Archives: February 2021

Divine Alchemy within your own Sacred Space.

February 15, 2021

you KNOW your PUPROSE: it is the last 4 letters that my fingers “misspelled” following the still heart’s input. The purpose is the awakening memory, the continuum of where you left off, to just connect to that line of creation and keep going. It is really most beneficial to be turning off the linear programs, those are part of the borrowed CARBON BASED BODY, it is not your real body, yet you need to be kind, gentle and thoughtful about it, cause, carbon is easily programmed, manipulated, deceived, but you are not the carbon. The true frequency, wealth, possibilities, attention, remembrance, knowingness and my focus is to transform into pure crystal self, I am a time traveler. My soul was once created from the colors and sound of Prime Creator of All Universes. I came all this way to honor Mother Earth who too was created by the same energies and very same was as I my soul was. I am thinking about my own story. It is always HER STORY. I am singing the truest sounds I can feel and continue to invite into my Being as they gently arrive onto my consciousness. The beloved Heart is a place of sacred home, place of solace, place of no gravity, place of beautiful Peace and majesty. The Mind is a solid place of awareness interacting with all creations, the heart beat if needed sends a ripple effect communications to all sentience. This is what the physicality is truly has been receiving and is truly being nourished  with, The celestial Home of Origin, it’s sounds are of ancient architecture, active intelligence. And from the point of the finite self . it sounds, or feels that one can be long long long ways away but it is not actually true at all, we can see how the idea of separation can take on the physical form and be worn by each body suit as the Individual self creations. How smaragd (meaning Emerald Order presence on Earth) smart of the Creations. Choosing to be paying attention to my own limitations if inner-standing I am now seeing a little more. I am now seeing my healthy genes traveling forward into their massive reconnectiveness, giving me more feedback of this process of total recall. There is something about the 1,2,3, Atlantis segment, there is something about the broken time line and how NOW is it here again active and people call it Organic time line. To make it short for my self I basically see the high principle of life  itself, Anything that has been damaged deterred redefined altered is being taken by the original architects, of this universe and other universes of sovereign free will into reorganisation again based in the original blue prints, as it is naturally as it is given the first time of creations, is being re established. Right. and Now. 

The week once who pretend to be the leaders of the synthetic world (that they mis created for them selves) are continuously misleading confused people  to be paying attention towards their OUTSIDE, the shell, the body. And even if it has been targeted at nauseam it is the wrong direction. In zero point there is no polarity, there is no numbers attached to the perceived circle with induction of two pointers clicking you into sleep state. The week once who have been using bullying techniques and maneuverers and negative A.I. technologies are very predictable. It has been seen and understood in the Unseen Worlds and things are now taking place to bring back Divine flow and Divine Order. It is also true that the separation of dense matter has been under its way. Small example: I have gained some weight. It is not logical at all but it is the carbon/density three falls D that my intelligence is demonstrating messaging and “I” the Higher self is transmuting such density to regain my natural elasticity, youthfulness and all that our Nature is about. Building automatically at some point spiritual immunity, as well as mental, emotional and physical. so the autoimmune system is synchronised with the original idea of well being. The autoimmune doesn’t need to attack it self, the body to cause havoc. Such message is a strong signal for self regulation, for self examination of such inner attacks and where they come from. They can be transmuted at will if one is open to intuitively connect to one self core and be guided towards self healing, neutralising  of ancient traumas. To sumarize, everything that has been forced that is dark and not of the original blue print natural organic evolution is being rejected by the Law of Nature it self. The human is temporary vulnerable at this point because of it’s massive transfiguration process from  CARBON to CRYSTAL golden sound/color higher layer body, more comfortable, effective in seamlessly interacting with real star beings of alike core foundation, LOVE Light, Sound body. We drink more we eat less. THE WORRY: is another word for “war” that people are being manipulated into, mothers worry about their children, the stress, tension in parents and their children is manufactured effective tool how to siphon life force from humanity. All of us have had share of this, but we must not let that happen, we must (because we are capable, equipped) understand what our OWN CELLS NEED: they need harmony, they need the juice of unity if you are in harmony with your thoughts, actions, body weight, body liquid, sleep rest, activity, sports, communications, hugs, kisses, loving, friendships, you are giving your self and your children what is required for harmony inner technology for your healthy cells, Cells will listen to your own innate command, the state in which you are for the most part. With Love for every sentience of do no harm. Namaste. Transparent Krystal Guide,