This is a Sacred Space/This keeps coming up – the fair exchange

January 9, 2013

and again please see the writing in the colors today of pink, gold and silver. Thank you.
Today was asked if I would be part of the Galactic Council to help to add of some Healing energy for the Collective Human race. So I did and it made my day. I always see that most of the people who share our home planet are good people. They all deserve to live here in the best possible living conditions and to raise their consciousness to the level much more appropriate to their original existence.
so that was one good event today.
The same token share is to me, what keeps coming up, is the fair exchange. There has been numerous conversations and much difficult thinking, some would say to rock the brain to do critical thinking in terms of what is better for people so it cannot be corrupted. In my experiences there was many years of hard work it started when I was a little child I already had to work to learn to “earn the living”, I always thought to my self in child’s body how it can be to earn living if we are send here as a gifts we have already had earned our living by manifesting in the physicality and made Earth hour home…. On the contrary to my “mother” and her believe system I had to work to make money for a doll if i wanted one and or ice-cream, if we were abroad and I didn’t know the language of a different country I had to figure out what to do because there was nobody to just give me money for an ice-cream. The year was 1968, Europe. Ha.
Always something difficult for the magical child to be facing anyhow it turned out if I have danced and sang I could make a shilling and that would get me my strawberry ice-cream. It is very tricky and can influence one to have either way mixed feeling about money.Originally I came from Unity Consciousness, from existences where such thing such as “money” simply do not complicate civilized live. To make my point while in this reality in this time line, which is positive: I love very much wwoofing, what it is, is volunteering workers for organic farming. Most of us from the soul perspective are here on voluntary bases anyway… The organic farmers and their volunteers exchange a 4-5 hours of work for a shelter and food, the rest of the day is free. I love this concept and feel it will be applied more broadly as we free our selves from money. The aspects that I found most rewarding in WWOOFING are: practice of your skills, learning new skills, broadening information on permaculture, sustainable structures, forestry, animal care, soil composting techniques, new friendships world-wide, traveling, cooperation, new communication skills, new languages. This make sense! There is 99% of friendly family like atmosphere, at least that is experience I have had.
There is also many volunteers world-wide mainly students. Since I work with youth I thought it would be so much easier on them if they could have some point rewards for their volunteering hours so they get major brake on their shelter/food expenses. I feel most people love to create and or do what is their passion. And that cannot ever be corrupted: if we do what we love to do we do it with grace and joy . I am seeing clearly how we gravitate towards non-smoking, sorry non-monetary planet, plus our Gaia is finally recognized as Spiritual/Soul planet and people mutually care for Her/each other.What I find interesting is that it’s so just “happens” that the Gregorian make-believe calendar is at the number 13, the year 2013. This number significantly points out to the Goddess and Wisdom and Feminine lead. The gregorian make-believe calendar is reminding us with this number 13 we are entering the Goddess creative Consciousness. It is exponential horizontal magnetic energy. If darkness would intend to cord us it can, it doesn’t have the formula. I feel also the Androgenous, unified male/female energies are getting harmonized. iT is the way harmony and synchronicity within the feminine Goddess Creative Consciousness works best for the polarities to be dissolved so there is nobody and nothing in control over other and out of compete negativity.
to be continued ..