This is my sacred Space: today I am listening to my ego. Call it the Ego Day, Ed in short.

April 2, 2023

I am listening to my ego today April de facto 2nd.

I am going to call today the Ego Day. Ed in short. The ego is shy and in hiding, maybe I am mistaking it for my inner child? I am feeling a lot of “deprivation”. Yes indeed confirmed. So I am now feeling and seeing the energy of deprivation, slowing down my breath, relaxing fully aware of my body, and where exactly the deprivation may be latched within my energy bodies. I am now in a kind of visualisation meditation, realising while I am creating my own sanctuary inner space; where no bugs on my beach are harassing me, and I don’t have to be sharing, bargaining,  or paying for anything… In this visualisation of creating my own sacred sanctuary I noticed massive rocks. I know the rocks Are my friends, I run towards the Siamese rock formation to give them a sincere hug, finally I am free and open to express my love towards these rock families, realising how it depleted me to hide in the other hostile environment of conditioned socialising, policing how I was afraid to speak to my rocky friends! They belong here in my self created sacred sanctuary, in the space of my beach with the sun  that doesn’t burn my skin, i feel the presence of the ocean humming…  feeling the rocks it is helpful to know I am out-creating the other realities dictated by your status  if you don’t have house and million dollars you are nobody. Such a “reality” is not right now here and I don’t worry about it. My ego is showing me the unpleasant times of feeling not welcome to be fully genuine, acknowledging what I knew since a little child that everything around me is alive. I felt not allowed to be fully my self to be honouring my sister and brother rocks. Strong feeling… integrating that  and then simply feeling free of that charge in negative polarity and happy in the presence of creating what ever I choose within my own sacred sanctuary. 

What comes next is a series of reminders of wanting to be a different character. The character shows up as a white peacock. Simply wants to be here so I let it. I can feel it’s fine feathers, its movements dancing walking and then it turns into a princes a her dress is made of kindness, love, generosity, friendly nature. It is O.K. to feel and experience anything that needs to be expressed, felt to become integral part of one whole self. This is a part of Mother Earth and Her Soul that is showing me I do belong here. I can tell Her what I want and what I need. We all belong here on Mother Earth. To know this is part of healing one self, it is the link to Universal Laws. It is the transformation of how you become more coherent with your self in times when it is hard to hear your self clearly. These are times when we need much more knowledge of own discernment, intuitiveness and Inner connectivity to our Original Prime Creator, it is priority always has been in my live. At the astral perspective it is also exiting to notice that what we watch and truly enjoy for example Star track, or other friendly inspiring story, book, movie, we attract it into our astral plain. So truth, real human-ness which is love, kindness, speaking the truth, living in honour of one self and also respecting others, openness to help each other not from the place of obligation but from the place of inner knowing we are able to help to change and heal our lives. The collective heals through individual, that individual helps to heal part of Earth and also part of the collective consciousness. Just because we are seemingly separated doesn’t mean we are. We feel at subconscious levels (those are also changing into full awareness, awake-ness and realisation what certain connections are “doing” transmuting realities). If we communicate loving and kind enjoyable energy it is definitely in the outer fields in your aura. There is inner aura and outer aura.

At the end of my meditation to help my ego integrate better and to let it know that i am aware of it and it’s needs, I ask Mother Earth to show me where I fit the best.


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