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What is a Sacred Space…walk back-ards to your own Heart (I skipped the “w”)

October 18, 2016

Always stay in full colors, too black is the world of demise as an ex-change (that means status quo) for your soul. This “world” is supper imposed over the Land Mother Earth. the Land Mother Earth is also your very own Heart. You should know and here is how you know: you are in pain, you are still paying for living here, you are enslaved. Your mind is schizophertic dead broken antena of what used to be the living reciever of collective consciousness resonant telepathy.

I have read some of the comments people actually leave me with. I feel for man and wo and mainly children. Have very frequent dreams being their care giver letting them grow through their first hand life experiences, not imposing names and labels on that life the children have to grow with to be whole not with Holes as the adult is now. The adult thou has found her/his own solution by living with Gaia unconsciously through the pain. Pain is either imposed for the most time since it is not our natural state, and or a call to help you change. This is very old well known truth. So anyway I did read some of the comments and they are cry and lack of inner seeking sustanance. This is not a critisism, it is an acknowledgement. I had a man in my class meditation of One Gaia this morning. He came to me afterwards asking what is this horrible pain he has felt in his heart and it made him to leave temporary the practice. Then he -re-entered. Just precicely what the heart made him to “do”. THe Heart is LIVING INTELLIGENCE. When will you start getting it? THe heart Has Been DISCONNECTED. THE TRUTH: the Nature IS Organic. Make sure you know what means organic. Organic is NOT YOUR STUPID CELL PHONE. Do you have any idea how much the cell phone the A.I. (artificial intelligence) would “love” to be you????? It clones everything except it CANNOT be you. Because YOU are living soul!!!!!! You have a soul you feel. Man, start feeling O.K>! The A.I. absolutely CANNOT AND WILL NOT EVER EVER EVER be who and what you are.

In our Guided by Original Creator+ ITS Mother Earth -guided meditation as is for the most part unexpected for light as we know is unpredictable, old news, our/mine first hand experience was living heart inside of my chest growing and i saw how its ventricles, veins, tubes and all these branches were “growing” and connecting, offering them selves as if hand reaches out offering itself to another. Well, the “another” in this case was the schizopherinous mind (so much to “worry” = disconnected, about ) The visceral experince first hand was just like a surgeon putting back all its missing peaces, the whole body that is went back into the Heart. You know, we have done this thousands times before, such kind of work-meditation, you know we went into Gaia’s Heart and Sacred Chakras to teach us our memories back. When the group transitioned “back” into the physical dream schock the shoe without the foot, everybody has said they felt the physical connection has changed. So very different. In a way i am happy i cannot put words to it. IN a way i am saying continue to stay connected to your self and what is happening inside of you, your own nature guides you back into you YOU. Mother Earth is the Heart as we do know. Even if you are fighting with some one, why are you doing it? There can be two main “reasons” Perhaps, may i offer a suggestion? One: the programs installed in you your tummy your amygdala/and the so called reptil. brain did collapse in you disintegration taken place your body is having a reaction, goes into override. Two: the A.I. is the leach replicating the living soul but IT Doesn’t Work, The argument fight is the backwards play back which has been previously insterted into and over the living soul, the living cell of sovereign being on this living planet and the living cell the soul is REJECTING IT, READING ITS CODES FOR WHAT IT IS : FALLS ARTIFICIAL . AND SO, it transmutes it. YOu may get a headache knowing this time there is no reason for it. So you just go outside hug your friend the tree and the headache is gone. You just let the intuitive intelligence to actively assert its rigthful place of well being. As one of my dear and honest soul sister shared with us this morning. Man you are nature it self, walk with this for a while and feel its resonant truth and guidance.

And…there is something else i do want to share here: When the hand of your is this time placed on your chest where the heart IS found, with some inner voice,sound you feel the vibration in your chest, when you would pay some attention it would help you to “show you: the actual living heart has its own voice, ears, language it has been supressed and very much denied its own existence, see only behind the skin you could sense (Maybe yes maybe no) this very first born organ is there, Well it is much more and everything then just organ. It is also the Oregon you know….think about it. One think is to read something and the other is to have FIRST HAND EXPERIENCES. A.I. cannot have them you can. It comes from the ABILITY TO IMAGINE TO CREATE TO CO-EXIST. My heart has showed me demonstrated where it is that the medical intuitive is and can heal the rest of itself, namely “the Body”. If you find it for your self you are on your good way home.

And i too have a challenge in my own body lately. IT is changing again, I continue to practice all the muscles through Unity-Yoga, and biking and dancing and shacking like a wet dog and talking to my body like good lover does. I have known our sexuality needs to be learned actually, we don’t know anything about anything in this line of energy, again the zero point the electric/magnetic kundaliny intelligence, how to open woman so she may have not terrible experiences with a guy who only masturbates into her, unconsciously. How sad. The relationships are not working now because they want to work differently, without programs, without the education system without the Hollywood, the T.V. The news, the government, healthy, that is without the second hand me down block head someone else telling me who i am what i am not, what is expected of me and how much it will cost me or else if i don’t pay the fine i go to jail….I know i just may have lost you on my last few words here it is because of the convolussions people have been living appart from them selves because apart from the Nature. I keep writing about this because I want Gaia to know Her little Gaia people are getting it and we brake the gray cement and smelly as-hphalt. Have a question for you who ever may be reading this: what do you feel about a fellow man who has also been as a child divided and concered by the system, living in two separate families (mother and father appart), then his mother moved out and he has not spoke to her for 30 years till recently because somebody insisted he will get back to his good mother? The thirty 30 years of not communicating……!!!! This guy has a so called relationship but it is not working for the woman he “wants” to be with. The guy doesn’t know what to do with “his” woman he doesn’t communicate he doesn’t have what it takes to make a relationship work, to find his love. He only keeps saying to this woman in his brief messages: …”i love you and i miss you”. What do you think? The woman wants to for long time brake up this dead wood, for she is naturally alive, mostly happy choosing to enjoying her days and put energy and her presence into positive uplifting eventfull activities, not to be this guy’s care giver, which is why she wants to leave him . She says: “I am not your nanny man!” This same woman has obviously known that the somewhat “lost guy” is actually missing his own mother but it has been so long he may not even make such a realized connection. So she decides to be more sensitive and gentle and instead of giving him the boot, she’ll do everything to reunite him with his mother healing number one and then this guy can actually discern for him self whether any relationship (to relate to) would be his primary extention to his open and healed heart or what ever else may come to him as genuine neutral and matured understanding. I would so much want to learn from you what you may gather as your own experince to share .

Thanks. This is unsensored as is my own text. I trust it may be of inspiration and or help. Namaste. Transparent Crystal spirit guidePhoto on 2014-09-25 at 12.28 #2