THis is Mine, Sacred Space growing

January 3, 2021



electrility/magnetic *lumbar vertebrae, adrenal system as a battery, shifting as awareness grows.


here we are: the heart shows and teaches the reminders of activated Dee an an memories. When we take the energy of our daily nightly lives and use it to draw “you” on arch of paper, what do you get? …(fill for your self in blank) The Innate intuition guiding one to draw her/his own evolution on this time line of this present happy Earth Mother what is happening with my own electro-magnetism. It comes from many years of disciplined meditations/teachings, from many years sitting in classes of those beings before me teaching me techniques that I later advanced and developed farther so now I am able to teach them to others and teach it to my self first. This picture on the left is a depiction of the golden original h\uman body . It is my lineage of Spirit energy only this seen layer is the very teaching, encompassing the singularity of Gaia Earth Sentience and my soul’s energy field: the wings of the North node are the so called Pacific and so called Atlantic Oceans of awareness, the sacred feminine/sacred masculine integrated through the heart works With the sacred intention and as guided i delegate (so to speak) the electromagnetic field back into its natural state of being: calm, zero point of NO TIME, (in my adrenals there cannot be any so called poisoners linear/mind/time, Gregorian calendar infection) Why? With out it we can find and be guided our true soul family, we can travel into Earth’s core, we can telepathically find each other! At the south of my picture there is earth’s energy ivory electricity like Milky way. It further states:”earth wins (her Wings/Hi mind, Astral body, Knowingness-dee an an match accomplishments. All in effortless flow, as long as it is part of my communal awareness with all there is of  no harm doing, of no imposing it is part of natural blue print. I love the GOLD! Because I use it regularly for clearing, purifications, when I rest my ph.body on the sofa and am in state of no doing, i see the golden aura actually breathing through the feet, as a reminder.

Here, bellow we taken the initiation to scutch a skeleton to have visual help as to how we clear the bones with the golden frequency light spectrum communicating with the deepest level of our physicality (Phi-see-call-light). The life is conscious. The life is homed, meaning integrated, meaning whole, the whole life of you is showing you the way of a Master. The master is the student, the child, the twig, the air, the blink of an eye where you see the unseen. You have seen in you live it. The wins are not ending, there are adding, the wins create the wings that are wide and colourful frequency of changes, opportunities that were planned and are manifesting, creating a map of your being where the light merges with the physics in beautiful transformation through high alchemy. This is our duty, this is our responsibility to know how we are made/created, where we came from and what to do with it, it is the true “bank account full of money-pure energy”.

the other day back in de facto december towards the end, Spirit provided me with another message via a symbol: my right eye is the Earth/Gaia mantra, my left eye is the Sun (Nakaara, as I call it in my Light soul language). NAKAaRA. It is the activator, the lover of Earth, it is my friend, Often times have my soul traveled into the Nakaara to rejuvenate and remember what joy and happiness and worry-less life feels like, looks like.Last time I visited, there was a great big party. All those souls that were being prevented from lawful incarnating to Mother Earth as Her true soul lineage, were getting ready to be born here. More light, more love, more genius, more integrity and sovereignty is coming to Mother Earth to embrace and celebrate her new energy. And YES many more high level home beacon frequencies are now being integrated on Earth. and more YES, I have said and heard and seen this million times before yesterday. The SUN/NAKAaRA as the amplifier, reminder, activator of our dee an an(s) AND the crystal beneath of scull bone (ha ha ha) see it as a diamond….,and the golden original human is the normal now foundation of the life on Earth. and ThaT IS MY MESSAGE OF TODAY. Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.

Electriity/magnetic *lumbar vertebrae, adrenal system as a battery, shifting as awareness grows

it is far better to have at hand a visual image before you meditate to amplify your sacred intention.