This is my Sacred Space but also is yours: Mutating 5th dimension and the upgrades.

December 27, 2022

Hi. This whole december and end of november were 100.000 more difficult on the emotionally. Accumulation and avalanche of intense spinning fan of sh…t. I was feeling every little nuance of every previous and near future events, thought forms, psychic/telepathic messaging at different levels. personal, humanity’s direction for the next de facto Year 2023., and who is now continuously loosing, how, where when….

This early morning (still “dark outside”) after much crying and being severely feeling  mixed angry/sad/disappointed again in multiplications at part of family members who too have turned into two assholes and i finally had to admitted to myself, digging my self deeper into being upset, I was awaken by gentle but powerful and bright knowingness. Lengthly heart/soul knowing opened up panorama of show and visceral awareness .

1.Somewhere in 2023 July (?) merging of realities ( was informed that this merging will need two more important people in my life, two soul sisters who has activated their soul light languages and have that inner heart knowingness from ancient times, knowing what they doing!, I will need them to make it happen) One of my sisters, C., works with the energy of mountains and caves. Knows the Inner layers of Earth. The other sister knows (from her soul awareness) how to seamlessly land a huge space ship,in this case we shall need her help and her tonal capacity to seamlessly land/merge these other realities.

What are these realities? I was shown these are the light lands crystal masses of Earth missing for millions of years from Earth’s body. Earth is now shrunk due to all harm/damages done to Her plus her angelic humanity. These air realities are not unicorns stories for children! The heart soul knowingness presence such unthinkable revelation I want to present it as it came. The merging of realities (in bright colors filled with the two suns)is full light spectrum of living land mass of Higher Mother Earth like Gaia and our Earth together!!!! (at this point i was offered for the less imaginative beings to offer analogy of air plain needing the air-stairs). We need to get on board with this. This is possible after the 5th Dimension we are presently in, is MUTATING, many variables, lots to be still done which includes still clearing, cleaning, transmuting, repeating what you want not what you don’t want!!!!, what you want (i.e. you want a specific house, it must be in your vision, it must be in your field feeling it seeing it brain registering it. Surprisingly some of this merging will be taking place where my present house/home is found, exact point on this land was clearly identified with exclamation mark. This merging is dimensional merging, is all gigantic facets of earth, places removed, separated, Mother’s own living consciousness crystalline based!!!

Simultaneously the activated awareness brought the realisation I found my part of consciousness under the surface of Earth, somewhere with mountains and caves maybe Colorado, maybe some European  mountains, don’t really know that part because was told that is not the point, the point was to very quickly get me in witnessing of double crystal mirror cave, appeared somewhat on the white pale in appearance like double pyramid where the other triangle’s tip is facing downward and opposite to it is facing upward?, that mirror cave’s frequency had to get quiet and be retuned, to stop broadcasting falls vibration causing more damages to living nature, people’s energy bodies, how they orient them selves in falls 3D, being still blind to the fact they are multidimensional. p.s. the multidimensional will be coming more apparent step by step. This cave double pyramid also caused premature deaths of the cells in cerebrospinal fluidity and partially the so called nervous network of Earth’s inner layers dimensionality, the balancing how she transmutes previously used density, think of it as processed, lived, experiences that Earth needs to get rid of from her perceptive mind being fully equally at all her parts in the NOW!!!!,, also same within the heart beat of Earth, humanity, trees everything basically. The heart beat complex of Madam Gaia and Earth physical : Here we were guided {we i am referring to my two soul sisters friends being actually there with me participating upon higher guidance, in this massive repair work and learning from it.,} to identify upon finding…strange metal plates insertions. These blocked energy causing disharmonious, annoying frequency so many times awakened beings and mother Earth thought she was going crazy. Another way we could describe this: think of this as severely broken human bones. Normally to put broken bone into the white cast and or with natural clay to mend the bone. now days the mad doctors forcing some metal plates with pretty mid-ages nasty screws and it is fixed, but actually it is not fixed at all and most people end up waiting years for taking those plates out of their bodies. Well in case of Earth and fallen E.T. technology with human military involved those metal plates with reversal sound vibration technology to make sure Earth can’t fully connect to her self in her physical and nonphysical bodies to be fully integrated and interactive will all human beings, farther causing dissonance and some spaces in between spaces. We removed these things and put instead “living soulders”. this term sounds strange, but the explanation arrived immediately upon my consciousness request, :living soulders” are cell able to repair what has been in long separation it works the same as neuroplastisity, the same as in Afrika tribes using ants into open wounds to take out poisoning and help to speedily mend injury. So it is pretty cool to be part of this think and to learn and be reminded of the positive effect how neurolink can be re interconnecting within one self. Thus “living soulders” are working on that same principal.

3. Zimbabwe we found some strange underground dark bunkers and tunnels. I didn’t expect that and or anything above and or bellow. Simply this was part of the information and brief detour to clear some previously volatile place. Speaking of which volatile energy. In my previous years of healing work it became “normal” to me to experience E.T. attachments within earthen humans, sometimes/oftentimes the e.t. would totally take over the personality. NOt o.k. not in accordance with sovereign free will. so remove clear etc., repeat till no more. In this instance i was giving additional info about those E.T. control attachments originated from Orion star system. now Orion is huge no time and or energy extra to go into details. these Orion E.T. were extricated from more humans and arrested!,

4. SUN. Our local sun is of sacred feminine origin, it has within it self another sun, like a twin sun, i was wondering if sun has also ocean but i din’t get that info rather it was explained to me that the sun’s radius (?) dial, angle, distance orbit must be changed to help Earth out of this tilted position. Technically we used to have two suns i remember that.  Wondering now who could verify this and bring more info about our sun. Altho  such major undertaking may have happend already, will happen in short future till we get fully into the NOW position no more the stupid juggling of different time lines, versions and mess the dark magician bad comedians held us in. The other point within this change back to natural at all levels, is that it is happening to all awakened humans, and star people.

How do you get to innerstand this, anything that you may not understand because you may be able to read but using the linear mind is no help to you. You must instead be using your intuitive guidance/knowingness tuned inside not outside feeling. The math for this is : intuitive seeing + feeling + knowing = all 3 are simultaneous the same place equal at the still point of zero and or NOW. The NOW is where we all shall meet. Then you can teleport part of your consciousness that can be as big as a pin travel so to speak through the sun which is how were usually travel to get here. When you stretch exercise your CONSCIOUSNESS you prevent atrophy, you remove lazyness. Exercising consciousness keeps your luminousity at good shape. 5 the Fire. Making daily fires to keep warm, but this “fire” i was aware of is of different nature, it is the transmuting, mutating power of the higher wisdom assisting humanity and Earth as well as many star beings with our changes to walk succesfully into the true natural livingness, sovereign and free. Namaste, from Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide.