This is a Sacred Space – my/our mother, the Earths of Gaia

May 23, 2014

Why is it important to be in connection coherence with your planet Earth: 1) you can naturally you are capable of carrying for someone. 2) as carrying being of mother Earth you show her she matters to you, you strengthen your Mother. I little child is able to protect her own biological mother if she is being attacked by a perpetrator. 3)you sing, vibrate, 4)heal your self, 5) exercise and make a connection to your own emotions, 6)do not allow low mental to control you! 7)Know you are your own leader, You are your own government, because 8) you are loving at heart being, a SOUL! You are a living soul do not give your selves any names.

The Sun Is Helping  to feed the  Light  codones that are dormant in your bodies via: pineal gland, skin, breath, conscious interaction, gratitude, acknowledgement. We must bring our Sun also into a spiritual/grounding focus and doing so it helps the Earth. If you have a grey sky and cannot access the sun directly above you this is what you can do: take a conscious deep breath, realize that this is the picture you might be recognizing as bio-ingeneered weather control over imposed against your free will. At the exact moment of your realization that your free will might have been violated, you are in charge for you were naturally born here on Earth : child of Earth, you are at home, hence it is your innate right to change the grey to your natural blue. I refuse to believe that I am made of  light and dark and nothing else, for I know this is not true.* (For with dedication for discernment one finds to connect and speak to own’s own original DNA which is Not black/white, polarity like a matrix machine!

I refuse to have only two realities: day and night (at the optical dimension there are cones and rods, cones are used for the day light and brightness, the rods are used for night vision. Well what is omitted is the fact there is human skin, endocrine system, central nervous system and 10 more biological brilliant intelligences functioning at their peak levels unconditionally and if they are being purified, focused on with, strengthened by meditations, daily healing energy cleanness as I call it personal spiritual energetic hygiene, these plus your aura can help you to experience several (96) other realities, feel now your DNA that casts Light!* As can be  summarized into human magical reality, you can see there are faculties available if you exercise them. Hence it should be easier to be able to clear the grey sky and Or Revoke privileges to be governed by somebody outside of you!: so take a deep breaths, imagine a huge astral broom that can sweep this grayness, and or think of a vinegar allowing the vinegar taken on this grayness and transmuting it and or by opening your crown chakra and with this open pure filed full of white/golden light you can smile internally no directionality, no geometric shapes!, at your sky, recognizing her for who she is as it is part of your skin (S-KIN) at expansion level. Practice your feeling body principal (what is the original gift/purpose for us humans to have a feeling body?): take notice of your chakras, your aura and make sure it is clean and vibrating strong so no harm of archons, psychic parasites which are artificially generated via WIFI can enter steeling Your Energy! You treat parasite as you would treat a cockroaches! As you would treat a thief. Thief, robbers, liars, deceivers wearing many costumes: black robe for a pope for a judge, blue uniform for a police man who has sold his soul into servitude for the de-facto government, white coat for a doctor telling you if you don’t take a radiation for your cancer you are doing to die, do not confuse this with sovereign transparent governance which only exist inside of you as a matter of fact! The INSIDE OUT: For you see, the inside can manifest it already has you were born. The best learning you can do is from your self, from observation from acting when theaf, lies, harm distortion of information done on purpose is being done, do not hide, do not be afraid to point it out to those who are of such soul-less practice and dis-sociate from them.

When you dissociate from control and domination over somebody you become the solution instead of the problem.

I have read a recent article, interviews on a web site I go on occasion to feel its informational qualities and or not. The interview was about The liberation of planet Earth, The author of this “2012 Portal-Cobra” have expressed that according to her/his information..” it cost 2 to 3 billion dollars the archons/cabal, to control this planet with domination, bribing people in government and other off-ices, pollutions, genetically eng. food, tv , deception, etc., in ear they need about 1 trillion dollars to keep this planet in prison!” So what do you do with such an information? Intelligently and decision wise: Be true to you. Question what is true in its quality, of transparency, full disclosure to your self! do not hide any skeletons in your closet .And  if you can look straight into your own eyes with no restrain but neutrally and it feels warm, good inside then you are in your core of a spiritual and psychic immunity.Knowing for well when to take an action, assimilating evenly all the psychic and other information, sorting it out, digesting it, understanding it at all levels… That sort of work. The blue is big part of your origin. The true royalty, nobility, and divinity IS within you, it is your own responsibility to find out for your self, If you have a life time on this most extraordinary, rather ordained living sentient planet, spend your life time wisely, love your life. It is your true teacher who gives a daily evidence of who you are in each moment of ecounter with others and in different situations. That is a good and honest feedback for areas that need your hard work, good intentions for making loving higher changes. Learn to live with your self without any access to noise, words, passivity any thing too much under or too much over, life is generous, stay with Nature. Stay with HER, IF YOU DO: no matter what may be coming Mother Earth will protect you, show you where to go if you ever need to change a location, learn to be practical, decide and learn to simplify, get rid of staff and anything that might be chocking you. (Examples: political issues, such as you extensively feel overburden, over powered by nonsense: by-law, statutes, rules, regulations is garbage and applies ONLY to those who are part of that corporate company. You must discern this and study the natural law, study the difference, read! about it, things that you believed were your obligations turn out not to be, find out which are these. I have done this and am free of them. I am silver, sober, sovereign. I am not a burden to anything and or anybody, I am 100% accountable. How: I do not collect any pension plan, unemployment insurance, I do not ever want to work for de-facto government, and or pay taxes to kill people!. It is a lie and only those who are lazy to investigate say taxes are paying for the road, school, hospitals, payments, no it does not).

Practice facing death and if you are afraid of this Energy of transformation, face it. (if you are still afraid, it is like spelled backwards “giraffe”  and say what terms and conditions are preferred by you Example: personally I am aware of few people that I cared about while they existed also in this physical time machine matrix. I have a good sense of them so they are chosen by me to help when I am ready to leave in perfect peace in my heart for I have nothing to be sorry in terms of my conduct, service and or personal life ethics and nature. Get rid of fears of death! Death is read as “no eat-h”. When you fell and broke your knee, the knee has bled, and it hurt, everything in your smart body rushes to remedy the situation. We die all the time, no big deal. Also fast. That will teach you how to deal with panic, or if you practice fire breath, at the beginning people panic because of fear at first for not being able to hold the fast paste of the breath, until they consciously connect to their diaphragm and decide it is o.k. to practice clearing breath, the fire breath. Remember your heart and it innate ability to expand, to soften, to choose for you the higher choice, but do not be a coward, hiding, and promoting fear and non-action. You must think of living trillions of energies, existences that you might not have had the opportunity to meet just yet with. If there is untruth spoken, if there is malice and harm done whether it be by a police man forcing him self with some pseudo-authority over you, do not let that put you down, or make you fearful. I tell this to my self  often.

 The blue is very calming especially in heated situations. Earth is blue with green and then everything else. The priority here is to focus on inner cleanse, the priority is to invite the magical energies, for they have been with us before any bills, and draconian legal tender came into place. Tune into the paper that you think and I think pays anything. If you see it energetically, it has no foundation, it is all black hanging in the air, literary. That is the energy of abuse. Then follow down where the long gap is and then tune into the consciousness of gold, the true creation of Earth. Gold holds information and it is of consciousness. Connect to that! Grow the gold inside of you as I was told and am reminding you and me again today, That is much more practical. That consciousness is part of our home it belongs here and to everybody, that consciousness can’t be stollen, it can be damaged by the draconic abuse, but we are of love, So who here is more grounded, stands up for truth, is relaxed and real?

I want to talk more about the Rainbow beings that has been coming to fully integrate.*  I can re-do my own DNA. Through this inner hygiene work, taping into all spherical energetics, memories, recordings, believes. I am mostly getting very much rid of believes and most of them are gone, now it takes to go really deep to reach for those in the archetypes, things coming up “unexpectedly” what my mother told me when I was very vulnerable child and how it hurt me or limit me , etc., so I release after I felt it. Fear now has very BAD SMELL different from smokers, alcoholics, it smell of pollution, of grayness, whites and if you are an empath the fear attaches onto you hugging! So watch out. The dog’s teaching is is to shake it out if you like the fun of it. ANd I do. Smudge is good, yoga, meditation, immediate for advanced people realization removes this fear from you at once. The Rainbow Presence if so vital for our emotional center, health, longevity.  The Rainbow is highly inspirational: When I saw these beings appearing with me many years ago (actually according to my old notes since childhood) I didn’t see them having eyes and or mouth even! That tells me the show and tell is always from inside: TRUE SILENCE invocation. If the brain/mind has high vibration you can access this spectrum of life much easier, or if you are interested-INTER-is, you might feel these pure love beings around you right now. This is uplifting but also stay ground it and Then you are doing the work and know what it means to be human, or to be Guackemolian, Gaian, someone with living life force, heart, soul, conscious lovingness. {P.S. I have some drawings depicting meetings with Rainbow Beings, but the FIWI is full of itself, not cooperation, will upload the picture when energy work done on this 2 D computer, there was also a voice coming out of some commercial that I didn’t seek to listen to while writing my blog, May you go well in this Universe as your backyard,

Namaste, Jarmila