April 3, 2020

I am having conversations with my heart. I send it love daily, putting one hand over it. It likes sincerely, authenticity, truth, courage. I am straight forward unique, unit of many planets and many words now of this world, that is obvious, …my heart goes on…there is more about this but let’s skip it and let’s go to the following page in my book: WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME IS WHAT I LIVE FOR NOT WHAT I WORK FOR. That is my own soul intimacy. The soul intimacy needs to be (for my to practice) the highest frequency, i love velvet, silk, silver, white light pure, space, aspects of virtue of reality, to communications with the star systems manly the sun and the galactic central sun, It is important to me IF I AM STILL ABLE TO CREATE ANYTHING BEAUTIFUL AFTER SO MUCH DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE TO MY LIFE? It is important to me the integrity with which I do things, what I say. FEELINGS and “allowing”: LET ME FEEL MY SELF FOR CHANGE instead of figuring out other people (also this was a wrong gene in my heart due to abuse, so I could create my safe space).Feeling my own feelings not other’s people’s feelings, I think humanity’s home work is to stop warring about silly non existent virus that kind that people are being trained to fear… Human’s better use of their own time could be something like  coming home for them selves while the corona virus 19 (? why 19 cause it was made somewhere in the laboratory last de facto year???) business people . and actors on common media are talking care of their own world wide business distributing humanity with falls flag of  deadly non existent viruses. Question the integrity of that information, since that information is missing integrity to me it is bullshit. somewhere  shall be my actual recording which comes with my text, to hear might be also useful/smile.


If the virus is made in mililabs and mixed with animal gene and or off world material then Yes it is a concern but so-far that has not been found and nobody is proving to me/showing me how this virus suppose to look like really I don’t really take seriously something that is hugely missing integrity. Let’s go back to the Emotions: Feeling my own emotions means a sense of real security, safety, free of worries (because WHY WOULD I WANT TO CHOOSE TO LOWER MY FREQUENCY TO HELP THE ASHOLS TO WIN IF I AM HERE TO MAKE SURE THE NATURE CONTINUES ON GAINING WHERE IT BELONGS?) Learning from what is happening inside continues to build stamina, continues to build soul intimacy, continues to build trust and one is also careful about it. Soul Intimacy, equals soul mate it is me to myself I refuse the labels such as OCD, ADD, etc., … MY HEART MY FACE… FACE SHOWING ME MY HEART’S MESSAGE… I WEAR THE HEART AS MY FACE. I FACE MY HEART… PROSPERIOUS IS MY NATURE…. so 11 years it takes me to find out the mysterious and sacred ways of revealing its truth , grace and gentle closures,.. learning through love instead of coercion and or violence (fear, tyranny like what is happening now is a treason in many ways) New Zealand to me is like Earth’s sacred WOMB where my Spirit can be reconnected to my brain again in couople of months and create new meanings and new beginings for my life. To be in New Zealand teaches me of what it means to have inner balance. I am on scale of my own self, vibrational match.

as my partner points out, “flat theory of Earth ?Great let’s ged rid of the 24hours cycle then!”

Namaste from Transparent Crystal Spirit guide, Jarmila.