This is a Sacred Space: not a meteor showers!

March 19, 2014

No idea why I wrote in the headline “not a meteor showers”, well maybe I am just picking up on something that might be in the books of the desperate who have lost. It is that the un-civilized, un-disciplined mind can create a disaster of meteor shower when nobody expects it except when something idiotic such as this idea hits the television programming of insane mentality and life-less people buy into it hence materialize it in their own  reality/ or relativity of a reality!.

O.k. no need to manifest any more embarrassments . Rather I am seeking to  share or attempt to share a vision/insight that has been forming  as an audit of some kind, for many  years.  This prophetic night experience showed me how  the Earth being dramatically altered in her terra form expressions, from inside out. P.S. Yesterday so called March 17th I felt really off and was throughing out of my system more old/odd garbage of no use. On my brake, in the evening meditation my crystals kept “calling” me to pay more attention at the cedar stance corner where I hold in high reverence a ball symbolizing Mother Earth. Beside it is another crystal: purely light blue {see picture bellow}. I feel this is somewhat of a significance to what I have seen in the very telling dream that I am writing about.

 In this night vision/dream I saw my physical aspect running as fast as my legs could master , towards south pole. I noticed the terrain beneath me was so difficult for I had to be jumping constantly off  massive stair like  sculpted from a huge shakes of  clay.And instead of Earth being split apart on her surface it was the different intermediate levels of her presume consciousness creating these sculpted stairs.

 Clear physical map was being made before me leading me to   where I would find my Soul family and my children! Realizing what was happening I was on fire.  This intuitive line of my internal credit has charged me with enormous fearless propulsions, lots of energy.  Asking Earth  Mother to  hold me steady so I can keep this high consciousness athena  just in time for Her next major move. On my way I was sensing out for some people. Those that I did see where memories who couldn’t remember who they were looking at me very puzzled asking when the bus was coming or something like that. YOu know, in dreams all is happening all is possible mainly to the obsolete part the survival/ego who always needed to control everything and be in charge. Well, that was gone too.

If I have a sunny day in my vision I know it is a very good sing of a success, guidance, support of Higher Presence and a protection. I still have this sense of urgency of my timing to be precise or else… I might miss the shift that I have been working so hard for with millions of other bright beings around us. I felt like I could finally take of all these layers that were of unkind density, turning inward, upside-down, imposing over my true skin, my true sense of human existence, instead of the experiences, the one who really shines and compliments the tones of this universe.  Oh, there is a new word: “un-inverse”.  So it is telling me the inside out is taking place as we speak, the picture of the blue is the evidence.This dream that I am sharing with you goes back maybe about 7 years or so and is neatly playing part now with Earth and human. With the Spirit and the matter.

Presently, in the smaller details there are still many many  stag and very frustrated parts of  the tight jacket having some hold of  people.

 This dream is  a message from my Galactic self on”heads up” and it is part of the shift, flip. I see it as a flipping a coin in the air putting it safely back on my right top of my hand. I am telling my human self what’s happening, I keep the big picture in my small body and it gets me dizzy all the time. Then if one hangs onto these words such as “keep” then for sure it is going to be misunderstood , so step back and observe. Thanks.

In this radical change I felt I could finally fulfill my mission/service for being here  on this plan-et ;to make  huge changes, to build something new what has a deep meaning and supports the new paradigm. Hence I am sharing this authentically  To bring the inner knowing to the present moment: for example: we are here to compliment each other as a souls not to argue and be hostile and play silly karma game on somebody else’s behave! I didn’t come here to be lectured and  to learn lessons about who’s authority I will be subject under. When I married the wrong guy, I came from a good inner place, my place was a hope that I can have a family that I didn’t have as a child. Instead I got kicked in my face and my ass and was rejected. I don’t agree with this scheme of psychophatic archons, inserting their pollutions into the pristine fabric of free will creation.

 There are some addictions  added and contained in the human suit ,{ the parasympathicus} such as survival: this program runs mainly in the kidney/adrenal area and must be eliminated. It is the place where it keeps telling you how you must be paying your bills, go to slave place, sorry your work.  Find your self deeply dis-interested in being fearful of those who were on your back for billions of years and their own terror of you was holding you small and lifeless.  When you charge your body with your legitimate acknowledgement of absolute sovereignty (where the heart responses to the harmony of your own truth)  you walk away the charges within the systems of the body are gone, because you dismounted them, game over. This dream can mean both: the true re-adjustment of the continents without hurting human and two: my own soul/body adjustments as my Hight Intelligent Principal has been actively modifying so my human DNA suit would be one day (…soon…?) complete for take of.

 It really much also depends how much space you can create inside of your own cells on purpose For example when you practice Yoga,  fasting  and meditation and energy clearing/healing your self, you become aware of your inner spatiality. It can be called refinement, tuning, it is a zen landscape where there are no surprises, no expectations and I say it again, the Isness of the heart’s presence prevails.  You are singing inside of you without making any sound on the outside.

The third part of this insight is the over all picture what is happening these days in this so called year 2014. In fast pace, of so many chaotic holes,the incredible light coming from all directions the sun included, dissolving the predictable imagery of dictator ship, into the unpredictable Light force currency that is much more understood by the  DNA which is being activated day and night. The  low gravity of earth changing  (again confusing the synthetic setup)  the inner core, and the inner core in response of synchronicity moving, turning, aligning there is a clear spectrum of 160,000 lights of unison frequency colors we couldn’t possibly see before since we were asleep. (THe Rainbow people came to me precisely in January 2013 to announce their presence of their cooperation with us) Now I don’t really know if the number in my previous line is accurate, I just see clearly the full spectrum of the frequency light fabric opening to face the surface but not through cracking the surface as much as rather penetrating it psychically clairvoyantly, and this internal field of change is felt by all the  sensitive people,  animals, the consciousness  trees, nature. I might add to this because my book is full of hand writes of all puzzle pie-ces.