heart with the light spheres and open up to freedom from the linear. Free you self from your conditioned small life, feel the love’s generosity!!!!      Photo on 7-19-18 at 6.02 PM



Namaste, transparent krystal spirit guide.




I am is the Sacred Feminine Walking. What is the discipline? It is the practice of Joy, Happiness, Love, these high frequencies keep the heart healthy, keep the life young, keep the life solid. OUR sigils, that are the crystalline beings, dissolve the pixels. The ego mind is really angry and upset for not being in charge. Yes, the horrid plans against dear humanity may still be endorsed but that is only one small shrinking narrative. Those who have warm heart felt connection to Mother Earth, we know and recognise Her first hand nurturing, Her first hand teaching and how She is in Her ways. Homeopath is the path to home. Today we were being connected to the very fresh events which i was told the Church in NotreDam was on fire and some other place as well. Mother Earth Gaia has Her perspective:”those buildings of pain and suffering to be removed from my sacred ground”. Our build up heart work heart meditations heart teachings fist hand leading us into the ROOT OF ALL LIFE WHERE WE ARE THE TOTALITY OF ALL HOME:THE EMBRYO IS HEART MANIFESTED BEING. And when the imprinting of the linear worlds starts it is because it is the place for the domination and control to get hold of the sacred and with the use of black magic turne it upside down into the polarity division control for the mind to see actually up-site down thus experiencing fear and forgetting the first original blue print which is LOVE. HUMAN BLOOD CAN HEAR, ALL HUMAN HISTORY IS RECORDED IN OUR BLOOD, BLOOD IS WHAT CONNECTS US ALL, I HEAR EARTH TELLING ME TO CLAIM THE BLOOD INTO MY SOVEREIGN I AM PRESENCE, SICNE THE BLOOD IS EVERYBODY’S IT IS NOW THE THYME WHERE THE BLOOD BEGUN TO AWAKEN THE COLLECTIVE HUMAN. THIS IS TRULY MOST PROFOUND THING TO HAVE UNDERSTOOD TODAY, TO BE SHOWN, AND REALIZE!!! When the church went into flames, IS WHERE THE SEAL OF THE VERY HUMAN BLOOD BROKE AND NOW THOSE PEOPLE THOSE COLLETIVE HUMAN WHO WAS PREVIOUSLY STILL IN SLUMBER HAS UNDER THEIR VERY SKIN THEIR SACRED LIQUID OF SELF-AWARENESS; THUS ENDING THE CYNICAL FORCE, BURNING DOWN THE FALLS FOCES. IT IS AN UPRESIDENTED SITUATION WE ARE IN AS A HUMANITY. IN HUMAN BLOOD RUNS IT’S VERY TRUTH, THE TRUTH IS THE INTERCONNECTIVITY, THE VERY SACRED FEMININE PRINCIPAL THE BLOOD IS IN PHYSICAL, LOTS OF AWARENESS COMING. SO WE CLAIM OUR BLOOD AS MANIFESTED PART OF THE ORIGINAL SACRED FEMININE PRINCIPAL THE MIRICAL LIQUID THAT SEES, TRANSFORMS AND BRINKS PEOPLE BACK HOME TO EACH OTHER, THE WARS CAN’T EXIST HERE WITH US ANYMORE. (…AND  i was given further blind blood is when war is, bleeding woman on her moon giving blood back to Mother Earth, is realised, recognized vessel of interconnectivity, telepathy, oneness. very powerful. just feel this.



I in the ever present moment of the NOW CHOOSE to be the memory the action the frontier the steward the leader heart-ship evolving elevated innate focus,of my own ordained ministry, cracking the fall of “karma” {= 3D} and ditching it out of balance long thyme ago dogmatic fals strategy of unconsciousness, barbaric, cruel  fabrications of spiritual bulling,  underdeveloped damaged vulgarists.

The BLOSSOMS of springs coming the grass breaking every single thyme troughs the ugly asphalt  the heart still beating its own heart beat …here is ONE GAIA and Her awesome Spirit teachings. AND I do want to say The seen and the unseen are slowly merging here in front of the 1/2blind eyes sometimes they have merged and they are always merged, the rubic cube is solved and if you don’t understand where these words are guiding you, you might get a glimpse in a moment later.

One Beloved Gaia honeytation, Gaia is giving me the following

Themes: 1)THE FAMILY  number 4 + One, where the four is a basic structure of all fundamental perceptions, gates, doors. One can see it as south, north, east, west zero point Spirit, parents children, earth, sky, sun, roots. the woman and man doesn’t feel supported, we don’t have a true community. Mother Earth is letting me know She is aware of the family distraction, disintegration and how She is prepared to make changes, how She will go about it.  I realised through deep experiencing the destabilisation of my being, because I NEED family (even when the kids are gone and or they still label me as not very desirable because i am a “healer” and they are “christians” so i am “bad/black” and they are “good/white”: the program believe they hold against me holding it against them selves ultimately, has the emotional and psychological tendency to undermine, so one picks this energy up and creates a weird psychology around as if it is my truth less valuable then theirs and they have some kind of approval “ACT” so i feel less then there believe is still in fashion held dogma style.) so i can  feel internally backed-up (To feel being “backed up” is done through our soul family members , it really makes the difference how one can do things with so much more ease, before one finally decides right here and then to drop this and carry on one own) to be emotionally and mentally and spiritually stable!  Through series of many years I have mastered to be my own family since very early childhood. I have mastered the mind and the emotions during times of deep wounding, where the darkness was after my heart, my soul trying to brake my Spirit. At times i looked at my self with weary will to live, i wanted to leave this planet i wanted to give but but i never did. IT is through introspection, through the listening heart that one can achieve what one seeks. And that is to full-fill one’s purpose. To be of divine service. but you have to be watch-full or else the spirituality can become just another enslavement. So this is how i can honestly describe in nut shell this summary of destabilisation and what family means. ANd Gaia sees it, and She has made a plans to fix it.

Within the Mind of Earth: there is a Tumor library meaning very long list of what needs to change what needs to be heard and healed. Her Tumor is everything here what went wrong. The Earth Mind is calibrating all Her accounts of all events, and She is letting me know about Her major shifts and events taking many years to bring her humanity into the front of prosperous family oriented loving kindness as intended at the creation. Human needs to learn her/his own VALUE, its WORTH, human must stop wasting them selves for wars, taxes, slavery, everything is now being done from within the human her self him self through  recalibration/liberation.

 where Earth spoke again and gave these words : “THIRST, INFORMATION, DISINFORMATION, SPACIAL CLAUSTROPHOBIA.” So this is the very sincere sacred space dedicated to Mother Earth Gaia and her Honeytation, day 2, Fraud May 1st, 2019: and i see very interesting skin looking like a tree bark, off white in color, cur-lies bark like.

Today is the day where the acknowledgement, perception, reading Her own Crystalline body mind is uploading, lots of liquid, lot of water back into her core, (CORE IS THE SELF) She is cleansing Her self, She is introspecting her emotional body, the water, the water is also a symbol for collective human emotional body. ANd the mess it has been in, mostly the unconsciousness. The diagnoses of humanity looking pretty bad in terms of internal damages.The internal self intelligent living computer (in sense it is but i really don’t prefer such expression for it may give a confusing imagery to some.) THe abuse of free will…is on the list of to do in terms of changes.


I see Earth’s large tongue. (Surprise actually , i don’t operate under expectations. Earth has Her own ways how She communicates with each of us little specks on her beautiful all knowing sentience)

What is clarity, where do we reach inside of our selves to discern really what is clear to us, our inner standing with our NATURAL SPIRIT, our understanding without attachment to it…  the slang language…. About the family and its disintegration: Earth is healing all humanity’s existence! Through our visceral body, our emotion we get to have the learning experience how is this to be healed, address, with Her close face to face presence, Nothing is any longer remote, The Spirit the Kind Intelligence is very very close. It is your own due diligence to make sure it is so in your own personal life. Within our own voice, healing opening different aspects what needs to heal within the layers of our selves there are many unknown crevices untouched pockets, undiscovered places, Pay attention how to be intimate within our selves, intimacy is how you know your self, what are you learning about your self? What you are learning brings out additional programming that is false and needs to be eradicated. The vibrational frequencies that are look upon as “disaster spiritual scars, emotional scars trauma…. (This layer here is very fast process of Her Mind/Crystalline base lines). We are separating different densities so we can fully be going back home into our own nature,WAVE OF ALIGNMENT, WAVE OF INTEGRATION…opening up the arms, hands infront of one’s heart feeling the heart aura, moving into different realities…My delightful soul sister mentioned a butterfly and what she has been experiencing. Indeed the butterfly has its own library within the creations of Mother Earth. Here is some teaching i have received during this session: the caterpillar has to upload all the legacy, history of its own kinds first, all his ancestors, i felt its Lungs, heart, the core vibration, like dancing and or shacking like tiny electricity coming through this caterpillar, during the cocooning the caterpillar has a dialog, conversation with the creation, and the Creator, the wings are the imprint of this conversation and the flight is the master piece containing all the imprinting of his ancestors, specific creation.depiction of the mystery of butterflycompiled)Namaste, Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila


…Aloha to you seen and unseen placenta of great beings who co-create expansiveness, mastery, clarity achievements out of our experiences. I have been been sharing about these teaching for a while, because I have been on the road for last 6/7months and absorbing all the different length of energetic imbalances, evacuations of many different energies, fear existing in other realms and how all of this is changing the SUR-FACE of Earth planet. The face of Earth has been changing, the inner body of Mother have been changing. I got this download just few fresh mornings ago and it does have to be written as received altho you are aware by now I get teaching/information via clairvoyance, or skin reading etc., so as always please bear with my articulation. Tune in and practice FEELing the text rather then using the school system 2 dimensional hand-me-down seconds mentality. Thank  U.

The download is about conditions some of us may be finding our selves in these days, DNA RNA ACTIVATIONS:…1) SUN MINUTES (sometimes called the “light years”, but truly i have no idea what light years means anything except how it used to be taken as something that takes long long time to get/affect us down here) well, this SUN MINUTES is what affect influences through activation the RNA (SACRED FEMININE) THE SUN ACTIVATES THE RNA PLACENTA LANGUAGE OF MY GENETICS. RIGHT HERE I MUST SAY ALL OF THIS WHICH YOU SHALL READ IN UNFORTUNATE LINEAR FORMAT HAS COME TO ME IN EARLY MORNING FEW DAYS AGO AT ONCE, ALL DOWNLOAD HAPPENED AT ONCE. I WAS CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED IT IS MY VERY DNA RNA I KNOW WITH I ACT WITH NOT THE BRAIN, THE BRAIN HAS DIFFERENT ORGANISATION DEPARTMENT, WORKING LOCALY MEANING WORKING WITH THE FUNCTION OF YOUR LOCAL PHYSICALITY, YET THE LOCAL PHYSICALITY IS DE-CONFUSING LIGHT SPECTRUM AS WELL…. so… THE SUN has this very rich light language spectrum activator to my/yours RNA. Gaia’s RNA/DNA is gigantic library system like what i saw i could describe as gigantic brain in interesting mix of light light, white light deflecting any dangerous bastard trying to annoy Earth’s work, Her Mind and Her colossal libraries of every single genetic encodement she ever has purposed on Her body and inside of Her. The “human” mind is mostly useless it is a puppy that can be trained, which can be dangerous. but your activated DNA is a power house, you know and see your self in any life time you communicate to life in the big picture. so TRUE ACTIVATE BEING OPERATES IN FULLNESS OF IT’S ACTIVATED DNA RNA KNOWINGNESS NO MORE PUPPET, the gullible operational brain wave through internet technology matching its puppet masters. The DNA don’t seem “strands” more like my other selves/lives. (then this part very personal) Some part of me keeps yelling at Earth to wake up, but Earth is doing great that is this part/me down here who needs to wake up! The heart, lungs, throat, stomach is one huge bolt of light sphere presence of I am, They told me “we are gonna fix you” you are activated …hmm, what I am looking at is a gigantic walnut shrink that used to be a wholesome bolt of round spherical light (living universe, chakra energy, cosniouses (this is not my usual typo, it is an universe language, expression, like osmoses,) . The number ( is important) in DNA RNA mainly correcting al other dimensions or rather densities, octaves, of Earth/but what it means the little earth the human and non-human, the Gaia no-time being, we access age less data base where everything is known and active archives in perpetual existence, not like in the 3D where your archives are full of stagnant dust. Now within speed of thought  I am in the Inner Earth looking at some 200, thousand beings making their way east-north but the passage seems to be only this sharp laser light, someone, or something didn’t want these beings to come up to surface Earth telling us teaching of truth. The trees: trees must loose their leaves in the season of fall. It is to discharge the “delta, theta, and other gamma frequencies so Earth’s surface consciousness can remove pain from Her body/mind. Except that it is very different mind that we are told what mind is. It is release from harm, pain trauma since the trees witness violations all the time. During summer there is the LOVE SONG of Earth. She is now going to be singing different “SONGS” reminding us more and more. MEMORY means “you are more, more of you that never ends. SEXUAL ACTIVITY MUST BE HAPPENING. It is to light the inner light the torch, when witnessed, innerstood in the original purpose.  So what i have experienced, witnessed here was I saw, hmm, I see Earth’s kundalini energy, the pingaia, Gala light it is the central galaxy where all universes are born conceived, felt through of its it he hub of creation from the so called bellow perspective, the spin (birth, conception, actualisation of conception of entire galaxy) happens  as if i suppose to comprehend the rhythm : “east-north-west-south” in the root chakra. And this is huge, for it is not my only yoni, it is the Earth’s root chakra, changing everything, it is…hold on…what woke me was the first connection umbilical like sun-light cord: red/before the sun reached the southern hemisphere, I saw the body of my first incarnation, I saw the birth of our SUN1. AND this body that I saw looked raw muscled body with cords attached to it, those belonging to sun-human-gaian of this universe, and then the cords to the “future” universes, which are already part of this DNA/RNA (not RAN) There was a cord coming through the ears as well orientation “local space bubble time” maintenance. I felt the spine, lower abdomen as the knowingness sacred feminine to “who” is speaking to Her via DNA communication is activating. So I translate this last part better: Basically our DNA and Earth DNA/RNA is doing something that has to do with better communication so we woun’t need this kind of language, This was also to build up the autonomy. I am now being reminded of the unusual energy that i have felt last fiat December 2019: very strange very strong but muddy energy the very bottom heavy which will change things dramatically for the better in terms of quality life that Earth has been activating since then and now we are in this type of change that can be easily miss interpreted, so we MUST CONTINUE TO FEEL AND LISTEN, I am now more lucky for I am fully in the outdoors, with nature. Thank you for reading, Transparent Crystal spirit Guide.

The White horse Libraries

New Zealand, December 8th, 2009


Turn to Innocence The Bond of Mother and the Child.

June 19 and June 20, 20:20 is the day when I have entered  the interconnectivity  to the sanctuary of all souls. A magnificent place of rejuvenation and face to face seeing, experiencing witnessing the Sacred feminine creator of All creations. It is a solitutude that many souls traveling, living with, living within, find them selves to be in.  It is a sacred place but people are still somewhat afraid of solitude not understating what it means. My feeling has been of the one out of many purposes of my soul, It is to protect all sacred space is to protect life to guard it. Mostly quietly for many many incarnations.  My soul has been in of longing-tude for this remembering and now it is time to embrace it fully. It is a place of grateness. Sacred Mother of All Creations consciousness connection. The very specific task is how to carve  such unique light  language of one’s soul and weave it into the tapestry of multidimensional co-existing life. If the solar plexus has been fully healed and cleared of all junk (air pollution, polluted food, people, entities etc., it affords the sun light to come through the body coordinating with activated RNA DNA technology, then we have back the DIRECT co-creation with our Mother Sister Earth planet.

Today and yesterday I am celebrating my granddaughter’s 1st universally. After thousands of earth’s “years” for not being available we are finally reunited, it is greatest joy, making lot of sound, music, ancient light languages speaking and singing. But I am physically in the Southern Hemisphere and my family is in the northern hemisphere. So what? It is one brain. It is one place, The BOND, The true love is the yolk.  I am celebrating my daughter’s motherhood. For me it is about a BOND THAT CANNOT BE BROKEN EVER. No matter what the fucking (oh swear word? Here? YES! I need to use my other parts of my brain.) domination and control has been doing to us for millions of years. We are still meeting we are still living and remembering and celebrating. We can look into each other’s eyes/soul and see the purity and innocence. And that is what I am celebrating today, Big victory. The victory that I have not turned against me against my family I have not turned against love no matter how badly I was being torched and tormented. The bond between mother and child being a human mom and or conscious planet and or the Prime creator Feminine principle Her self. All these “levels” are synchronised and celebrated by my heart.

I am in New Zealand named by and probably after the English conquestors . So much more appropriate name for such innocent and very firmly carved and shaped sacred land, is in Maori Tonge recognised to be the  AO TEA ROA. I have been here, in AoTeaRoa, before, in the de facto year 2009 and and now I am back so I could finish my trip. “Loosing and being physically separated from my children I have lived for, by de facto corrupted Canadian court system has caused me to have a heart attack that I got my self into after nasty and cruel separation from my children that I couldn’t live without, but I had to (for the time being) learn how to live without. It was this mother child bond that kept me alive and step by step I was healing and then healed it  which has taken me many long I am here in this pristine nature since march and soon be turning my wheel of journeying onwards, heading north. I am also here to bring a closure to my previously unfinished trip as I have mentioned earlier. But it is not only that. years. It is always learning teaching experiencing. When you are here you are walking side by side with Spirit first hand. As a matter of fact I say anytime you are in arms of Mother Nature you walk hand in hand with Spirit.

AoTeaRoa is the mirror reflection, twin for Inner Earth. Almost everything you see here is what is in Inner Earth. Cliff and cathedrals made by Mother Earth holly abundance. Thee Aorta interconnectivity. Walking spiral pathway. You can walk it horizontally vertically upward downward, diagonal It is all good for the growing mind previously depleted and burden by endless programs and believes (be-lie-eves). Those believes were and still are to many people a treason onto the humanity, nightmare. We need to walk, live with= this Earth!!!!!, get to know Her intimately (EARTH INTIMACY CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?) and get to know our true nature our history that is again as have said before “Her-story” and that will be the healing process that we are undergoing as legacy of human spirit.

Twin flame- the magenta colour that I have been living since I set the sail on this long journey and as my soul sister pointed out to me last night during our conversation, saying I have been on the road for 9 months now. So what does it mean to live the magenta color? (OR any other vast spectrum of colours that ARE coming DIRECTly from the Galactic central sun interconnected to our sun interconnected to our DNA/RNA. It is the principal of recognising the higher dimension/density that dwells in the so called crown (corona) chakra. It is feminine principle, it is the hair around this chakra that produces different “hormone” the knowingness hormone of the Sacred feminine spirit. And so this is HOW I understand it, how I feel it and see it. The Pacific Ocean is a great big help with this realisation, realignment. The so called 7th chakra magenta life force dancer if free of any unlawful hijackers and hitch-kickers provides us with sets of instructions and navigation tools to the higher realms like the number 14 chakra all of your lovely tree of life map is visible through the Spirit body and available to the physical nurishing/spiritual education and cultivation. For this chakra needs to undergo greater cultivating to be spiritual capable of maintaining strong spiritual immune system, strong emotional-immune system and freeing the mind of all oppression and long list of shit human has been fed with for centuries. This place affords to the Living Ancestor of the Inner Earth such highly treasured possibility-Positive Light, True Light, It is imperative we stress out here that what I am trying to share and describe is the very intimate meeting and direct teaching by the Sacred Feminine Mother of All Creations. So yes:Living the colour Magenta is a great journey on it’s own in no single moment of separation, it has to be seamless. This is what most dear to me and closest to my heart. This is what has created the original founders of Earth: We brought the light frequency codes very carefully layer by layer them “down” in safe keeping of Mother Sentience Earth.

The Sacred Feminine Principle of All creations has taken over. Shifting the gears, I keep telling me this day in day out, as if part of me still in turmoil of what has happened here, the greater is guiding and affecting positive changes step by step, clearing the small mind of all distractions so the dictator of negative regime thought programming is non-existent. Period.

and I my self is open and willing,  trusting,(Prove of trust: you find it a little later in this text) that it is not going to go back to the darkness fear misery lack hate fucking domination and control you have been summoned by the Spiritual court of Equity that follows me Everywhere I am, where’ve I go. What is your authentic signature frequency existence? You have been violating me for millions of years. Your domination and control is over now. I don’t interact with beings who are not real!

The aorta of Mother (Earth). Mother and Child, The aorta (it seems to tell me,) it is a meeting, connecting place with Inner Earth. It is a place of delegation being held in the past and in the future of galactic nature. MY soul has a memory of being a galactic diplomat of Lemurian Era, also being part of this beautiful AoteaRoa place.

AoteaRoa is the mirror of Inner Earth.  There exists a good will between the surface part of our planet and the Inner Earth. It wishes to communicate, to unite so dialog is friendly and peaceful. Some of us are the guardians, I am the living ancestor of Inner Earth.(such was he revelation few years back and rather big surprise to me.) Making this realisation what that actually means and the greater responsibility with it.  This post is about the sacredness of deep bond between Mother and her child, be it the Mother Earth Gaia the Sacred feminine principle guiding all creations. We expand the vocabulary, the inner standing, we open the curtain the veil has been broken for some time now, something else to celebrate. It is my (personal) victory that Iam acknowledging and also the victory of Spirit that we are. Given what has been unraveling lately and how this world made of negative matrix, delusion and illusion is dying and it cannot take the human with it, even tho it tries so hard to do so.

Living the Magenta colour is to live With(in) the higher dimension, is to further live the higher chakra (evolving, changing sphere that can be one day another living sensei planet), connecting and opening up to the Galactic chakras within the very galactic central sun, including us all into Its Presence. And so it goes: living the heart green/gold energy etc., In so much gratitude for my children, my daughter who is now also a mother to a beautiful ONE year darling, The bond continues to grow and prosper and be healthy and still healing through love and support, through gentleness, kindness, patience, wisdom, trust, innocence, purity. We are eternal beings and that is What I have been trying to share with who ever may read these posts. (bellow is a recent picture, that I call “Sky person”. Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit guide. Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts w/me. Thank you.

ALOHA GAIA I AM HERE AT ONCE.7. Today is the BIG SHAVEL shaveling all the untruths about what human is, what humanity is and or has been, this is now triangle 45 degree alignment, Our sovereign truth is coming back into us all. WHEN I SAY ‘ALIGNMENT’ THIS IS HOW IT FEELS TO ME IN MY SO CALLED THIRD EYE: the brain is at home with Prime CREATOR. HERE IS ANOTHER PART FROM MY ORIGINAL SPARK OF PRIME CREATOR THAT I AM THAT HAS TRANSPIRED TODAY DURING LOVELY MEDITATION:

some new expression: 1. SPERNUM: Meaning sperm and egg as one THE LAW OF NO SEPARATION!, that is the evolution traveling billions of years, and we call it THE BREATH, breathing is the traveling motion back into the Prime creator= full recovery of memory, I hope this will bring those who may listen to this authentic recording, more remembering how beautiful you are as a result of Prime Creator’s JOY HAPPINESS, UNIQUE ARCHITECTURE AS THE VIGOROUS ABILITY TO EXPRESS, CREATE, WONDER, GET LOST ON PURPOSE, LAUGH, AND THE ABILITY TO TOUCH THAT WHICH IS SEPARATED PREVIOUSLY BY ILLUSION. 2. ANARA-TES = SUN AS MASTER ALCHEMIST; in small english, we might see it as “sun and nurse/nursing (when using the letters in different arrangement). 3. CONO-CONEYE=SUN MEDI-CARDIUM. this is where we have integrated the ancient knowledge of us as the original Golden Human equipped with diamond sun frequency, which might be perhaps also innerstood as the future self activated DNA/RNA mitochondria, We can not mutate based in any forcing of technology into our bodies, minds, voices, blood, any cells, we must continue living in and with NATURE!!!. thus It is ALWAYS A VICTORY WHEN WE GAIN SOME MORE EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING OF OUR OWN TRUTH. I AM SHARING MY TRUTH, THAT I FEEL MAY BE HELPFUL TO SOME OF YOU WHO ARE DELIBERATE ON YOUR INNER WALKING PATH OF FREEING YOUR SELVES FROM GLUE ILLUSIONS, DECEPTIONS, TRAUMA AND STUPID FEARS. JUST STAY IN CHARGE OF YOUR NO CHARGE IN POLARITY THAT IS ALSO A DELUSSION. I AM LEARNING WHAT IT MEANS THIS 360 ENORMOUS FEELD OF ZERO POINT OF NO POLARITY/CHARGE. THE OTHER LESSON RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE ABOVE IS:


TURQUOISE  ( Turquoise) I felt I am a living a remembering turquoise, i felt it in my womb, in my bottom of the body i felt the vertical blue and horizontal green, the mother earth and father sky and the sun marring all this is a alchemy. When I have this realization of living, breathing liquid and yet also solid form of a crystal i feel again have gained more emotional innerstanding went to the core of the making of our local organic evolution, and the nature of life’s espression (this is not a typo). Again, re awakening, balanci

ng. Well It feels like this part is done now and will be in the next step in writing here again. Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, jarmila.

today june 21st twentyfirst, twenty-twentyONE. dream it is like the clear elastic holding all different crystals of my necles experien

cing. I dream these days of The True North:

Today never dies, it is ETERNAL marker, eternal synergetic congregation of true original powerful energies in unison, humans invited, being active participants, (as the negative, life deprivators, their technology instaled caused augmentation of the natural flow of never ending and expiring cosmic life force, the technology and their dark agendas made the life force short, thus causing it’s energy to be recycling all the time, so we lived on recycled energy in marriage, in history, in all repetitions of everything in our lives and deaths. Recycled energy of black&white=COLD POLARITY. The colors removed, colors didn’t make it . Recently thou COLORS, the Tones of Mother’s creations are now HERE and Earth loves it!)

GOOD THINGS ARE COMING. Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila, in Gratitude.

another T/day in the matrix. But wait a minute I am NOT in the matrix,  (read this word matrix as it is mathematical trickery, trixters, texture manipulators, liers, deceivers, color theves.)

I have left long thyme ago, it is De facto July 13th 2021 my meditations exponentially evolving (this is never final). I had one beloved participant in the physical body beside having million observers in the so called unseen worlds, Mother Earth/beloved Tara/Gaia with their permission went into the Earth’s PSYCHIATRY as Mother has been teaching me not to mention healing my heart, body. Today we bring the following formulation that I choose to call for now ‘TRUE SOVEREIGN I.D.” and it does appear kind of this way:Θ

the text reads: changes{ also onto the Limbic brain: realisation of yet another Bigger bigger pictures scale of the fact that the emotional/limbic is not in limbus anymore, it is back into it’s integration of I am(see pictures bellow), the Limbic brain via growing awareness realises it is part of the brain stomach, heart brain, and mind/brain the emotional body thus now in more softer relaxed (no pressure) state of being, as a part of thisGalaxy!, that is part of this Yoniverse that is benevolent and loving for the most bigger so called portion of it. Addiction to the OUTSIDE WORLD ELIMINATED. 3D stomach gut, ego, is seen by the Higher Mind observing the 3D in opposition (meaning just sitting as in imagination on the other side of this scale). So we are seeing here the heart draws connection to the stomach area and it’s brain (processing all the information with checking points of the feelers send out, then the heart furthure from the stomach area (south position) goes NORTH to reach and to make another important and life lasting inter-connectidness with body Brain/MIND (aka free will). Then continues to loop / connect to all bodily systems meaning all the chemistry that has been daily alkalanised by means of breathing practices (i.e. excellent is Wim Hof breath), yoga, further connects to the subtle energy which is our AURA called THE LIGHT BODY. The Light Body contains first 12 dimensions, layers. When I looked at it I GOT THIS SPIRAL THIS GALAXY. Here:



there is Light language inside of our BEING, we have tapped into the language of the spheres, light codes, we are clearing healing actualizing our beloved genome or as I see to call it “GE-(K)NO-LEGE-ME’.  and WHEN WE ARE CONSISTENTLY LIVING WITH NATURE IN NATURE WE ARE AS A MATTER OF FACT LIVING IN GAMA AND OR THETA BRAIN REAL AX STATE, thus ABLE TO COGNIZE THE EARTH’S LANGUAGE. THAT IS THE SIMPLICITY OF THE INNATE SOVEREIGN “ID-ea, Gigi as my grandchild addresses me, interestingly today the info came that our Gigis are being the RECALL within our IMMUNE SYSTEM to help us FIGHT STRANGE ALIENS NOT BELONGING INTO OUR NATURAL BODYs.

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide.

Aloha on de facto November 16th 2021:

we continue to be messed-up with. Two days ago I felt so deeply dizzy that it forced me to give instructions to the person around here, what to do if my body was found on the ground. I was fighting with something so called invisible that didn’t want me to find out about the holes. Holes are everywhere: in my cloths, on the streets, in the sky, i have hole in my heart as a reminder of dark magicians keep on doing harm to sentient life. Anytime i am tuned in…and this is to speak direct to Mother Earth, anytime I tune in I feel confusion, dizziness, pain, and the biggest trauma that shatters life. I sing to Mother Earth our ancient heart songs, I thank Her always to give me her beautiful fruits and vegetables created by Her Natura and the Sun. I am witnessing a bizzare holocost(holocaust) like mary-go-round with dangerous noises spinning and spinning. In the same breath I am outside of this holocaust observing it’s nasty behaviour. In the ancient sacred Original languages messaging Earth’s mind. Her Mind we need to get hold of it! Those of us who ARE the ancient guardians and the original Souls:1. for the WILL TO LIVE. They want to destroy the Earth, and in doing so they destroy the child mother symphony, the alchemy on natural birth, breath. We must have more then just awareness of it, we must use our stillness practice our gratitude and loving kindness nature to help Earth to find her Mind again. This has been going on and off, I have not been writing much since summer although different messages keeps coming. It is not the same. I always feel as if it is not the words we are choosing. I feel we are in the movie Dr. Strange and worse. THE BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE TO MY SELF AND TO YOU IS BE STILL. DO MOVE YOUR BODY IT WILL LET YOU KNOW OF OTHER DIMENSIONAL ACTIVITIES YOUR BODY IS ACTIVATE NEWS FED AND YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION, BUT BE STILL, BE QUIET, CHAISE OUT THE DARK BITCH, WHAT I MEAN BY “CHASE” NO DOING KNOW YOU ARE PURE AND INNOCENT. They make (the darkest once) they make their magic to be through the dark mirrors, reflecting backwards and twisting it thus the feeling of being dizzy, and disoriented, it is just a clown work but very insidious, it makes many souls not to want to be on Earth, it makes all incarnations almost not valid, it is a nightmare, the think when we are still and pondering hostile energy that wants to choke the dear life out of us, make us separating our consciousness=forgetting constantly, the glue of constant repetitiveness: I really hate this one: go sleep, wake up make coffee meditate work outside work on the body, work internally, go sleep, dream regurgitated information wake up, the two pedals in the car, makes no sense to me!!!. When the heart goes through repetition, it makes a note of it, it “jumps” well my heart does that, because we don’t like repeating same lessons, and days etc., on and on an on so the heart makes a note of it and then goes the other direction to find its’ new pathway of expressing creatively with what it has already created which is this body. In One Gaia honeytations the most important part of the healing and group sessions has been the heart and all its densified light and the light heart Spirit/Soul true DNA. It opens up and one experiences no time because i am not bound by the repeated rotations around the sun (I love the sun I love the Earth, but so many things have been a nasty projections to keep us asleep and dull) THe duty here is to not only wake up. Is to take hold of everything, We have been evolved already during Atlantis and long before then. We didn’t have to fall and become this vegetable 3D cage. I have been working with a dear friend and a soul sister almost daily, today the instructions were for helping Earth to rise with our heart towards Hers expressing love to her which make us levitate so to speak, the frequency is higher, we have been over weaponized, over traumatized, it is time to realize we can make our own serum out of this B.M. poison and transmuted at will and become supper immune to it. I must leave you with it you need to ponder, FEEL and heart think on it. Namaste.