This is My Sacred Space:

June 22, 2023

today is de facto june 21st, I feel (I got back into my body, mind and Spirit FAITH of Prime Creator!) It feels like sensational lover I wasn’t aware existed, back into my heart. I am saying “back” because I just don’t know yet how to say it better. I could probably say I feel not apart from my original self from the eternal self. I feel more from what  I have felt before.

The importance for having my true soul family is still valid and important, BUT it is not jagging me like it did before.  I know it is on it’s good way.

The theme of feeling like an orphan and living such expression gotten another sense of much deeper realization as well. I feel the part of Prime Creator that we may consider as sacred Masculine is part of our planet as of today!!!  Well something very important happened today today is the graduation of many good happenings and the result is this feeling and knowingness inside of my being like being more at home knowing what it is better. I really really feel this. The memory that follows me all my life from childhood years of remembering walking among crystals who were singing to me and  greeting me, which felt like true happiness as per daily business, many different shapes of crystals, awesome happy hills and alluvial landscape of crystals everywhere one walked, the air was golden shimmer, always warm almost humming but never noisy and or overwhelming, just pleasant and common, natural, normal to us olden beings who belonged with the ancient Mother who is now called the Earth Mother, She is ancient transmuter of shapes, realities and enormous wisdom, still learning to comprehend Her brilliant heart-mind.

I found my faith in Universe, Faith in Prime Creator, I didn’t know that I lost it. With prolonged separations many people loose sense of wholeness.  I had to construct many helpful links for my own life for many other people in order for my life to function the best it could. When today Faith returned I feet such a strong sense of sureness the strong and clear sense I am not apart. And we were orphans and that was so scary that we had to forget about not being able to feel so closely with our Original beloved Prime Creator that was the most shocking and traumatic night mare we went through in circles. And the emotionality as a result got us forgetting. Not being able to be with your true family is very very difficult, many know this and many more don’t know what they missing. The fallsification of light also did us a lot of damage in all bodies. Falls sound (fridge, car, machinery, engines, screaming,, negative A.I. voices so empty so disturbing,) the human eyes will be able to see the truth again and the real gorgeous planet Earth and the Universe again, I don’t know when I am just expecting this because that is the home I do remember. Beloved Original Creator Presence = restorative results for life expression.

Well that is what i have for now and be here again soon to add all the information from Mother Earth’s teachings on Her pages.

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.