December 31, 2017

I woke up this morning with a new no-time wrist “watch” Mother Earth has left me with after i left my dream body.
It was very interesting surprise since i have been without any wrist watch for over 30 years for the very simple reason of no need to be measuring anything except putting my efforts or choosing to live in the present moment. O.k. this morning I got this new gift and it looks like a pressure gauge with a ball compass used by scuba divers. In addition this thing has something like four legs or tentacles indicating a collective and or unity of awareness. When i felt the purpose of this gift, i was told that one of the “legs” is for the surface earth no-time=presence=zero point, the other is for the inner earth=much stronger frequency collective no-time=zero point=presence, the third is for the level of consciousness humanity is moving towards and or away from, and the last one is the unconscious leg, the ego…All of them in unified field of Earth Mind now “training me to be aware of this compass which looks as describe above plus the very top features Earth’s  belly button in fist apperance but ofcorse we know it is actual psychic picture connection point with the galactic center, full of sun light. Earth is full of this double sun light. Double cause we have been interacting for some time now with the galactic central sun directly. (the picture bellow is my primitive description but very accurate of the earth’ synchronicity of no-time “watch” with the galactic center as per the “belly button”.

Synhronicity of No-Time Earth

….Since i am writing this post at the very edge of the end of this fraud year, in december 31st, 2017 there is a little more for you to feel and connect to: (the insight came just the day before) “The Day of My Power”: Power is oposit to war! Power is when you give up on wondering where about and the outside is no longer “out there”! Give in is Power . Power IS FREEDOM from domination and control, it is my own sovereign authenticity, my own authority within myself. When i am back in my own home- the heart  with my team of Spirit guides and beings and ancestors, it is called power…”

Namaste from the Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide and Presence may be the major within me and you with feet bear touching and communicating to this loved Earth.20160904_190641