This is a Sacred Space/a friendly reminder-mostly to myself!

March 18, 2013

“The State of Being precedes the Place of Doing”. This axiom always, always, always is applied to myself first. So this is a loving reminder because for the last several weeks, maybe second week of February until “now” it was such n overload of energetic information that the result here was no sleeping. It woudn’t be accurate to say one was exhausted from not sleeping much but rather upset with not able use for resting and calmness. I had to work to be calm… well it is much better that Gaia is less earthquake prone so we the people are doing the burping and clearing of obsolete inside of ourselves. And that there are some short brakes in between
My cells are communing with very bright pearl like frequency, it’s like being under the water able to breath , the liquid has changed it’s tendencies over my lungs, it is all friendly… I am feeling Infinite Mother as I let the fingers clicking the tab of letters. I sense Her “smiling in absolute Silence” I wish I would be so silent as I am experiencing the Presence to be now. I feel deep loving embrace and I am being asked to let go and allow much exponential growth of my Being to take place. I feel I am being held without holding onto me with so much love I cannot call it love anymore, it is beyond “love”…. I am in the Soft White Energy sorry cannot write but I am seeing my “mind is widening opening like some door….

I have been studying today after work more about The Maxim of Law, very useful think to be in awareness with. It explains very well the syntax and letter of the law. As we are interested in the Common Law, which is actually the unspoken “word” which has cometh from our Creator, I feel it is innate.
The Maxim of Law is written in Latin with English translations and it is mostly for the “Christians”. Hm… And as I truly find it useful to study this paper in the same time I find it stale for it’s emphases on what Jesus Christ once was teaching. IT is written in such a way that it might give the impression that no-body will get over the bar of these “words of teachings”, which are mostly just an interoperation of very abrupt and inaccurate memory and convenience of the writer of the Bible. There is a lot about sovereignty and who or what is sovereign and who is below that… It should be clear that we all came here for Learning Experiences hence we rely on making mistakes to find out what works for the common good and individual and what does not. Since it is clear that not all people are of the same consciousness and spiritual, emotional intelligence and frequency, it cannot be ever implied that we all got same start hence forth the silly condition of the christian is not even logical. That would really make many people “believe” they are sheep, all made like coca-cola bottles, and again in terms of Law were all equal meaning we all have the same, common sense guidance, which is: no harm to any living soul,and or their possessions, no fraud, no steeling, no lying. That is basically the common law for all. BUT I loudly doubt that the Frequency of Christ Energy intended ever to limit anybody, only to set the corse straight upstairs. ANd that’s That!
There is Creator’s given Freedom to us, an unconditional Love Governed by Universal Laws:1) U exist; 2) All is One, One is All; 3)What you give out, comes back to you; 4)Everything else is subject to change. So the Christianity and or all other teachings are for an examination with an open heart and an open mind.