This is my Sacred Space – Soul Light Language is a memory and

September 8, 2017

Soul light language(s)  are my own soul’s memories awakened in awareness containing  certain knowledge. Light language, when spoken and or sung, touches upon your soul activation, vibrational changes to much higher vibration to  a particular organ, system, (for example the endocrine system, lymphatic, nervous, skeletal, or chakras, astral bodies, and or past or present lives and other realities) It is my unique healing modality to bring an alignment with the perfection of your original blue print to put you back together.There are different many ways created by the living intelligence Original Source working through me as a “restorative healing modality”

When your knowledge is ahead of your body (do you want to call it the matrix?)  then the body cannot spontaneously /consciously upgrade on that soul/spirit higher knowledge then we get stopped. This is sometimes my case. Or if am doing too much too hard, or not enough. It is just lately how very sensitive one must be FINE/FUN TUNED INTO THE LANGUAGE OF NEW ENERGIES. These new energies to me are now really more playful then hard core clearing as in previous decades, there is a strong interaction with the Rainbow People, The Rainbows ARE NOT THE RAINBOW OF 7. THE RAINBOW I AM TALKING ABOUT IS LIKE NOTHING IN TIS WORLD THUS I MUST BE PERCEIVING TOTALLY DIFFERENT PLANET THAT I CALL EARTH.

 I am a free thinker. This fact used to upset many people. Now it is different. People seek free thinker. perceived if i am being “And for” that makes the creative mind exponentially more abundant. People have been thinking in terms of linear lack. This is a grave mistaken path if you are on it, please stop. I trust i am not speaking here abstract, Human is in curve now. How awareness moves? And why. What makes it stagnant no movement? What kind of questions are you asking your self? ANy at all?

I have been diluting my distilled knowledge to put everything in lame words easy words I mean so people could understand. I continue to straggle as to how to speak heart based knowledge which is as a matter of factly abundant based!, into stupid linear english which is based in lack: only 26 letters…. hmmmm

I have been interacting with unseen worlds all my life, children do do that and they are constantly bombarded by their parents with demands. That is not really such a helpful guidance to a small child, or a teen. You see.

 Many people have been asking me for so many years: ” how do you do what you do? How do you get to “see” so deep into the existence, how can you exist in this insane world in the same time?” One can because one knows high alchemy. And so on and so on. Look into the eyes of Nature. Do you see Her every stressed? Or anxious? If you on the other hand live extreme life in the living jungle then you speak fluent snake, spider, Kapok trees language you have been naturally merged symbiotic live. That is another example of a  light codes, language in “physical nature” is a light code language, messages. 
Light codes information, light codes languages. (Here it is where One may feel strong in what she has learned and the sense and will to use that knowledge to inspire and uplift other people with it.)
These writings all of them are the response reflection communication in light energy codes of each day each moment of the day, as we tune in we may find alike web of words woven into information. I have walked miles and years to be sure i know it inside out upside down and backwards. And NEW IS COMING AS WELL THANKS GOODNESS.

Namaste from: Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide.