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This is my Sacred Space: One Gaia Meditations sessions flow

March 22, 2016

Infinitely, one is onward to continue my bloging that i have been not able to post for some various reasons. Some people also like to hijack what doesn’t belong to them several times and that leaf me bevildered a bit….O.K.

 My write today  is to go more deeper into the interconnectidness one  knows to be true.  i am feeling feeling very symbiotic home with Gaia and Mother Earth and the ability to communicate some interesting (i hope…) parts of it. Here is what i have recieved as precoc for the following One Gaia Meditation that i have been dutifully and happily guiding for several years, as i my self have been guided straight from the Source.

My collected data on the present situation of our electro-magnetic body, the central nervous system is missing a spark! It is because the Avatar (to me Avatar is, as a matter of fact, part of our own evolution multileyers, by our birth right, infinite one of our vehicles, the part of our living activating DNA bodies coming on board on its own, sometimes with help of a healer and Matured Earth’s Intelligence assistance, plus the SUN!!) There is an accute language of tones and soul languages that automatically take you into the core of all things living. So lets go back more into the electromagnetic body now. The liquids we are being exposed to are mostly acidic and hence forth not good, o.k. as it is now mostly accepted that to drink chemically induced city water is poisonous. So i am being point out from the aspect of high alchemy how to tackle this situation, to be aware of it and how to gradually remove this sic atmosphere around us all together. It always requires personall inner works. The wet electric body without the spark cannot go into its propeller without the sun active input. Sun is our capacitator to charge us. To errect our beingness.

From the perspective of the Avatar we are these wet marrionets that the wrong convulse technologies forinner to our biospehere still trying hard ot control, damage, augment. That is not gonna happen as planned because in the mantime Gaia has been cracking so to speak Her Big Egg. We “must” but not have to , do our own best transit leap jump from this wet skin suit into the Higher Octave where dry electric lands are ancipating us to be. (i do see clearly what is the extreme chamtrailing’s purpose beside spying on all of your internal biorythm, how it is lasting to undermine you complete. If you are sleeping it is succesfull).

For some time the DNA Light bodies have been activating no matter what, since it is just simple within the sovereign birth right of each living soul on this living planet. There is, to summarize this obvious picture, the dimensional distabilization : in respect to Moher Earth and Her courageous changings it is cracking the egg to open Her self to Her Higher dimensional bodies, expanding more and more, i see it now as a huge jelly body. On the other part people are having a “time stress illness”, fluorit in the water and other chemical, malnutrision leading to lesser and very low intelligence hence the stupid leads the flogs of sheeps, but now the sheeps begun to run into each other, such an interesting picture…., the acid rains, the so much engineered weather and there you are in all of this making your own weather with Earth as it is the nature of yours to do so. When more of you is collective see what you can do. Choose activities most compatible to smile, warmth of the heart, happiness of a small things, growing symbiotic life. For it is easy to share a smile with a lovely baby passing on the street, helping an elderly woman/man, hearing the newly born first flowers pearing through the ground, feeling the new born suns. So your nervous system may be given for the most part some positive = i mean most natural re-inforcement to be cohesive mobile stable strong but flexibly dancing with the Isness. Be street smart about this thou.

So the result of my nightly preparation was a fabulous meditation team group and in brief here is what was happening that i was able to clearly percieve and experience: the sacred light languages and their naturally occuring sounds gathered us together inside of  the fenomenal inner earth, its sun, we made some correction to the outter sun as well, found some of our old and lost soul shards and with the sounds bring them back into their own mobile state of Iam Presence.

Soft lovely, maybe familiar, maybe unexpected. How one can ever know what the Primar Creator is guiding you into till you see for your self?. My deep reverence and immortal gratitude for life, earth and the Original creations. Nawa-cheenaye.

Namaste, jarmila: