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This is My Sacred Space. Messages for Indigos.

January 7, 2024

Aloha to Indigos and soul friends,

Recently I am feeling much less held back. My inner stewardship indicating it is good to share with my Indigo Kin some knowledge about Mother Earth’s evolutionary situation. Again not so easy at the beginning, for there are many rampant thoughts of shoulds and who will be able to inner stand this article. This article is  aimed to bring some other details about those energetically insane misdirected, not belonging occupying Mother Earth for sickeningly long a thyme, they leaving mess of  ugly technology  still manipulating our time line(s), minds, guts, food quality. But HUmanity adventually wins.


 MY MANY YEARS OBSERVED KNOWLEDGE ABOUT these vibrationally disconnected sick bastards, dark extratelestials who broke in (several million/billions earth’s years “ago”), by literary making a hole in the fabric of space, (over 5 mil.years the un-natural incarnations were in operations, thus distorted 11th dimensional star gate, our natural process of Ascension – Cathara Body, were lost to us, as written, explained by Ashyana Deane in brilliant Voyagers volume II), took over our planet, enslaved everything. O.K. so most  people, even the sleeping ones must know this by now. If they don’t know it consciously, they do know subconsciously, it is written all over our energy bodies. I take a certain look from the perspective of learned natural earth’s teaching me- psychiatrist (psychiatry as in Earth Mother ’s her own teaching of such health issues within a biological and non biological  life, its processes and possible outcomes if it is not stopped and rewired, neither healed,  it grows into incomprehensible ugly dangerous tumour). so that is where our planet, her life’s force and the life of humanity is at. Earth to me is a whale at the seashore/beached. My take on our unfavourable lasting situation is that the incurable psychopaths  have been demonstrating to us humans, Indigos, Krystal children, regular folks, fillings, and extras, have been demonstrating the levels of their illness. The deliberate huge mistake and the allowance to be making them on our backs. They even – while screwing with our highly evolved genome – they even implanted their smaller version called “the reptilian brain, for further monitoring and experimenting. They did so to let us experience how fucked up they are, hoping we could find for them A cure. By almost destroying us in the process.

I remember one very smelly and ugly draco reptilian whom I was asked to help to create a portal so he could finally leave our planet,.  He has telepathically explained to me he didn’t any longer agreed with their presence of his kind here on our home planet and what his kind was doing to Earth and Her children. He him self was deeply disgusted by the whole thing. So the portal was created by my spirit self and after he left, I just got this profound realisation what just happened and how my Spirit self “messaged” my brain so I would be aware of it.  As a premonition/gift he left me few things to figure out and so I did figure this out, that they are so fucked with their never ending experimentation/manipulation of their own genome, mixing it with other countless star species by means of abductions, wars etc., but mostly insanely manipulating and violating our own genome sequencing.  It is known fact more you mess the genes less chances you get the results you are looking for such as so called cure for the first cause of made mistakes. Wanting to extract out of us our own gold the essence that is of Original Prime Creator.  I can’t possible feel any compassion towards them, I possible don’t feel we own anything to anybody, cause we were attacked, not once not twice but 5 million last years were the hardest for us as humanity. The calendars, the static maps, symbols, misplaced history, burned books and then technology that is available only to those puppets who acting through media posing as authority, which they have zero, of corse. 

I have been in deep and resolute disagreement with the whole laughable astrology/zodiak bullshit for most of my life. Cause it never made any heart felt sense.  Sets of lessons as if you are a dog and must learn how to walk on the leash. Repeating and forgetting. Yes it has been mentioned here before. And it comes back again. It clocks up our genes, our veins our higher dimensional senses for not much longer actually. We are certainly here for the reasons to remember everything and brake permanently down this horrible incarnation/karma spiritually wrong game. 

My hormones are telling me I did say this long before that the  zodiak (do you sense the word “yuck” in it?) and the word “zoo” in it? Hm? is a trap  “guidance”, illustrated with a dead sky imagery frozen somewhere in couple of thou-sands years ago, in this matrix, mascaraing as present actual above-ness. Are you laughing yet? It feels so stifling so backwards because it is. 

 Take out the middle man  of every aspect of your life and you feel much less psychically, mentally, emotionally exhausted, depressed, trapped and confused. More we, each of us act on our own accord of do no harm to any sentient being, more we be of true help to Earth and to each other, ultimately the collective consciousness will resonate relieved accordingly. So this is the first part of what I really feel like sharing and pointing out.

The second part that is O.K. to share is a description of a “human” from the perspective of Mother Earth: to find out who you are what is Indigo, takes for some very long time, life time, sometimes you know early something but you don’t have anybody to reflect with what it is you might know of. There has been the sense for many decades now, that multi-star system-lingual co-existency of self dressed in 3D uniform skin is much more accurate description. AND It is clear by now that the forced and many times re-inforced refusal to publicly acknowledge humanity of Mother Earth is a very unique alchemy and golden animation coming from a far, can’t last much longer. The manufactured, illegitimate  de -facto go-vernance’s fear of such humanity is seen. No matter what they “do” to humanity {alchemy at it’s best:}..on this living thinking feeling knowing planet, our original DNAs strands ARE activating. The human uniform 3D skin is transmuting. We are moving to HU2. (Meaning Harmonic Universe 2) The sci-fi movies are filled with assortment of star living beings. They keep showing it to us and we have been ready for this for a long time. Mother Earth’s purpose is to be the galactic gardener to help grow and naturally evolve many different star species, She is the Garden of colourful diverse star races in many galaxies. This planet doesn’t need the protection and fear control from her hi jackers. the original self witnessing births of the highest divine will, births of new galaxies.  Massive force with innate focus and will to create endlessly. IN closing the third part  Mother Earth DNA HEALING Data base. One of unique sessions with a client. As per “usual” information came through related to this client and their connection to Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a DNA gardener and facilitator. there is a specific imprinting information of genetic data as a Guidance measure, given to those who are leaving Earth and have a specific mission to go to different planets and or star systems to help in healing and or reguvenating after distant planet was in distress and or loss of life forms. So Mother Earth transmits into such a human’s DNA a code that heals destructive events. It further said that all star races who ever visited Mother Earth, lived in her vicinity for billions of years share a common imprint of diverse genetic life forms as Earth is also the galactic librarian. My client can travel to these distant places and help to establish and or rejuvenate life, something like artificial insemination except that in this case the artificial is out of picture. How very fascinating, loving and kind. So very little do we know about our own Mother Planet.

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.