This is a Sacred Space – and How am I leaving it and or not ?

March 7, 2014

If I had an orange pupils would this world be a different? Do I expect this world to change because I don’t like how it is? What happens when people, I myself included, don’t expect much anymore from their lives? Are we going to enter the androgeny? How is my day today?

I am struggling to understand and find a straight line:.  the print of bills, be-lie-ving these mean you well (with loosing lots creative frequency along the way).  Humanity has been invested as an offering to the beast, just like a beautiful woman having her body laid at the edge of a cliff.lots of  Good will energy  spell bound.

I have felt today that maybe I wasn’t  able  doing my work 100% because I needed to connect with the inner calls in my  depth. I needed to hear me and to find me. This is the home office calling you to show up for your self. My beloved Soul healing “Jarmila”. If I live truly and honestly in gratitude for everything in my life I still need to tune into my self: the soul moving away any degraded dead leaf, branches that don’t grow.

An interesting analogy presented self in front of me: role of a “the rapist” means the “surrogate mother to the foreigner body/tree of an intricate nervous system’ how this role has been dysfunctional as well for last several decades . I feel  the people who pretend their own spirituality is well developed, authentic but are a big fake, not alive, not fresh, have been copying the people before them.

I looked into the eyes/lips/language  of my self not fully opened  to the outside. I wasn’t speaking fully of the path I was taking separately from these spiritual pseudo-alchemists, because I was partly harmed, violated and ashamed to recognize it.But also waiting for the next aligned light frequencies, codons of my DNA to be visible to me so I would have a back up how to speak this.

I started my walk today and entered with the intend to speak loudly to Infinite Mother, because I my self needed a “shrink”…. In the fresh  morning sun I  merged with the Natural energies and presences. My lower back has been hurting, I couldn’t make a step forward for the pain that I have been re-ocurringly feeling coming from the left hip. I  announced my self to Infinite Mother in transparency,  to be able to hear my self, looking for to the gladness of being me.{pause: the part had to be seen as well, seen I mean feeling it, to recognize it as my authentic self in transparency} I realized it was over due to address the situation I was standing in, hence the painful left hip/ lower back, announcing itself how the ex-money/energy of refusing to change its tune and farther cause stagnation to growing moral/human awakening. My consciousness is to raise the human consciousness so sometimes the so called personal stuff is not really only personal. (I see this clear as a day, and want to make sure I can speak it freely!) Yes, that is also what is part of this “talk” with Infinite Mother.

I said: “Mother of All, Divine Mother, I need to be able to speak freely without any constrain, or fear for  being ridiculed that I am not maintaining the status of the pretend spiritual/light workers who are afraid if we actually make the shift they will be out of business! (…of not looking like the well educated and blissfully decaffeinated spiritual councilor and a healer, to have somewhere a stale image that my life is perfect). So to continue the situation I am standing in is meeting of two ends meet: one old  memory of an experiences which went like this: I never ever as a child 8-19years of age wanted to go home when I knew that there is going to be this person’s emotional schizophrenia and abuse waiting for me to accept it as my reality, I didn’t want to go home and listen to the words of blame, lack and emotional deprivation dressed as blaming. I knew I couldn’t in all fairness stop it, address it properly, I didn’t want to feel like I was part of the group of not having self worth,  and all this 2nd world war after effect dis-ease. So I spend hours outside of this home waiting for nobody there  so I could rest, do homework, listen to my music, dance and do art. And then do the chores waiting for me always. This memory was attached my land-lord as if was a cat’s tail. It has been noted/observed they resemble psychological/game playing/schizophrenia/avoidance for their own responsibilities such as the regular repairs and maintenance of their premises.  The word is  “short of money”,  they don’t hesitate to ask for higher rent against the fact that people living here are doing their own repairs and maintenance them selves. The land lord has very similar issues of psychopathic qualities reminding me of my old home and that is why these two ends – as I have said a minute ago, have met as I was speaking out loud with Infinite Mother, so I could find a remedy and help my hip to align.

It was a great feeling to have the blue sky, birds, trees  mother Earth and Infinite to my self, with no people around. I wasn’t holding back anything and kept simultaneously focusing on the places in side of my self which felt dead in terms of   the claim: “glad and grateful for being me”, as my left leg was clearly giving me more signals of  a weak spot. Supporting the feminine from my masculine in the physical walking: the difference in strength in the right leg compare to the left was 50%. With lots of encouragement and giving  my real love energy, plus acknowledging/addressing  needs such as  to be seen, to be respected, to be heard, to be acknowledged” In that place of my inner dimensional self being and its legitimate child’s memory I begun to feel my left leg and the hip got more stronger in walking. I also felt I needed to say no consenting in standing in anybody’s else’s situation and making it my own. If you are an empath you need to master this. I stand in sacred neutral, I stand in transparency. As very real and true example, the mother at old home making her own personal problems as my fault, my problem, hence I had to deal with it.  I don’t consent to this. The conclusion was  this: “I claim  my right to  all  knowledge, all my memory of who I am so I can find a remedy and make a shift”. I have said this several times.

 The next step was to create a meaningful  connections to some real people. This would really help to harmonize Spirit+Matter and glowing it stronger. It would also be helpful to Mother Earth/Gaia for the purposes of Unity consciousness, but that is not what I knew when I was charting this place/letter, this came afterwards.

I wrote a letter to a fellow man/public figure/a warrior of peace, who is presently constrained unlawfully, another Mahatma Ghandi,  about who I am and of my experiences.I have written him before but this time instead of beating around bushes I came out of closet, sharing actually the energies which brings us together like one mine.

Self-revitalizing as I call it, which would weakly translate into self-empowerment. But the “self-empowerment” is rather a place where you clearly see the order of all things and how you stand in the center. You must meet the crevices of your life, memory, experience which you couldn’t deal with properly for not knowing how, not having any tools,such as a priceless experience of an adult life/in comparison to a baby/child. I have been the traveler into my own inner earth/heart/agartha alone (?),I am happy about naming or seeing my life as a traveler into the inner dimensions of being in life where the life has a physical cover/suit. I must remember this. The surface without this knowing is confusion and interpretation of guessing.Now I am at the point of seeing the physical as the spiritual and the spiritual as the physical. So something HAs shifted. Yeah.

 And making new connections with people who are speaking up,but also making changes, are showing me evidence that they mean their word, they are love in action. No need/use to continue living in fear. Remind your self what is your true governance: it is for the physical your immune system and in the spiritual your Higher Self.

The good example would be a farmer/construction contractor who educates people on the natural law movement. I completely get it. I have been in life situations where any violation  seeks remedy. Not hiding I am seeking remedy, not hoping things would magically change but I am too scared to do something to help them change. I am so fed up with those who hide behind their titles. I feel the Passive aggressive is big manifestor of candida albicans.(cancer eats you to from inside out).

So then what has happened how did I come to the place where I don’t expect much from my life? Interesting upside down antibody. The answer to this is simple,  people are still vacant, not home for them selves. I can be more home for my self. It takes willingness, acknowledgement, interest. The ongoing tendencies from the illusion is to keep separate you from YOu, the soul from the body, don’t allow this. There is now the concentrated high alchemy of seemingly silent communion “BE-TWIN”=between my soul and my body!, till it is not silent any longer.  Hear life as it is instead how it appears.

But remember  it is true that without us here the physicality wouldn’t be also. It is not the fault of the physical space it is who and what it keeps manipulating taking it away from us. The physical space is ours it belongs to us.

The work here is to make it transparent, clear, breathing, vital and that is done through the inner workings, which then brings a good quality into art/ work of a healer. The picture painted with Spirit through “me” is of  joy. How easy it was to take the joy away ?  How this physical space continues to be slapped over its face.

Just yesterday I walked into a store where I used to buy only organic food. Over the years this place has changed its character it changed its physical appearance, but that doesn’t matter so much as what does matter is the aggravation of mine what I saw at the bread stand: bread costs 9.99. I felt these people who used to have integrity and be a family owned and operated true service to humanity lost it completely. Are they now on the other side and above humanity telling that food is a privilege? And Or Plus is this a sign indicating  humanity is in transformation going into the higher frequency and this number could reflect that?  How you feel what do you say to this, will you do something, beside never ever go there to shop for food?

And about the  the raw frequency such as precious metals, gold, silver, pearls, common diamonds are the creations of Mother Earth as is the fruit, water, vegetable and such. This you need to keep clearing to pure and bless and give thanks to,   the game of monopoly is deep bellow  falling, distrusted beast, game people aren’t playing, but neither they need to live and or need to be killing each other  for. Do I want to forsake the joy of living because I am underpaid, should this control how I feel about my self?

 Reach for your original. Feel this space , work with it, I do. I think if I keep to grow the gold Mother Earth has some time ago asked me to, I am growing truth, youthfulness. No interpretations. .  It can be all neutral, some good magnet that cannot be ever trapped because it can appear and disappear. A navigator of my colorful dimensions. Their purpose is to teach it to my physical woman. It Is the return of the human home.


Jarmila ( Note about the charted picture above: estimated drawing from y.2006:the gate of teleportation.)