Bio from the time these words expressing some vibrational accuracy have grown into a deeper awareness of one self. It has come clearer through ongoing inner work that there is always more then meets the eye. It is not o.k. to be identifing linearly our true Original blue print on the red road. This is the living soul speaking the living ancestor of Inner Earth, The representative of the sacred feminine Infinite



I have discovered people have endless fears, let me help you to walk through them. One of mine is, or was, I found me misplaced because you see I am not from here, yet I love Mother Earth. There is a deep understanding within my living ancestry of tapping into your unspoken voice and bringing it to you as a precious gift. 

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Through my work I have found that my soul originated from the Prime Creator, the Infinite Mother Goddess of All Creation. At the soul level my choosing has been of healing divine service through the physical representation of sacred feminine and  to participate in co-creating of new path-ways bringing freedom, higher consciousness through many healing modalities, the help of Mother Earth/Gaia, as a councilor and a steward for Mother Earth. I recognize the importance of impartiality, neutrality, purity, transparency, dignity, respect, unconditional love. There is a natural cycle of an evolution where Mother Earth is in dominion with each soul incarnated. There is also the other most un-natural cycle of a prison which our planet and humanity is releasing ourselves from, which is known as “re-incarnation cycles”, created and imported by the negative power of domination and control. It has to be explained that indeed  our planet is 100 % free will soul full planet. Karma as it has been understood and more misunderstood doesn’t need to cause any longer more dis-unity within one self, for example karma artificially created by debt. Lots of learning and working on sovereignty of each of us has been lately the main focus of my work with public: individuals, couples, people who seek sacred marriage instead of state stamped piece of paper called “the marriage certificate,” which is basically for the most part a business contract selling each couple to the enslavement of a corporate fiction.

One can revoke such unconsciousness by simply realizing that nobody has the power over you nor authority.

Healing is a process   of an energetic and spiritual alignment at all levels. But what does this mean is to be learned at a session, and or group works. Humanity has a high chances to rise from the kindergarden consciousness of survival tool, called the ego and awaken into its true original self

This soul remembers millions of years ago creating a weather conditions bringing life and vegetations for the future creation of a human life, the rise and falls of Atlantis. High civilization of Lemuria where her works were of the galactic diplomat and or an educator in  a holly temples created with sound and higher dimensional technologies Also Egypt,  Tibet, Ice Land, and some Native American tribes living in Canada and US. The very true healing chambers and pillars originated from other planet, makes it easy for me to access and transmit them and to use them for the highest good of all through Divine Grace.

This soul is still here  to serve sincerely a Divine Light and has spent life time learning, sharing  teaching by once own example, cultivating and practicing spiritual, sacred healing modalities with teachers such has been Carol:The Earth/Heart Keeper, Sacred teacher of native traditional healing techniques, Dr. Eric Pearl and Dakota First Nations Earth Healers, Mystery Healing schools before they sunk into the dark muddy waters and swirls, this soul has taken many hard hits from life’s lessons and now has created as a form of high alchemy  a spiritual immune system. On the practical level hands on teachings with sustainable structures, horticulture, organic practices farming, traveling as a woofer through New Zealand and Canada to gain more experience and practice an honorable stewardship with Mother Earth, working with children, healing through ancient shamanic lemurian sacred feminine practice that are not very known and the honor to be accessing the animal kingdom and many Mother Earths’/Gaia ancient libraries of sacred knowledge. Sacred must be pure, neutral and free of any enslavement and addiction. For example the addiction for power and control.

Incorporated versatile skills and abilities. To mention some of them: love in action for self-sustainable structures: helping to build them. Knowledge, study, re-search since 2007 of Natural Law versus de-facto/corporation masking as a government. Volunteer and member of New Earth Nation. org. Love for children and youth: growing them, raising them singularly gave me true the understanding of mother-hood as a living fountain within one’s Be-ing and how to enable. Living and expanding at the heart level, its many vulnerabilities, staying naked and true to one self in transparency, authenticity when it is not popular. Do you think “Love” will become known and popular soon? Do you know what am I talking about? Study of ballet, and movement under the branch of National ballet School somewhere in  the Emotional and Intellectual Heart of Europa. Lots of travel: Living with the actual local people so one may learn from them and walking this living breathing sentient gorgeous, ancient yet youthful feminine planet with bare feet, so one may hear, feel and see what’s Earth Mother’s guidance. Practicing and re-making-mind into the realm of a true friendship, friendliness free of fiat currency. Making one’s own furniture, the “future with Be-ing Present”, making one’s own clothing, knitting , doodle Star families, art appearance. Transmitting and activating some into Sacred Soul Languages.

Blessings to all people who do their inner work, respect the Earth, them selves in knowing we are here to help each other. Blessings to the heart of all life, blessings to the water in your body and of Mother Earth.  I came here to be of service not a slave. I do not consent to any form of slavery here or anywhere else.