This is my Sacred Space ~Circles

September 26, 2017

I am experiencing what my soul sister(s) were experiencing. My soul sister(s) is (are) experiencing my past and future. These experiences are taking place through the 3D yet these are not at all of that kind of limiting dimension. The Land Consciousness is about more penetrating and integrating, merging into my skin. How can i say this differently? Basically I am aware that Mother Earth is speaking to me all the time but not only to me, to all my sisters .A frozen image is offered to my clair voyant  of the scifi movie the Dune. There is something about this scifi where the voice of the land resonates and echoes through thousands of miles wide…so this image is presented here before me and the consciousness land, our Mother Earth is sort to announcing how she increasingly is bringing her inner voice power presence so we can hear her. I think the crop circles has a lot to do with this. I think the crop circles are time activators, consciousness awaker and scifi is not a scifi but simply part of the natural aspect of the human and the Earth to be telepath. We are Her Offsprings. So now i hear Earth speaking to all ofher human via the desert sands. The desert,the water, the ICE, the bodily liqueids are all means of telepathy! We are crystals after all. The good energy previously existing on the lands of Earth Mother from thousands of years still exists. This energy is from the previous chapters of highly conscious beings and the Earth’s magnetic field was being used the very right way. The way so beings levitated, it was the times of unisons, times of no time. Life remembers it self. It is because it is living self-organized intelligence. Now we are in mists of this kind of rejuvenation, don’t really love much the term “resurrection” but in actual fact i do see it happening just like the old high alchemy practices of Isis with Osirus when this “goddess” was putting her beloved back together. Yes, The Earth has her Blue print to put her back together as well some of us are doing it as well. 

Through the new weather conditions and changes that are for the most part fully under Earth’s control the Ice cannot be any longer programmed negatively imposing onto people more drama disaster and other shit. Yes, that is what i am saying. Water must be respected, loved, and honored, just like woman and child must be respected and loved and honored.


Crystal spirit guide.Photo on 2014-11-03 at 09.57