This is my Sacred Space:original individuality-change this language gua gua gua

August 17, 2014

The “August” month has been and continues to be utmost vitally interesting adventures, uplifting, changing and newing.

 For the last 2 , 3 nights i coudn’t sleep normally. I was tossing and turning like crazy, skin itch, feeling extremely uncomfortable, agitated, restless, heavy and very busy with information coming through me and the very busy bright third eye. My Guardians telephatically sharing what is happening, what needs to change and continue to be changing and how my brain is going to have to expand if i want to make any sense of this experience at my nights. Every bone has been hurting me, I am not a type who likes to sit for too long and do nothing. ANyway, the point here is that the 2nd night of no sleep was culminating point of “supper” upgrade energy operation and i saw, have witnessed and experienced viscerally what we were doing in the cosmis (cosmic) body: You see, it seems to me that this 3 D prolonged prison cell over several thousands of years of lies about karma and how bad we all are (shame) and how much wrong we have done and how we need to learn through the drama, tragic, trauma is all set up and nonsense and to me a big huge insult on the soul. I feel rightly traumatized at my soul level of setbacks, stupid, lack of support and so do everything i can to learn what real peace is through what comes to me naturally. IT is about undoing intrusion.

 What has happened in these very fresh few nights was a” revelation”, about affected the Infinite, from the 3D reality/physical experiences of human life. Separate from its Mother Earth/Gaia  by a foreign consciousness  the Infinite’s physicality interpreted its Spheres into in a “wheels”: like impressions, wheels has flattened the spheres and we (my soul and my Guardians) were upstairs to fix it, or should i say, the Infinite called and i was sucked up to see what  was taken place.

I felt like i had to start learning again fast how the “depressed physical” needs to function again, how we need to be more and more  the Infinite! I saw some 7 spheres and please know that i didn’t have the time to count how many there were, all i  can say accurately as i recall this that each sphere in my Infinite self represented trillions of information data. (the sphere number 3 was the physical connection via my central nervous system.  Writing  it, my aura is shiny turquoise and light blue and this seems to be lately prelevant for some time.) I also feel the turquoise has to do a lot with our mOther Planet Earth.

My soul was in each individual sphere of Infinite articulating changes and making these flattened wheels like of forgetfulness and distortion, into their original proper spheres. Something like  a new movement or expression of/for life. (not sure if movement is the proper use, and hard to use at all any of this gibberish/english babylon spellbound ).

I was also told/shown the difference between a wheel and a sphere: Something like the Sphere is the Mother  consciousness and the wheel would be the executor, the doer.I felt the wheels got so bad because of our time machine/overpolarity/game. P.s. one of the cosmic spheres were blind and so it too had to be changed. If i say blind i can also feel like augmented . There was a mirror and that had to go. The spheres had to be the original one without any “mistakes and leaks of energy”. My Guardians instructing about how many changes are there and how the physical deceiving because it was obviously being compromised, needs to shape up and “reflect” the true uniqueness of the Infinite. The Infinite is now more in the focus, has and will have more to “say” more Presence!.It was as if i was in my cosmic self doing it right there so i am capable turning on my physicality and all its usual = the original blue print without this stupid karma believe and or all believes that we have been carrying inside of us like a hunchbacks, functions simultaneously, just like my left hand (INFINITE) and my right hand (PHYSI-CALL) are better synchronized so it is less pain to let go of this physical and continue to create the 5D. This anchoring  helps to forget the straw body – to be gone soon, just the same as “my”name (but not really, only deceived was i) and yours straw name can die as wheel or as well, you can get rid of it, trust me.

So instead of getting rest while in the forest, literary visiting the sweet north, there was lots to learn in Now. No more life in a wheelchair in the mercy of something or somebody. Put my life into my own hands, my hands are the extensions of my beautiful heart. I am also sharing with people the importance to reconnect with Earth, we have not really yet done it well and She is waiting. It now comes to think that the spheres are differentiated dimensionals correcting on the inside for my 79 percent of light casting DNA suit to bring it fully on line. I don’t think it is so fast i never thought anything could be so fast if it is Good, i think this must be in this process the way it is. Sometimes it seems as nothing is happening and then boom. I thank to this High Wisdom for such a guidance which continues to show me loving that needs to meet my Mother Earth to ignite Her and the ready humanity through the human/star being me and you and also you. Namaste,{

please let me know what you think of this inside of your good heart.}

Jarmila i didn’t prove read anything