This is my Sacred Space – Siting with the Ocean of Consciousness

August 23, 2014

Well, that is where i found myself this last “night”, (August 22,so called). In all so called emptiness i found my self sitting in front of The Ocean of Consciousness. My friend the G.H. was sitting beside me telling me everything about this ocean. I could see its breath, i could see its texture. The ocean was fully open and receptive to me, i could enter it immediately upon any mental/heart command and or keep sitting before it like a mushroom. Seeing Its silver tones for the most part and all the colors that are unknown to our eyes  mixed together with sparkly colors interactive with many dimensions.. Then the information about the Consciousness woke me up because i couldn’t 

feel anything that i experienced.  Perhaps it was this way because I had this “prepared expectation” from my previous shift in  consciousness that the next time it will much bigger because i want it it to be. But you know what, my Guardians  said no , learn its language, this process needs to be done in a way that no-one can predict, get busy with blending your chakras and dream something else instead.” Hm So after i finally knocked my self sound to sleep – which took several hours – i was in some very organization capable house with lots of kids, boys mainly and their guardians. The boys were gathering their tools and one of the boys has presented to me his box with a sawing. He was particularly grateful for his golden needle which was universal to him and he wanted to be sure i saw it and what it can do.. In this dream there was a good presence of some important people who represent sovereignty and how human is waking her/him self up to re-enter this most important part of her/his life on Earth. I felt that is useful i feel i can continue to gather my information which brings me back my true soul name so i can easily drop the straw name which i never liked anyway, because you why? i couldn’t feel it ever belong with me. Namaste, your truly Quakemolien.