The self organized guidance is to follow one’s own heart. You may read my text you may meet my person but will you be able to hear me? It is up to you.

Since 2010 there are light years of speedy development(s) on one’s own journey. The realization of what the Spiritual journey in Mystery schools really brought, what it means, is to say it has opened me up and it has destroyed my family, my children whom I love, were lost to me. Through enormous inner focus I have made the choice to be my own mystery school for I know i am indefinite love. And in its own “time” my daughter and my son will return.

My own questions such as : “What if there is a very foreign soul from afar? This (mine) Soul’s Spirit doesn’t hold onto any of the ideas and concepts and believes sofar polluting the emotional mental and spiritual environment trying to merge with “me”. Yet there is no chance of such unfit merging. I feel relationships – wherever they come from – but certainly not from my original thought heart creations, have been constantly blocking this soul spirit from being able to DEEPLY INVESTIGATE WHERE DID I ORIGINATED FROM?

There is nothing that positively stimulates me being in the matrix and not of it except for healing sessions working with people animals, nature…And witnessing the possibilities in all of this, witnessing this matrix, has been rusting, for it has its own finality, its own self-defeating end for it is a psychopathic, jealous beast calling and claiming to be the god, not capable of unconditional love. Know that my words and expressions are without charge in polarity. In previous texts there has been charge positive and negative for the purpose of understanding its full function as a lesson of 3D.

.. The ponder of energy transfiguring the elements of the perceived viewed synthetic concepts recognized as falls mother hethero the matrix, and where my SOUL SPARK CAME INTO EXISTENCE. Finding the answer(s), with fullness of crystal clear choice the self organized Inner Guidance’s continuous to upkeep the removal of the synthetic, that which cannot interact any longer with the living soul here on this Mother Earth planet, the living sentient. Loving, living co-crating with the natural laws in natural plain .

In heartfeltnness, the fifty trillion cells called to be “Jarmila”, as the finite minute of True Source Time Frequency Being in the physical.