This is a SacredSpace: Come and Co-Motherfest with Her.

April 9, 2020

aloha. My page as it was almost written what I wanted, disappeared so i am starting again this post.

A new beloved (in the tittle of today’s post) frequency of sacred feminine came to me, expressing it, feels so gentle and more home, so I trust it is O.K. to mention it and share it with you, dear friends. My post today is about how one spends her time in the lock down, what can you learn if you want to (?), if when people around  feel uneasy, they are hiding,seem unreachable, which may lead you to misunderstand and take it personally, coliding with each other in their homes, running out of fiat, food and patience, trapped questioning wondering, having fights and arguments because that is what misery does to people when they don’t know what is going on, and the real reasons behind all of this. and they are being told what to think their own critical thinking for them selves not so much as their forte. That is wrong in my books. And just when I think to my self “Oh troubled people let’s not make an enemy among our selves, let s communicate, share..” And I think, I might fail, It doesn’t happen, I can reach out, I can reach him or her, It is O.K> and we are talking and it is GOOD. I am doing my part to be of help and positive interaction and encouragement of better days ahead. My self I  feel relaxed, having loads of unwanted previous challenges, and co-creating motherfesting with Spirit, After what ever  needed to be taken care I’d like to use the material lack of missing things and turn it into a spirit energy. Some of my pastels and rainbow coloured pencil are with me to be using them

I feel well I feel  relaxed, continuing my daily practices in between working, easy flowing mixture of texture.  The idea of staying outside and meditating attractive, even though there was  strong wind, clearing away useless chemicals from the long grey tractor-tire fields of clouds

…I wanted to connect with the Sun-setting, so I sat down and got quiet, using my white feather template for non-attachment, un-assuming… What I saw was huge and long rubbery like tube feminine white being with a burgundy rose  flower behind her spirit ear, joining my silent interaction…What was presented to me was pyramid ( as it appeared several weeks ago to reveal some details). And it was so clear and simple and I got the reason behind this and why the corona virus  is a riddle actually. Virus is called the one who wants to remove the actual long standing defects, infection, but the defective infectious bully doesn’t like to be taken down from the top of the seeing pyramid ( hence the corona may also represent, beside the sun corona, the “crown” the top of the pyramid that is being taken down as it appeares),and it is not this sun that I have connected to,). That makes sense .. The few weeks ago when some info about the triangle, the pyramid arrived I was reminded to look up as a refreshment on the fact our DNA is full of viruses, they are reminders, when something is out of balance in our own human bodies, these protene mimicing sentices come to bring balance again thus we get flu and that is all. (bellow link of wikipedia not my favorite but gives at outline, when I asked where do virus originated from? I didn’t get anywhere answers, so I ask Spirit. Maybe you ask too? Let’s see what answers we may learn…

. I really wished  all humanity having one clear positive time line. What I don’t know is if on Mother beloved Earth there is anything virgin like neutral place, space continent, river anything that doesn’t’ have any corporation’s names and labels attached to it, it is not stolen taken colonised, it is just Earth, There is no passport no money, It is JUST EARTH. Sensational Earth, Free EARTH NOT BELONGING TO ANYTHING JUST TO HER SELF HAVING HER BEAUTIFUL HUMAN PEOPLE LIGHTANDed UP LIVING!That has been my birth mark of meditation, my birth mark worth of bring. What is your vision? What is you want? Leave me a message, add to it. Thank you and wishing you beautiful imagination, magic feeling the earth beneath your lovely two feet.

Namaste, Spirit KrystalGuide.