This is My Sacred Space:The Seaker and the Seeking.

September 29, 2018

The word “darkness” can be considered and understood as magnificent UNEXPLORED LIGHT; A POTENTIAL. within MY SPIRIT EGGS POTENTIALS THAT I TAKE BY MY OWN FAST GROWING AWARENESS into my I AM PRESENCE. That is what makes it safe and protected. I am here in this transformational transmutation transcendence plasma void/world land of Earth Mother face surface, to support and encourage, point out the much much higher CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS AVAIABLE, AND   free of  “fast food” noisy and dangerous vehicles, of-gassing smoky factories, abusive people etc., SILENCE BRAKES THE INTUITION SPAM. VORTEX=plasma=CREATION.  To be continued.

Namaste Jarmila Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide