This Is a Sacred Space: And need to share this dream from “last night”

March 30, 2014

ALoha my friends, well I wish it would be the last night and then there would be only a day, no polarity what so ever….Working hard at that, waking up several times during each night…  When I finally had the chance to be in the dreaming it  was truly exiting. But first I need to make a note with a prerequisite to this mentoring insight last night.

The year 2005 was truly significant in terms of many star beings being very active around me, taking me constantly to their ships and mentoring me on healing and DNA and my soul and nature I must add. There were some extra special friends whom I got equated with at some workshop as well beside the trips. These Beings were the Tree people who showed up to me briefly and told me few things some of which we are going to be experiencing shortly. These Tree people resembled owl looking like beings but not quite. They were downloading info about clothing pointing to the fruit that Mother Earth has been growing for Her humanity. Well, the last night just hit the jack pot because I saw my self at the Infinite Palace wearing a black long gown/dress. And black is not every my color so I was a bit surprised to see my body suit covered in this kind of expression. The  interesting part was that I observed my thoughts  entertaining the idea to finally find my true soul husband, but instead chasing after him I saw my dress changing frequencies/colors. The dress-depending on my heart space – went from turquoise to magenta, to golden white yellow,orange to green back to turquoise, then it went transparent and I thought I was naked. At that point my Guardians shared with me the simple truth that I was being familiarized with Conscious Clothing. Well, let me tell you this was highly unborring event and so I felt it was very good to share with you. And there is more to be very shortly here for us to read…. Until then


Jarmila (the dress will be posted and more is to come about such dreaming, smile)