This my Sacred Space: Experince with Galactic Central Sun

April 29, 2019

During my course intensive of learning how to read the Mother Earth’s Mind called the Akashic records, which was back in 2017 fraud year i had very profound experience. It was during our meditation study. In this meditation we were meeting with the Galactic central sun energy and my Spirit just took over the whole meditation i left the body, broke all my spheres my fields expanded and next thing was I felt and experienced first “hand” the Galactic central sun most profound Presence. I was filled with enormous and most powerful Intelligence I felt home again. When I “looked back” to where i used to be, I saw this tiny tiny miniscul speck of dart black and puny that was my physical existence i didn’t want to go back to it. In the meanwhile my body shacking, crying having this enormous expansion happening this huge birth taking place, my partner who was sititng beside my vacant yet still experiencing body, didn’t know what to do with “me” the body which was now on the grown crying out with overwhelm of love and knowingness, It is here where i again realized how easy it would be to just leave for good and never look back, it is here where I have realized and was reminded again how very vulnerable the human dexter body is and how much more work it needs how many more years it needs to be spoon fed with this pure Intelligence love and then how it may take some weeks and months to fully integrate this to ground this purifing presence through the body through the Earth Mother before I can experience its future layers.

Here is what transpires when i meditate with this memory. I seek authenticity of my true self not the shell that has been programmed and shunt I seek the firm and healthy connection that can build Spiritual life on Mother Earth for without love and without spiritual merging this planet is lost, the human is at the command of technocracy damaging the heart. Do this meditation in your back yard during a sun light so you may have strong and healthy experience. Galactic sun healing session