This is my Sacred Space: Growing

July 25, 2018

The Home page of my love website is a Welcome to you, dear True Soul Family Members. Please make sure you read/feel it. I am addressing also those DNA links to Pleiadians, Sirius, Andromedans, Orions, Vegans, Inner Earth/Agarthans. And the Unseen worlds. 

iam2.jpgand Infinite Mother Goddess of All Creation incoded in each of us as well as within Mother Earth’s being.

Looking into my websites pages – their many drafts waiting to come out into seen world, I am feeling again like a raw and wet small caterpillar who remembers all the butterfly strings only when it becomes the new butterflying sorcer of Original Source. The Source Itself does get lost, on purpose, to find itself. I have been “sitting in cocoon” chooing on a live (not a leave) of a different life FOR WHERE THE POTENTIALITY OF A SPECIES EXISTS. HUGE AND POWERFUL. On the small scale of my micro being i am aware that Source is holding space for us.  IT Has been holding and holding for me  feeling in a small minees of feelings the ten thousands million other time lines Source manifest It self while i am speed strugeling from one afwul memory to another into a beautiful gardens with happiness all around me, meeting my unseen world, recognizing the many star families who come and visit briefly as a reminder of how huge this family actually IS.

I got lost my self in my own pretence that i have to shape my writing into simplified calm structure lineary synchronizing to the level of what the public/reader can assimilate as it’s own understanding, (based in linear believes and programs once again>)… against (well I wish to harmonize it instead of formulating as “against something”) and organically synchronizing with the elements of wild nature of all changes punching my ego down to bring about the real communication skills. We have those in the heart. I have walked the edges of what i can put into words in terms of my knowledge, my understanding of the big picture with the mitochondria of a human life. And i found times again that the linguistics are really my only thing that limits me and holding me back from achieving my goals and purposes. The fear of coming forward and sharing throught the world of “words” can be realy overwhelming. You know because….I feel like this BLANK PLAN OF SOURCE ITSELF, again Source holding space for us. I have been rinsing my tonge in the SOUL LIGHT LANGUAGES FOR SO MANY LONG FRAUD YEARS, i have been rinsing my tonge/ language in waters of the new pericardium where the old programming is obsolete, where one is fully imprinting her face into her own heart!

Facing now another insecurity of m negative ego. It is on top of me. Why am I allowing it? Why I don’t want to get involved with the broadcasting system? Because of psychic parazites? I am in the wood. Let me provide you with what i mean when i say “I am in the wood”. My (Spirited) intellect has been chooing on the problem of english for years. Thus i say ….am in the wood. Silent. Standing tree inside of me holding space for my human who goes through so many changes she can barely keep up with it. I have been stretching the synthetic strands of english far too long, looking at it from my NO-TIME LIVING ANCESTOR BEING’s observation/feeling. And i have to say: I cannot speak like everybody speaks for the sake of sameness, for the sake you may understand when i repeat like a parot the sentenses you have been taught in your schools because that is NOT HOW WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE FOR THE BETTER HERE. My language is HEART BASED. My language must continue to be transparent and authentic. And that is my diagnoses. The amount of work what has been produced privately is enormous but very little comes out into the broadcast to the public. I am also aware this has to do with all the incarnations and evolved individuals and how they have been attacked, destroyed by the schyzophrenic psychopaths of status quo. I am so tired of it. I am so aware of it. And look at us we are coming back we always come back stronger with our own organic evolution our nature just like the wheat grass boldly grows through the toxic poisons called ass-hphalt that makes me smile makes me remember and so i go back into the voice heart truth to be in council of my True Soul families together in union.

Namaste, Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide Jarmila