This is a Sacred space:Heart and Earth is my connection but what i do with it

September 23, 2017

The picture here represents a universal or more precisely celestial healing energy field. IT says: The HEART/Earth/human unified is encompassing this physical life liquidating the physical shell. I was “told” to call this blue womb a “liquid jelly crystal, Blue sapphire that heals, it restores it. If we have one unit which looks like double circle (kid would understand this) which has double membrane, we are looking at the works of the expanded heart itself. We might also come to know through the heart awareness that this universe (as this being) maybe 80% alkaline and 20% acidic  The acidity(which must be neutral!!!) is there to promote growths obviously to make awareness move.

On september 7th 2017 fraud time i was told Earth has made a huge “right turn” in her Consciousness. Great so my neck doesn’t hurt now (the move wasn’t made by this planet on that date.) It was the message/realization i have received during my/our group meditation. The migration patterns have to correct and it has to be done naturally instead of the forced evolutionary pattern by artificial created force. (So to bring clarity into the human/planetary DNA natural structure.)

When people come regularly because they are committed to their own growth and natural evolution, to these meditations they become a proxy to a change, for example someone with a lung issue was present on that day. That person/soul was a proxy to resolve birth defects of many previous and future species on Mother Earth related to oxygen, taking into life, having a fully evolved life force and fully evolved free will energy functions. Let’s go back to the unit as i was saying previously: the one circle unit with the additional membrane represent this one life, now we have thousands of births, that is the DNA memory that we are healing, when during a healing sessions are connecting all these births (all the previous lives) together into this present consciousness. I love when people get the MOST IMPORTANT UNDERSTANDING THAT TO COMMIT TO SPIRITUAL GROWS, SPIRITUAL HYGIENE, DAILY MEDITATION ACTUALLY CREATES EXCELLENT LEVEL OF PURE CLEAN ENERGY WHERE THE BRAIN FOGGINESS HAS NO PLACE AND WE COMMUNICATE WITH OUR OWN UNIVERSE WITH THIS PLANET, WE ARE CONSISTENT AND AT EASE WE FEEL GREAT. ABSOLUTELY GREAT.

Here is a excerpt what people say about One Gaia Meditation teachings. “…Such a healing meditation i wouldn’t be able to do in my personal and professional life what i do without the work we have been doing together and what you facilitating, it is so healing for so many people, it cause such a huge ripple effect, i don’t know why people just choose to continue to pull the blanket over their heads, Because it is “easier”, but that too also accumulates the false-hood lazy“ease” then what they do if that doesn’t work for them?” AND someone else pointing out: …”

It is a gift to you when you consistently connect daily with your inner world/the inner self being!, to receive answers to your so called questions, your inner map has the key through the connection that you must commit to every day. On the other hand….

If you come once in a time and then you don’t continue, the growth is small and slow. How can you expect any changes? IT IS TO GROW AN ENERGY FIELD CONTEMPLATION SPACE OF AWARENESS. IT IS A a MUST.”

“You are a real teacher showing something that is very valuable or rather invaluable, meaning i wasn’t taught this in school. In school which caused me 50.000 dollars i was trained to be dump, to function as 3 dimensional puppet.”

The next is another excerpt from this week’s meditation. I was also very much pointed out to continue inviting people more often so there is more momentum and higher frequencies are reaching more ripple effects,more people. Yea.

These notes were made prior to commencement of Gaia meditation on Sept 19, 2017 on a fraud time:

The world of spirit is a sentient entity. It normally exists in a place of ecstasy.
The Brain is a thing on its own. The mind is losing it – it continues to run against walls (real struggle, usually on the financial front). These things are changing to more harmonious clean dimensional ways. It does not receive any revelation from its preconceived ideas.
The Heart exists inside of itself. We are trying to push the person through that wall of resistance (our external struggles). These are pieces of a dream.
There is a Platinum Angelic Being, part of [human?] evolution. We understand it is a part of ourselves.
There are different realities: the reality of our physicality for one. There is also the astral plane and the etheric plane that are very important to our body. There exists an energetic exchange, what is [called] the etherical pushback. Sometimes it has to do with karma
We are learning about the spinal cord. Spinal cord has many layers of teaching, organizing.
The Soul needs to push each person towards what makes the Soul happy, towards it purposes. The struggles push us to where we have to go. (to release fear, blockages and limitations).

It’s about our alignment with Earth.  Earth is absolutely multidimensional sentience. How many times did we hear this, now we get to feel through own experiencing. That’s the reciprocity underlying the meditation today.
These are the ultimate tests we are going through: environmental – who is the purist of the heart – tyranny, abuse, trauma. If you are still a loving being and in peace – it is not desensitized. The world makes you numb; it’s noisy, not right, there’s no justice, it’s insane. You need to feel that – all of those levels. If you come out of that, what is revealed is what you are made of [diamond?].
One more important thing – teachings about frequency to share. A wavelength equals one hertz, which is the distance between the beginning and end of a wavelength. That is very slow. The function of frequency – when the distance is shorter, the frequency is higher. The wavelength becomes so fast that we are a sphere. The light oscillating brings about a knowingness of higher other dimensions – not  some location. It’s all within the consciousness. What is awareness? Awareness has to move. It’s within the stillness of the mind, yes (old knowing) during recapitulation of experience, event where awareness/understanding may be achieved. It’s all about the heart. The heart/soul is a sovereign free will sentience. Just like Earth is. Earth is not alone, yet She seems to do a lot of work “alone”.
The dimension can be within your awareness – it comes within your Higher Self, your Omnipresence.
The Brain receives information from your DNA. It suspends its activities in order to be open to it.

Magnetic field – heart alignment – it needs to be anchored, stabilized. Through the interconnectedness. Heart attacks occur where the heart has no harmony.
It is important to always know who the body is. {These notes were written by one of my participants to this meditation. I have shorten and edited the text to make it consistent.}

So what i do with what i know? How i take it the next step further? For many years i have been practicing Earth/Heart stewardship. I have helped some self sustainable structures to be build with my hands and the hands of many others. Group effort. I have planned thousands of trees here and elsewhere. I have volunteered for many “years” in green houses. This work is a joy I love it, it teaches me again another layer IN RECIPROCITY AND HARMONY.

Namaste. Crystal Spirit Guide.


Photo on 9-6-17 at 12.48 AM