This is a Sacred Space/U have nothing to be afraid, worried about

February 22, 2013

I have so many creative ideas that it is difficult for me to suspend them in the air and then pick the Uno. It is to be realized that within the ZERO point where everything is happening in quantum speed the linear pretend has no chance!
One writes unconditionally even if it is only of nobody but I don’t think so.
Meditation:it has been an organic everything that one needs to come to terms with.
Can be also sorting things/energies out, releasing everything heavy, un-natural and grey and even “afraid of or for”. The perceived fear is only temporal and the Just and clear/transparent stays.
In mediation I get to meet my self as a free energy. I want my body to be experiencing the same freedom that I have as Soul/Spirit. I want for my Soul to be in upgrade frequently to bring as much newness and freshness as possible so Gaia would feel the difference as well for carrying me on her Beautiful Face. Yet have to say I do feel Her tremble and I feel my inside tremble.
During this inquisitive time in space I have been experiencing an appreciation and wanted to write it down, hope in few well chosen “words”. For I do not like the English, it makes no sense to me. And am clear to say that people have been twisted into such a terminal, combustive and confusing soon to expire system.
The ability to appreciate is a great gift.

I entered an appreciation and as I did a man came into my picture and a healing took place. I felt emotional for recognizing the human spirit in everyone and my tears were running away from me. (Tears leaving=toxins leaving.)
This man is working as a car mechanic. I have known of him for many years, he has been putting up with my car before I divorced the believe that I want to be traveling in a toxic, dangerous and unfit, meaning also wrongly geometrically shaped thing which is set up to fail! So for last several years I bike and walk.

This man is my distant friend. (I really do appreciate his forte.) His hours in the shop are long, everybody wants
his/her car to be fixed here. Level of brilliance plus intuition leads him to figure out what many other shops coudn’t provide. He is like a resurecter of a deadly beast. He has at heart the best interests for his family he loves.

I felt his clear intentions and saw his Higher self. And this very seeing allows the access to the subtle energies we all live in. Healing happens as well.
He is constantly subject to environmental distress, toxic smell and discomfort for twisting his body under each vehicle at least 10 hours a day actually. Then he has a family he is dedicated to and he loves. For some reason in my meditation I saw him and felt a great appreciation for him as a human being and what he represents in the collective human consciousness:
On every level there is a transition. It is happening with us and or without us. It is better with us, because it causes a great statement where the collective human benefits the most. It might sound complicated only because the majority brain is brain washed, that the subconsciousness mind is also a child like, plus carries all the information from the individual plus the collective. It is like the night and the dream and the consciousness is like the day and the now you live in.
In a sense the “car” represents a negative ego/ mental body. At the very beginning it wasn’t like that. The intention was a “comfort faster transportation”. But based on combustion,it is like pretending/believing that this way is the only way and because of it we need to keep at it, only because the strongest representations of this low negative ego, can strive on it financially.And by doing so putting down the majority of the life in the physicality. We are aware that this insidious brat kid refuses to take a responsibility to grow up. It is the most un- natural mechanism known to ma’s internal intuitive knowledge and understanding. On the other hand there is 10 000 years advanced technology, as we keep reading about, based on Free Energy evolving the knowledge of telluric fields of planet Earth and her electro-magnetic field used by most of the Star Families who have been visiting us for thousands of years. Hence this free energy is in alignment with Nature. I am seeing the car as an obsolete archetype, sitting in a museum for last 100 years…

The negative ego of few people who are self serving Are NOt the True Guardians and hence cannot assume any role for governing this world. Only thee self first as a long process of self-growing for several incarnations!

I wish for my good distant friend that as in my meditation, his vast knowledge helps him to transform into the higher frequency level of understanding how free energy technology is our means to travel . So when I visit him in his renewed and clean shop he is able to teach me how my car could benefit me by being hydraulic, electrical and or even levitating, if we configured it’s shape into a harmless “darling”.

This makes me think-at-heart of the fact how big appreciation and respect one feels for some many people who lives on my beloved planet Earth/Gaia. For example:
Mahatma Gandi is my big brother and I love him. He represents for me Harmlessness. a Higher Choice. Intelligence and a maturity and Love. One appreciates Mother home Earth:
All the lash warm green forests, gardens who provide us with fruits and vegetables and Gaia work and Sun’s work is to be appreciated. The fact that the oceans represents the Infinite consciousness our small eyes reflect is a gift of abundance and appreciation and gratitude.greatly appreciated.

And through the expended conscious awareness one was taken into creating Amethyst/Emerald domes where one’s energy field can sit comfortable and observe a different healing to take place. The Amethyst/Emerald domes then transforming the “walls”. One hears the songs of Universes.