This is a Sacred Space/From to be continued

January 11, 2013

In my previous post there was a enthusiastic mention about volunteering and Wwofing.

In my mind there has been an idea how to make a valuable contribution to small business people interested in spirituality. {in their vicinity, as a bonus}. How convenient! I know at least 3 places representing movement, ecological improvements and dissolving density shops. They all told me many many times that they are very interested in spirituality which I am strongly devoted to.It is in my stellar nature. Hence it just feels good to put it together and offer a unique space where Spirit Soul Body/ego can evolve, unify, cleanse etc., The point here is to open the possibility also for not using money as a means for exchange but maybe to focus on expertise they have in their own business.
Just simple happiness would be the result of this exchange…I have made the realization that if you are you , your self and do what is your love and joy you have no agenda and no strings attached! God/Infinite is the most powerful hence invisible. The strongest is the most gentle, the most loving with the least touch.
For long time I have been caring a shell in my valet. Anytime I went to the store buying food I would also offer this shell as a form of payment, with a smile on my face. The cashier would at times find it questionable if I was just joking and or mean it to be paying with piece of shell, specially the young people. Well if you would “remember” that time before there used to be a market and the good were exchanged with bones, shells and knifes only now it is mutually agreed in the collective consciousness that we instead of having bones in hour valets are having papers and coins but in essence it is the same, you would be smiling with me. And so that is how basically this idea of other exchange of services came about.
We are aiming to positively be affecting true quality to re-enter our lives, honest relationships, transparency.
It has been noticed how little there is left of a true friendship which is deep and meaningful.Two recognitions come to mind’s heart” One is the fact that there are still groups (born in 60ties) like my old class mates from the old grate 1 to grate 9. We grow up together, nobody was separating us, we possible would have the same teachers for some years, they would rotate to teach different subjects, but the point is we grow a core. Till this day we meet every year for a class gathering. It has been 50 years! I love it. In this group they are people who live close buy to each other as they have been sitting together for the young years in the class studying, playing sports and or dating when in 20nies.
It is simple it feels right for them from their soul perspective.
The Two but it is really also the One is that some time ago I was traveling over the ocean to be taking care for some relative for few months. It turned out I could also meet with me friend from childhood which is How I came to learn how loyal my classmates are to each other. The main gift from this rather difficult trip was I have learned a great deal about my father and my grandfather. My father used to appear as a harsh guy to live with (although he left when I was around 6) i was afraid of him and it has colored the world around man….And you know much healing took place over the years and after he passed the way I still had some kind of difficulty to fully let go and to just love him unconditionally no matter how hard I worked at it.To make it short. On this trip I discovered his love towards his children contrary to what we were told, that he too was gentle but it was hard to prove it among other things so he left to be alone and to have a quiet time. Through much transition as I have healed and let go it has helped him to transition his own soul and he became my Guide. He saw what I went through and had much better understanding where I was coming from what I felt and thought. He is now very beautiful sphere of ruby Light. When I got back from the trip I brought with me a post card he has wrote me when i was 7 for my birthday. I didn’t know the card existed but I found it. (good) I felt beyond his words his love and best wishes and how hard time he has had. A great joy overwhelmed me with a great relieve to finally find the truth! So the last piece of pain left my heart. (naturally we who come from Unity Consciousness suffer a great deal of discomfort to say at least when there is a strong separation and disharmony in the illusion/world…. To honor my father I baked one of his best sweet bread/Christmas celebrity treats, not really knowing how to do it. Only the memory of one time when he was at home and took the night to create a special meals for us for the next day for us when we wake up, was my guide to make this bread full of raisins, almonds. Well,because I was a little unsure if this would be enough I found a listing of old Europa cook book and tuned in which one would be the closest to my father’s version. I shared it with my friends in December during a Ceremony for the December 21st.
Relative to above is my last night dream on a Zero point. At least my intuition is saying that is what I experienced in the dream.
Briefly what happened was very intense with many people from the “past” in my dream simuntaniously talking and acting and I was in the middle of it, Every event happened in the dream at once.