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this is my Sacred Space: the shading of density body, written by The Inner Witness.

July 13, 2021

the picture drawing by this author 20 years back, depicts the E.T. connection

the alchemy of krystalization, transmutation/to transcendence as seen some different ways, times .


We are here to EVOLVE. Some of us feel deeply and some don’t feel anything. Make sure you do everything in your own innate power you feel everything. Like the transistor the feelings are sensory receptors that make your universal nervous system interconnect to the right places, accurate resolutions, places you must account for, remember, clear, release, celebrate as your own unique witness, observer, experiences. Even right now when it looks like the SOUND is torture, that is not the authentic sound turn it off, if it repeats the finality of your life is here if you don’t do what the monster demands of you. I turn on stand up comedy show and let the stomach to do some awesome thunder storming, i go on my yoga mat and sweat it, i breath fire and or Wim Hof, drawing, doodles, knitting colors of pure wools silks and other materials, do hard physical work, where my hands are growing calluses my entire body is aching and the aura is getting more and more so called space awareness, Enjoying the simple wild flowers, observing birds searching the freshly cut grass (like the Black bird) to find his juicy worm. Red fox sneaking behind my foot steps knowing well I just SAW HIM disappearing into the bush on the other side of the wooden fence. Seeing all the spheres and hues color and sometimes a parallel reality and my soul signalling my person to stop the walk activity and just connecting to it. Then Blue beam showing up in a far distance creating a magnetic cohesiveness and just to be sure sending a physical vehicle of the same strong vibration of a metalic blue passing on the highway if one needs the confirmation. and Yes, I do want all the criminals to be already behind bars as a life sentence or some of them taking them out completely, I do want this PLANET to be LUCKTIRIOUS, singing happy crystal ball of love and freshness and purity and innocence manifestation where humanity is respected and human race can normally interact with their benevolent star families and our coolest vacations are on Andromeda star system free of charge obviously, because yes we finally have full access to the energy that never ever expires and the price tags do not exist anymore and we are self governed galactic citizens.

the HEART : you CAN experience it’s strong magnetic field of LOVE! It has happened to me few days ago. Sitting here and watching some scifi all of a sudden i feel this malleable strong energy wirepool around my chest going round and around. I stoped watching movie and payed attention, then wanted to send this love motion to my child but instead this energy had the intention to go out into the city of psychic pollution.

Until next: with love, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.